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Race picking/unlocking and the Legacy systemAs we all know by now, the Legacy will allow you to unlock races for all the classes once you've…Elizeya2012-03-12 16:25:33
Juggernaut PVP tanking specs28/13/0 Pros: Sonic Barrier Control via Force Grip, Back Hand. Longer Endure pain (and 4%…Elizeya2012-03-21 09:48:24
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Does SWTOR have enough or any real end-game content?Hardmode versions of dungeons, raids, pvp, high difficulty space combat, datacron hunting, over…Elizeya2011-12-27 09:16:22
Sorcerer Skill Tree for PVP/PVE?As a healer I use a hybridised build that works well for PVP but also has multiple advantages in…Elizeya2012-01-07 13:12:12
Going neutral, are there drawbacks?My neutral Sith Warrior can actually wear all colour stones that are normally locked to any…Elizeya2012-01-30 07:35:49
Race picking/unlocking and the Legacy systemYou are right. Given the current known price of a race unlock, approx 1,5 mil, one could also…Elizeya2012-03-15 04:23:19
Race picking/unlocking and the Legacy systemPurely cosmetic, and it can somewhat influence the way your story feels. E.g. In the empire, aliens…Elizeya2012-03-18 15:50:17
Race picking/unlocking and the Legacy systemWhy would you want to delete a lvl50 though? You get 8 character slots, and eventually even more…Elizeya2012-03-21 06:50:28
Your TOR peeves so far-Bad community thanks to stereotype WoW players. -Too sparcely populated servers because of the…Elizeya2012-04-13 06:09:25
Juggernaut PVP tanking specsAs of 1.2 I'd recommend using the following PVP tank spec.Elizeya2012-04-14 17:01:23
Your TOR peeves so faro_OSeriously?I mean, really, SERIOUSLY? So all jerks were born on world of warcraft? its absolutely…Elizeya2012-05-11 16:39:55
The State of Guardian/JuggernautPVP Tanking, the Juggernaut/Guardian is an excellent class, if utilised properly.Elizeya2012-05-29 11:59:20