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Sith Assassin
It was a change mid way through beta. They made it so that each class's main stat improved all of…asakawa2011-11-25 07:55:33
Jedi Shadow
I had some issues with the class too but the problem you've identified isn't a problem at all. The…asakawa2011-11-28 19:23:35
Commander Narlock
LordDrummer is referring to the fact that Commander Narlock is a Mon Calamari the most famous of…asakawa2011-12-01 04:31:08
Ulgo Siegebreaker
Northwest of Ghrent Outpost in the River.asakawa2011-12-29 15:52:41
Did this with one tank, one healer and about 8 DPS.Tank damage is minimal but he does an AoE that…asakawa2012-04-15 11:47:35
[ability=VIBtDV][/ability] Amount absorbed (@ level 50):Healing BonusNo…asakawa2012-04-15 12:35:56
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[suggestion] Mirrored ability tooltipsI wonder if it would be feasible to add a tag to the regular ability and talent tooltips to display…asakawa2012-01-02 08:46:51
Sorc/Sage Healers - How do we feel about healing post-1.2?I thought I'd make a general discussion thread to see how people are feeling about healing since…asakawa2012-04-15 14:20:10
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This forum needs pizza.Inkling this is a forum specifically for site feedback. It should be used to let the site…asakawa2011-11-25 21:31:46
Organization in the "forum"This isn't currently a "discussion" forum. This is specifically for Torhead Feedback.…asakawa2011-11-27 20:12:50
Once we're at end-game, let's make a build guide for all the classes:)Personally, I would really want that kind of thing to be entirely community driven. Making talent…asakawa2011-12-02 06:10:07
Stat weights per class?I think you are getting a long way ahead of yourself here. Stat weights are a bit of a myth at the…asakawa2011-12-05 12:29:55
What class are you playing at launch?I'll be playing a Sith Inquisitor - SorcererI avoided playing it in beta because I want to save the…asakawa2011-12-06 08:09:52
Itemization?There was a similar question in the Torhead Feedback forum .asakawa2011-12-06 08:37:19
Reputable Theorycraft?SithWarrior has some interesting stuff but I think it's fair to say that it's a bit hit and miss…asakawa2011-12-06 08:40:12
The CantinaHehe, yes there's several sides to every story (at least 3) but none of that matters now. Nice to…asakawa2011-12-06 08:44:13
Stat priorities at endgame, and for each role?I think that might have been an early design but to the best of my knowledge that was not the case…asakawa2011-12-06 09:13:25
Stat priorities at endgame, and for each role?Yeah, it does seem like tanks will be the odd ones out. As Yosmine says, tank gear not only has…asakawa2011-12-06 10:03:28
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?I don't really think we should be able to but while playing a Sorcerer main am also very…asakawa2011-12-06 14:33:27
The CantinaWaiter! There's a fuhrerschein in my soup!asakawa2011-12-06 14:49:36
Woot Torhead working. Found great beta footage."Found great beta footage"... on your youtube page? I guess it's easier to find it when…asakawa2011-12-06 18:35:45
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?Regarding "talent point resets" on the last beta the first one was free. The second…asakawa2011-12-07 11:11:08
The CantinaI'm not sure about GW2. It looks amazing but I play these games for the interaction with my guild…asakawa2011-12-07 11:18:15
The CantinaI always just think about it in terms of: [hours of enjoyment] per [cash spent]Going to see a film…asakawa2011-12-07 12:25:59
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...Read what I said: "the core tanking abilities really do require being close to mobs" Now…asakawa2011-12-09 11:13:08
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?I understand that, I levelled a Trooper as healer in beta and actually you don't need to rely so…asakawa2011-12-07 15:19:06
Reputable Theorycraft?It will for a certain type of person but with MMOs we need to remember that it's a social…asakawa2011-12-08 05:40:59
talent treesPlayers have too much power in MMORPG's since they are basically the investors that directly affect…asakawa2011-12-08 05:48:22
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...Ion Cell is specifically what makes Vanguard's able to tank. Their spec and abilities all play into…asakawa2011-12-08 09:44:13
