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These are for merc/commando healers, not operativeSurfacing2012-02-20 15:00:19
18 posts found
Merc PvP - Which cylinder to useI don't PVP. But I think that you're supposed to use High Combulstible Gas one. The PVP trees are…Surfacing2012-01-24 02:23:14
Keyboard LayoutOn the main action bar I'm having 1-0, Q + E. Numbers 7-0 are also bound to my mouse extra buttons,…Surfacing2012-01-24 02:43:06
Bounty hunter Tank vs. Heal specs.Imho Merc healing is quite interesting. I mean, shooting with blasters at people to heal. levelling…Surfacing2012-01-25 14:00:04
Jedi Sage DPS SpecCan't say what does better damage without combat logs. But it's a fact that the 3rd tree in each…Surfacing2012-01-27 03:12:32
Mako story problemI have to say, you are really high on affection with her for this level. Im 37 and I'm just getting…Surfacing2012-01-31 17:17:01
Commando/ Mercenary healing specI actually have to disagree with the above 2 posts on Alacrity. I do feel it's quite important,…Surfacing2012-02-21 18:55:52
Mako stats3. I'd prefer stacking powerSurfacing2012-02-21 18:58:29
Commando - Combat Medic - Stat weightsPower -> Alacrity -> Crit -> Surge That's pretty much what I'm going for on my BH Merc…Surfacing2012-02-21 19:06:04
Possibly dumb question ..Every class gets them. Simply ignore. Not worth itSurfacing2012-02-22 05:02:47
Commando - Combat Medic - Stat weightsDon't consider Aim in stat priorities. As it is your primary stat, should be on every piece of…Surfacing2012-02-24 08:02:35
Civil War highly non-competitive.It's just all about calling out incs on time and the rest reacting to that and sending enough…Surfacing2012-04-03 16:29:06
Race picking/unlocking and the Legacy systemYes, once you unlock the race, it's unlocked forever. You can delete all of the chiss you have…Surfacing2012-03-20 04:13:40
companionsIf you're DD specced, use a healing companion all the way. If their gear is up-to-date, they will…Surfacing2012-04-02 09:03:13
Suck in PvE, blow in PvP. What can I do at 50?Just do heroics. Questing gear that you acquired in Corellia should be enough to do them. Start…Surfacing2012-04-02 09:16:55
Help me understand why I suck so muchYou're specced as a tank. Your main priority is not killing enemies. But rather get killed by them.…Surfacing2012-04-02 09:39:02
Civil War highly non-competitive.I think you're just having bad luck there, or bad team-play from your team mates. There can be…Surfacing2012-04-03 07:19:28
running out of solo questsYou can always do 'Bonus Series' quests (but beware, their level requirements may differ from the…Surfacing2012-04-06 19:23:15
Character customization outside of Creating a character?Nothing really. Just the head slot that can cover your face. Otherwise you're stuck seeing the same…Surfacing2012-04-06 19:34:39