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Jedi Consular
If anyone wants reason to play this class, use Project on a couple mobs. It gave me reason to play…Dunhill2011-11-26 22:24:57
I love this little guy, he's pretty much my bro-botDunhill2011-11-28 21:38:13
So would this be considered like a temporary heal? Let's say if your down to 10% health, you pop…Dunhill2011-11-29 09:21:43
Zealous Leap
It probably shares a cooldown with force leap doesnt it?Dunhill2011-12-01 06:57:32
Warzone Commendation
How are they awarded? Do you get 1 per kill? Or like 3 per win and 1 per loss?Dunhill2011-12-01 23:42:17
Does it share a cooldown with force charge?Dunhill2011-12-03 09:47:11
Sense Force Alignment
how does it work? does it work on players only? npcs?Dunhill2011-12-17 19:17:38
Force Stasis
This combined with the Guardians Defense Tree's Stasis Mastery talent makes this a small CC, since…Dunhill2011-12-21 01:02:45
The Beast of Vodal Kressh
Simple tank and spank. DPS should take out adds everytime they spawn, tank keeps on beast.The…Dunhill2011-12-27 04:14:02
Dark Jedi Lightsaber
i went full dark on my consular and it appears that this isnt even an option at all. You just get a…Dunhill2012-01-05 08:49:35
Republic Dancer's Top
ok i just gotta get this for kira carsen. or for my marauder's vetteyes im a pervDunhill2012-01-07 03:33:48
[Prototype] RD-14A Scout Chestguard
I bought this for 12 tatooine commendations. And i'm a jedi guardian.I was sick of getting stuck…Dunhill2012-01-19 03:41:35
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Electrostaves, Vibroknives, and Vibroswords: Who uses them?From what i can tell any class other than force users can utilize range weapons better than any…Dunhill2011-12-11 10:07:06
How do i datacrons?So i keep hearing about these hidden datacrons, and how they provide permanant stat increases.…Dunhill2011-12-14 01:05:37
Off-hand shields, how do they work?Subject says it. How do off-hand shields work?Do they provide a short term protective barrier? Do…Dunhill2011-12-27 09:11:19
Qyzen's TechbladesI love qyzen with my sage, we can take out just about anything. He holds thread and tanks most hard…Dunhill2012-01-14 02:47:58
Sick of jedi guardian robes labeled 'heavy armor'?I was sick of wearing cloth and having it labeled heavy armor for about 30 levels or so, so i…Dunhill2012-01-19 03:43:27
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Ability Damage ValuesWhere are these values coming from? Are they supposed to be for an average geared level 50? Or are…Dunhill2011-12-05 00:16:50
What class are you playing at launch?Jedi Knight. Guardian. Mostly Vigilance spec for PVP (13/21/7)I had an awful time trying to get…Dunhill2011-12-06 08:26:02
Stat priorities at endgame, and for each role?Doesnt presence also increase healing? Not just companion damage.I thought i read that somewhere.…Dunhill2011-12-06 09:08:48
talent treesThese talent trees, as said earlier are similar to vanilla WoW.Now, that can both be a good and bad…Dunhill2011-12-07 09:33:30
Electrostaves, Vibroknives, and Vibroswords: Who uses them?Well this pretty much answers my question. I never thought of companions. There are many companions…Dunhill2011-12-12 01:58:13
Guardians and Sages -- Where Were They?I love the Guardian. Totally a survivability class. Especially in pvp. I was never much for healers…Dunhill2011-12-12 11:03:28
AddonsThis is a particularly hot topic over on the official forums. If you make a thread even mentioning…Dunhill2011-12-12 17:48:32
End Game PvPI'm sure they will implement something in the future. If they want this game to survive they will…Dunhill2011-12-12 17:55:40
How do i datacrons?That pretty much answers all my questions, thanks.Dunhill2011-12-14 11:06:12
Southern Cross Alliance US-EAST | Republic | PvP | Raiding | is Recruiting on Bondar CrystalI put in an app just now. Nova'dun. I'm not playing until release day, but i'm definitely going to…Dunhill2011-12-14 11:30:38
