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Sorcerer Pure Healing BuildThis is my pure healing build for sith sorcerers :-…Pocket2012-04-09 13:00:40
Jedi Sage Seer Healing in PvP (also applies to Corruption Sorcerer)Hey fellow healers of the galaxy far far away. I am writing this post because I want to see this…Pocket2012-06-15 12:30:00
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New 50 Sorcerer, how to proceed?Your best bet it to group up with friends or guild mates, you'll find they are alot more forgiving…Pocket2012-04-01 14:22:37
New 50 Sorcerer, how to proceed?One answer is all you needed. The above post copied what I said, just put it in a different…Pocket2012-04-03 02:32:50
Sorc/Sage Healers - How do we feel about healing post-1.2?I would like to say that I am actually, for the most part, fine with this nerf and I have a few…Pocket2012-04-16 07:27:07
Sorc/Sage Healers - How do we feel about healing post-1.2?After playing a Warzone today (Alderaan Civil War), I kinda realized that all these nerfs have done…Pocket2012-04-17 13:45:23
Need advice on Healer levelingIf you're doing all the quests in a zone before moving on you will definitely be out-leveling the…Pocket2012-04-29 12:34:13
These maintenance shut downs are killing me.Two maints a week, the second is always just to fix the problems that the first created. But they…Pocket2012-05-01 05:32:38
Guild Recruitment Thread<The Jedi Council> The Progenitor EU - Republic The Jedi Council is a newly formed guild…Pocket2012-05-01 14:30:33