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ED-7 Motor
This comes from a Bounty Hunter class quest on Balmora. Although I am not sure why.jgranson2012-01-02 14:51:07
Hail the Conquering Hero
This quest is very buggy. I am stuck at it with nothing to do. Reloading UI does nothing. Relogging…jgranson2012-01-21 11:31:54
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WAITING ROOM?!?!?!?I'm currently in queue.......FOR THE WEBSITE! This seems like a bad omen. If the website has a…jgranson2011-12-13 06:37:30
BH Act 3I just turned 50, is it possible to have completed act 3, 2-3 levels ago? I don't feel like the…jgranson2012-04-09 11:42:56
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Which class to choose?I would vote for B. For pretty much the same reasons as everyone else. Sometimes its more fun and…jgranson2011-12-11 16:14:54
Crystal color customizationI agree with DaNefariouz. I think it looks pretty sweet. But i wish they would have let the stats…jgranson2011-12-11 16:22:27
anyone get actual early play notification yet?To my understanding they are sending out emails on the actual day you are eligible for early…jgranson2011-12-12 08:59:30
Server ListI recall during stress testing, some servers were labeled as RP but it does not appear to be…jgranson2011-12-12 12:41:47
Swtor.com loginIm having no problems. Been logged into it all day. Although im not sure why......jgranson2011-12-12 14:49:48
AddonsThe best part about what Dunhill said about all the "vocal minority" complaining about…jgranson2011-12-12 18:10:24
WAITING ROOM?!?!?!?I know why, but if they site might be that unstable, it scares me what the servers might be like…jgranson2011-12-13 06:58:20
WAITING ROOM?!?!?!?Im not new too MMO's been playing them for around 10 yrs. I know how they work. I was just saying i…jgranson2011-12-13 09:46:36
A couple of questionsI dont think SWTOR will have a 30 day free trial for a while. I think Rift just started a 7 day…jgranson2011-12-15 14:13:06
Disappointed about the SpeciesI was a little disappointed not to see Wookies. And i agree, a Wookie Smuggler would have been the…jgranson2011-12-16 17:13:26
Force User TallySorcerer jgranson2011-12-16 17:14:50
SynthweavingI picked up Underworld Trading, and Archaeology for my other 2 with Synthweaving. Seems to be the…jgranson2011-12-17 01:05:29
SynthweavingYup, thats what helped me decide.jgranson2011-12-17 10:35:55
Out with the WoW, in with the ToR!@Shadda If you know any thing about Bioware, and you seem to, then you should expect a deep, rich…jgranson2011-12-19 16:26:03
Opinion on the game so far?As always, a few problems at release but i dont think anything is game breaking as long as everyone…jgranson2011-12-22 20:01:42
Light Versus Dark....Everything i have seen so far for Light/Dark I and II are Light Saber colors. jgranson2011-12-23 10:50:42
Since Swtor forums are useless atm.. Downtime extendedI agree these downtimes are lame and they should be fixed, but does it mean nothing to you that…jgranson2011-12-27 12:22:50
Just bought TOR, Won't let me play?You can put in a credit/debit card number and it wont charge you untill the 30 free days runs up.…jgranson2011-12-27 15:27:20
Changes in Patch 1.0.1Not that it will be anything major I'm sure, but what did they change with the black-yellow color…jgranson2011-12-28 07:22:40
Future Class AdditionsIt's OFF TOPIC because it didn't have ANYTHING to do with the TOPIC of this THREAD. If you girls…jgranson2011-12-28 08:30:49
Future Class AdditionsI agree with you Jetsu. I don't feel we NEED anymore classes. And i also can't think of any more…jgranson2011-12-28 11:08:24
Since Swtor forums are useless atm.. Downtime extendedI would agree with that "fanboi or hater" comment if that wasn't how most people acted…jgranson2011-12-28 11:23:18
Future Class AdditionsI was referring to healing/tanking. Not DPS. Also referring to having 1 tree AOE healing or tanking…jgranson2011-12-28 14:09:20