Disappointed about the SpeciesThe only race i was disappointed to not see are wookies.I am totally serious about this. Wookie…Dunhill2011-12-15 02:58:46
Are there in game houses?Your ship is your ingame house. And im cool with that. I personally would prefer bw uses their…Dunhill2011-12-20 09:05:19
Out with the WoW, in with the ToR!I love WoW. Me canceling my account to play ToR is not a ragequit or anger by any means. Its just…Dunhill2011-12-20 09:12:38
QQ = nerf?Here's the thing man, if you come into this game hoping its not going to have the stuff or changes…Dunhill2011-12-21 00:43:58
Datacron Location ListingJust to take this a little bit further, next to each datacron entry, put a link to the torhead…Dunhill2011-12-26 01:51:21
Wayback machine... A comparison :DI am not alarmed or annoyed by the complaints that swtor is getting now.I was alarmed/annoyed by…Dunhill2011-12-27 07:24:49
Has SWTOR got staying power?swtor's staying power depends entirely on BW churning out new content. Im talking frequent major…Dunhill2011-12-27 07:28:39
Juggernaut DPS... is it worth it?One thing i noticed, and its just my experience playing: we can play off as DPS in groups, just…Dunhill2011-12-27 07:37:31
Off-hand shields, how do they work?wow that's pretty much exactly what i need to know. thankyou!Dunhill2011-12-27 09:23:59
Combat ResponsivenessDo i really have to go to that cesspool? I hate official forums. It's like digging through a sea of…Dunhill2011-12-30 21:32:54
What class do you play?Jedi Knight Guardian, tank spec for now, but when he reaches cap he will spec Vigilance 11/30/0 and…Dunhill2011-12-30 21:36:11
Discussion: SlicingI thought i'd do a little trial of it and record the missions i sent my droid on. I did 12 missions…Dunhill2011-12-30 21:46:29
Population Imbalance: Sith vs. RepublicWow Sassy, what a constructive comment that has EVERYTHING to do with the OP.…Dunhill2011-12-31 11:21:05
MVP VotingI think people refuse to vote in cases of your team being a bunch of idiots. Which i can partially…Dunhill2012-01-01 04:41:01
Jedi Guardian SpecsIm only level 25 and im working with this build http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500crh0zZhM.1from…Dunhill2012-01-01 04:44:26
MVP Votingnefloyd we just dont want to reward bad playing. Giving out an MVP vote to the least terrible…Dunhill2012-01-02 03:58:39
Jedi Guardian SpecsIm not so sure Courage is really that vital, even for AOE threat buildup. It just reduces the focus…Dunhill2012-01-02 05:06:52
Jedi knight character creation screen armor Im hoping this can get answered. Granted my Guardian is only 26 so i havent seen any of the endgame…Dunhill2012-01-06 10:22:44
MVP VotingHealing: Saw a Sith Sorc(I think) near a point in Civil war doing a life tap type thing and healing…Dunhill2012-01-07 02:53:41
Thoughts on TOR so far(1) Love star wars and the EU. Wanted something different than WoW. I still love WoW and will get…Dunhill2012-01-13 09:41:19
Sick of jedi guardian robes labeled 'heavy armor'?And yet in game it makes no difference at all. I think this looks much cooler with some plasteel…Dunhill2012-01-19 05:11:24
Sick of jedi guardian robes labeled 'heavy armor'?My biggest gripe is there really is no difference at all between armor for sentinels and guardians.…Dunhill2012-01-19 13:40:45
Jedi Guardian Chest Piecesor sad Jedi in Trooper armor.Hey i was sad before too, but since i found the trooper armor im…Dunhill2012-01-20 09:00:16
Jedi Guardian Chest PiecesYeah that does look pretty good. See, im telling you guys, trooper armor is the way to go :DDunhill2012-01-29 09:53:08
Jedi Sentinel RangedShoulda gone Sage.Sage is not just for healing you know.Dunhill2012-01-29 09:54:11
Complaint with PVP medal system.I never give MVP voting to top heals, or top dps for that matter. I give mvp votes to objectives,…Dunhill2012-02-07 03:43:37