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Depending on what the base cooldown of Undying Rage is, this may or may not be worth taking in the…MetalGenocide2011-11-26 04:49:10
Saying that, Its also useful for Marauders too if they take the talent Cloak of Annihilation in the…MetalGenocide2011-11-26 05:03:27
@Madfox4uThe chances that we will change the companions names is very very slim, due to them being…MetalGenocide2011-11-28 16:31:53
Does anyone know if it is possible to romance both Jaese and Vette? or if you get confronted by…MetalGenocide2011-11-30 16:48:54
Hmm, I see. Well, that's mildly interesting, but may force me to make 2 SW's to get both romance's,…MetalGenocide2011-12-01 21:51:48
Ok, thanks for the heads up :) Guess I'll just have to make 2 Sith warriors and forgo the Trooper…MetalGenocide2011-12-02 08:08:13
Combat Support Cylinder
"I used to be low on health.. but then i got shot in the face!"MetalGenocide2011-12-14 07:51:47
I would assume so, Its probably a 'scam' marriage. Don't quote me though, and I intend to be a…MetalGenocide2011-12-14 16:12:57
Unless I'm very much mistaken (only saw the convo once) but Vette mentions that she has met Risha…MetalGenocide2011-12-26 06:59:11
Biometric Crystal Alloy
Currently, these work similar to the Orbs in WoW. One drops off the last boss in a heroic…MetalGenocide2011-12-30 07:50:32
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Suggestions for name :)Greetings everyone :)I am hoping to 'delve' into the collective pile of brain matter on this site…MetalGenocide2011-12-12 13:01:31
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Displaying mirrored abilities on TORheadGood idea, however I would have used a slightly different example as the two you skills are from…MetalGenocide2011-12-05 15:39:19
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?I don't mind changing spec's within the advanced class, but I really hope they do not add an…MetalGenocide2011-12-07 10:01:08
Crafting for Jedi Knight (Sentinel to be exact)The best thing really to decide on when choosing crafting is A) do you want to make money off…MetalGenocide2011-12-07 10:07:34
Juggernaut vs Marauder?I intend to make two anyway. A LS Marauder to romance Vette and a DS Juggernaut to romance a DS…MetalGenocide2011-12-10 20:19:33
Guardians and Sages -- Where Were They?@Winter Heh, if I manage to get my wife to play, we're doing the opposite ^^ Me JK > Guardian…MetalGenocide2011-12-12 06:28:15
SI Assassin vs. SI Sorcerer?@ PhabienThat's not what he said at all. All he said was to not be afraid of throwing the odd heal…MetalGenocide2011-12-12 10:03:50
Suggestions for name :)@ Odonoghuetinteresting :) didn't go through that thought process hehe. I'm still debating on the…MetalGenocide2011-12-12 14:26:05
What is alacrity exactly?http://www.torhead.com/codex/3x5BW5fShould help with anything :)Armor Pen has a higher effect…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 04:02:34
Shadow vs Guardian - anyone compare their tanking and DPS?DPS wise they should be about equal not counting player skill (you'll always do better playing a…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:28:22
If you dont get in today, what are you doing all day?@NaboMate, have fun! I'd get my wife to dress as a twi'lek but she's not a fan =(I'll probably go…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:33:19
Anyone get their email yet?I want to get a burger, but i don't want to leave my PC =( MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:37:15
Anyone get their email yet?http://image.blingee.com/images15/content/output/000/000/000/4fa/386424265_1211663.gif?4MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:37:52
One page says I redeemed my code, another says I didntWhat Vordai said. the first key, Pre-order Key, is your early access / special stuff key. The…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:40:22
Anyone get their email yet?I probably won't get in till tomorrow or Thursday myself. Pre-ordered 3 / 10. A man can dream…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 06:42:10
If you dont get in today, what are you doing all day?Burger was yum <3MetalGenocide2011-12-13 10:05:20
Anyone get their email yet?Well, I didn't get the early access mail yet, but I did get another interesting one:"1 Star…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 12:17:08
If you dont get in today, what are you doing all day?the only real name I'm worried about is the one for my female twi'lek. So hard to make names for…MetalGenocide2011-12-13 13:37:21
LS/DS color crystal restrictions?Yellow and orange don't have limits.MetalGenocide2011-12-13 18:27:42
Pre-Order Color Crystal Vendor?He's still in the same place. Open your map, select the Vendors option on the Left and look for the…MetalGenocide2011-12-20 14:09:06
[Crafting] RE vs Pattern Discover[Advanced] items have better stats then the regular version (by 2-3 stat points generally, but…MetalGenocide2011-12-25 06:34:21
Damage Meters. Real Talk. [Edited: Damage meters are coming]So, after skimming through the thread, I can safely say that the Damage meters arguments are very…MetalGenocide2011-12-27 09:35:04