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Fast Leveling with Jedi Sage - TelekineticsHey all! First time really posting. Wanted to share this for others who want a base to start with,…MrMatthew2012-01-21 17:28:42
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Jedi Sage DPS SpecI'm 26 right now and have tried both so far. Balance has a lot more control and DOTs for sure. I…MrMatthew2012-01-21 15:26:56
A Gentleman's Guide to Leveling a Jedi Sage: work in progressHey there! I'm currently lvl 26. Here's the order I would suggest putting points in while…MrMatthew2012-01-21 16:17:55
Jedi Sage DPS SpecRegen health isn't a big deal for me, as I have enough CC and my tank companion going. Force regen…MrMatthew2012-01-28 15:58:55