Light/Dark points gimping characters?In other words there is not a certain number of LS/DS points you will ever have a chance at…jgranson2011-12-28 14:14:16
Future Class Additionscooljgranson2011-12-28 15:36:51
Healing@MalI'm rolling a healing sorc and dps Merc at the same time(dont know which i like more). Im 26…jgranson2012-01-04 12:52:57
Level 21 Sith Marauder shot rotation HELP@puzzle Its also made people like you into Giant douchebagsjgranson2012-01-04 13:02:46
Level 21 Sith Marauder shot rotation HELPForums are a waste of time for someone who wants to answer questions with stupid ass comments, the…jgranson2012-01-04 15:17:07
The game gets tedious after a while.No offence, but I disagree. The reasons you feel this game gets tedious are the same reasons i quit…jgranson2012-01-04 15:22:42
Advanced Red Fortitude Crystal.. HELPMy crew skills are still a little low(around 150-175) and i dont know what level the item you are…jgranson2012-01-05 14:42:14
Datacrons at Level 50A lot of them will be easier to get at high levels also. Due to some of them being in…jgranson2012-01-12 14:32:32
Bounty Hunter - Merc dps guide (Arsenal Spec)I feel since this was never mentioned(or i missed it?) that it may be a noob question but, whats…jgranson2012-01-17 13:29:20
Helpful hints for the SWTOR Newbies: Help Stop General Spam!Don't rush to complete your class quests to get off a planet even if you have done the quests on…jgranson2012-01-18 14:40:16
ok so i cant decide@ Trenshod Currently(last I knew) Alacrity does not effect the GCD so it is absolutely pointless…jgranson2012-01-18 14:52:51
Companion GiftsIn the companions section of the site, they have put in a table that tells you what kind of gifts…jgranson2012-01-18 14:58:56
Conversations and mission rewardsI have never noticed what Phabien is talking about(not saying its not there) but anytime this…jgranson2012-01-23 14:56:28
what´s this legacy thing ?Yeah, they say you can unlock "exclusive" abilities, whatever that may mean. Also it…jgranson2012-01-23 15:05:18
Crew Skills/GiftsHere is the link to all the Consular companions. Its under Database>NPCs>Companions>Jedi…jgranson2012-01-23 15:30:19
PlexisteelYou also might look on the GTN. for the purple level quest for the skill level that is close to it.…jgranson2012-01-23 15:34:02
Conversations and mission rewardsFauxknightThanks for that info. I had no idea that was there. I must have missed it when i looked…jgranson2012-01-24 07:24:08
Reverse Engineering Purple itemsWhitewoofWhat you're saying is, if you R/E say 15 Blue recipe items you made, you have a chance…jgranson2012-01-24 07:45:42
Space combat advice/tips1) Its best to use missiles for quest targets. Like turrets, harder ships, "boss" ships,…jgranson2012-01-25 06:48:05
Space combat advice/tipsYou can buy ship upgrades on the fleet and a couple planets as well. If you look at the big map and…jgranson2012-01-25 10:31:45
Can't see video since Patch.In the small patch yesterday(?) i noticed it said they fixed problem from 1.1 where it would cause…jgranson2012-01-25 10:55:12
Datacroms and ShipsI was wondering the same thing about the escape pod. I click it almost every time i get back on my…jgranson2012-01-30 12:55:18
Datacroms and ShipsI do not believe you are right Jagermech. I have tried to get on another persons ship and you can…jgranson2012-01-30 20:52:55
Few things about the game.This game IS just like WoW was at release. Everyone coming from WoW is spoiled with being able to…jgranson2012-01-31 14:58:51
Bounty Hunter professionsCurrently 37 Merc with around 375 armstech 350 scavenging and 300 investigation. I was SOO close…jgranson2012-02-01 13:18:08
Am I getting ripped off?The computer i built only cost me about $500 before any rebates. I bought everything from…jgranson2012-02-02 07:11:04
Am I getting ripped off?Again, like i said above its NOT GREAT. But i play with high settings. The only thing needed as an…jgranson2012-02-02 13:16:52