power regenerationBase focus regen is 8 per second (12 per GCD). This is the same for all Consulars/Inquisitors…asakawa2011-12-08 10:44:51
Sith Inquisitor150% ^_^ Assassins look like they'll have very good damage reduction with slightly more avoidance…asakawa2011-12-08 13:17:34
Sith InquisitorI know what you're saying (and specifically that you're talking about "feel") but the two…asakawa2011-12-08 14:48:55
Sith InquisitorYeah, understood. I'd really like to play an Assassin (Darkness specifically) but I'm going to have…asakawa2011-12-08 15:08:16
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?jediah said:...went Commando, and loved itAwesome!Ironcasket said:On a personal level I would like…asakawa2011-12-09 07:37:59
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...Better than other tanks? I don't see that. For the Vanguard's Harpoon the other tanks have an…asakawa2011-12-09 07:42:38
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...They really are not "ranged tanks" - they definitely aren't "mage in plate".…asakawa2011-12-09 10:01:17
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?Ironcasket said:@Asakawa.What I mean is that it would be nice to do this at end game for PvP…asakawa2011-12-09 10:03:46
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...Phabien said:My point is I don't think the dev's invisioned ranged tanks standing toe to toe taking…asakawa2011-12-09 12:45:51
Crystal color customizationWorth mentioning that Power/Tech Power/Force Power also increases healing.asakawa2011-12-10 11:15:19
Jedi Sentinel: Why hasn't anyone addressed this?My Druid in WoW is a healer. With different gear and a respec he could be a ranged DPS, melee DPS…asakawa2011-12-10 16:30:55
Are character names unique, or just legacy names?It does, yes.asakawa2011-12-11 20:22:49
Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer BuildI'm very interested in trying 0/13/28 for a damage build. I'm not usually all that interested in…asakawa2011-12-11 20:28:48
What you're doing while you wait, in one sentence.Moderating Wowhead ^_^ I "left" because I quit WoW but the lack of the game I'm actually…asakawa2011-12-12 05:03:46
Revised server List EU & NA pvp/pveAdd "Hydian Way" EU - PvE - Englishasakawa2011-12-12 13:49:21
Is PT the first ranged tank?My Warlock had a great time tanking pre-nerf Keleseth.asakawa2011-12-12 16:08:09
The Cantina:S bold is there, just perhaps a bit more subtle than you're used to.asakawa2011-12-16 05:06:27
WoW AdvertsFinding something amusing and ironic isn't really feedback which is the purpose of this forum.asakawa2011-12-26 11:56:15
Discussion: SlicingHere's some empirical data (I wish I could tell you the source but it's a second-hand link.…asakawa2012-01-02 05:23:16
how add tooltips to commentsI've moved this to Torhead Feedback. It's one of those things that's not, strictly speaking,…asakawa2012-01-02 05:30:20
Discussion: Slicingdrinkdeep said:If that spread sheet is correct, it's really not that bad off.Actually my impression…asakawa2012-01-03 06:24:07
Discussion: SlicingAs I say, I think it's still a pretty strong gathering skill. My worry is that they've killed it as…asakawa2012-01-03 13:38:03
How much should I sell "Custom-Built Speeder Bike Schematic" for?You'll have to check your own server's economy to know what's a reasonable price. It is fair to say…asakawa2012-01-03 15:52:06
Discussion: SlicingI'm not asking to be convinced of anything, just discussing the issues that the change has brought…asakawa2012-01-03 18:57:13
Sorcerer Skill Tree for PVP/PVE?I assume you meant "PvE seems like lightning is the obvious choice." I disagree. Deep…asakawa2012-01-04 07:00:49
How much should I sell "Custom-Built Speeder Bike Schematic" for?That all sounds a bit optimistic but I have no idea how much the different server economies differ…asakawa2012-01-04 07:12:19
Defensive stats and youGreat info!It's also worth noting that a most of a Consular Sage's abilities are Kinetic damage and…asakawa2012-01-04 10:00:44
Sorcerer Skill Tree for PVP/PVE?Well, Lightning spec uses Lightning Strike as its filler spell. It only uses Force Lightning on…asakawa2012-01-04 11:24:37
Sorcerer Skill Tree for PVP/PVE?That's my point. LS spam is still (I think) force negative so long fights require you to stop or…asakawa2012-01-04 17:38:47