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The General Music ThreadSo, what's everyone's favorite style of music? Any bands or songs you'd recommend?I, myself, have…Funden2011-12-16 16:23:51
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The CantinaHSR!Good to see you again!Funden2011-12-16 16:20:30
The General Music ThreadQuite a few of those, actually. I've been listening to Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Abney…Funden2011-12-18 22:00:48
The General Music ThreadUgh, no I haven't. I want to, but I also don't have the money to spend to get it shipped all the…Funden2011-12-23 17:22:36
The General Music ThreadDoes Marco do any voice parts like he did on Romanticide and I Wish I had an Angel? Those were my…Funden2011-12-23 19:59:06
The General Music ThreadI'm going to wait until I actually get the album before I listen. SO NO SPOILERS. Funden2011-12-24 23:10:05
The CantinaTop one is working for me, bottom one (the video?) isn't. Funden2011-12-25 21:16:04
The CantinaHola, MoD!Funden2011-12-25 23:15:19
The CantinaI know for a fact that Neonhyper and Alucard179 (now named changed to UrAgahn) both play, but they…Funden2011-12-27 17:59:33
The General Music ThreadAn excellent song.Funden2011-12-27 18:01:04
The Conlang ThreadI have a copy of The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth hanging around somewhere. I'll have to…Funden2011-12-27 18:14:16
Star Trek vs. Star WarsDepends on what part of the Star Wars EU. For the TOR era - the Clone Wars I love, quite a bit…Funden2011-12-27 18:17:09
The General Music ThreadYour post vanished, HsR =PFunden2011-12-27 22:14:36
The CantinaI remember that post >.>I wonder if they'll put me in charge of the Faces of Torhead, here,…Funden2011-12-29 11:39:04
The Multiplayer Game ThreadRelevant.Also relevant Funden2011-12-29 21:59:53
The Multiplayer Game Thread/shrugJust saying that quite a few people on there play ToR as well.Also, for Steam/TF2, I switch…Funden2011-12-29 23:06:56
The CantinaI predicted that picture. Funden2011-12-30 12:18:52
WTB some new forumsYou know what we need?An L+RP forum >.>Funden2011-12-30 12:49:11
The General Music ThreadAnother good song named "Cave."Funden2011-12-30 23:45:11
The CantinaYou a mod now, HsR?Funden2012-01-01 01:04:45
so how bout that there dance with dragonsIt was good, but I liked A Storm of Swords more.Funden2012-01-01 01:05:14
The CantinaAnd now you aren't a mod?Why do you confuse me like this...?Funden2012-01-01 16:29:45
The CantinaWTF.Granted, that's not much different from Steam Council chat.Funden2012-01-02 11:24:42
Otaku Corner< only watches Soul Eater and Hetalia. Funden2012-01-02 11:25:08
The CantinaDo you get on Vent anymore, HsR?And was that IRC (because I might join >.>)Funden2012-01-02 12:56:37
The CantinaHm, anyone else interesting on the Torhead IRC channel?Funden2012-01-02 13:25:35
The CantinaI might hop on anyways, if rose hangs out there. Funden2012-01-02 13:35:25
Otaku CornerDepends on if you like the male/male shipping that goes with the fanbase. And I've mostly read…Funden2012-01-02 13:37:51
Why I can't/won't switch from WoW to TORQuite a few of my friends play ToR, but quite a few others play WoW, and right now I have too much…Funden2012-01-02 13:43:00
The CantinaI'll still be here. I tend to latch to off-topic forums, even of classes/games that I don't play.On…Funden2012-01-03 19:19:12
so how bout that there dance with dragonsVery true. A Dance With Dragons also didn't really have much going on. I wish things would get…Funden2012-01-04 16:00:46
The CantinaThat narrator. Such a sexy voice. Funden2012-01-04 16:01:19
so how bout that there dance with dragonsSeriously?He takes five years between each book anyways. How much longer can you take?Funden2012-01-05 16:24:02
The CantinaNeeds moar posts. Funden2012-01-10 18:04:35
The CantinaThat sounds kind of neat, actually.And now I will put it with the Halo MMO for things that I can…Funden2012-01-11 17:44:05
The CantinaDunno. I need to watch Warehouse 13, though.Also, HSR, you get Imaginaerum yet?Funden2012-01-11 23:27:40
The CantinaDamn, I'm jealous. Is it any good?Funden2012-01-12 17:15:15
Lore & RP Section?I support an L+RP forum as soon as possible. I know two Wowhead users/ToR players who don't come…Funden2012-01-12 20:51:44
so how bout that there dance with dragonsI dunno. I think Brandon Sanderson taking over breathed new life into the series. Funden2012-01-18 16:25:38
General Movie ThreadLord of the Rings was a fantastic series. I also enjoyed Hot Rod and O Brother Where art Thou.…Funden2012-01-18 16:27:24
The CantinaSo, guys, the Dead Ringer is hilarious, when combined with stupid heavies/medics. Funden2012-01-18 16:29:23
The CantinaI find the Degreaser + Mailbox/Axestinguisher to be equally funny against bad medics and heavies.…Funden2012-01-18 22:21:28
The CantinaIn the words of the great Teddy Roosevelt: %^&* just got real. Funden2012-01-20 19:20:35
Star Trek vs. Star WarsVoyager was okay. DS9 was pretty good, from what I've seen. Original series was alright, and TNG…Funden2012-01-20 19:22:53
Desktop and Wallpaper ThreadI've gotten really into the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld recently, and since I loved the…Funden2012-01-20 22:20:53
The CantinaI do indeed know how to do it >.><.<don't hurt meFunden2012-01-23 16:38:10
The CantinaWithout the Dark, there can be no Light, We have purpose Without the Lie, there can be no Truth, We…Funden2012-01-24 18:46:22
The CantinaYOU'RE SO MEAN!Funden2012-01-24 19:40:06
so how bout that there dance with dragonsI think Martin's acutely aware that people don't want another Jordan-esque situation to play out…Funden2012-01-25 19:04:01
"Who is this? What's your operator number?"That's epic.However, I have to ask you a question: ARE YOU INSANE? Mentioning the Operator, here?…Funden2012-01-25 19:06:19