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He's pretty scruffy looking.CodyBye2011-11-21 01:15:35
The Prince
By the Power of Greyskull!CodyBye2011-11-21 01:18:01
Peppered Bantha Steak
Not as good as Blue Milk, but it'll have to do.CodyBye2011-11-21 01:19:51
I laughed when I saw this a day ago. *golf claps* CodyBye2011-11-21 17:25:55
I bet it turns you into a Nerfherder.CodyBye2011-11-21 17:26:41
Oota goota, Solo?CodyBye2011-11-22 15:18:00
Can I shoot him with my T-41 Skyhopper?CodyBye2011-11-22 18:01:06
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Cooldowns on TooltipsAgree with this suggestion, and we'll be adding it soon. CodyBye2012-01-18 15:20:20
item searchThanks for the heads up. I managed to replicate the bug and documented it for the developers.…CodyBye2011-11-28 12:37:36
Great tool but slow!Ezrille - we've been having some issues with our data center provider that caused our issue to last…CodyBye2011-11-29 10:59:58
Mission filter/sort IssueThanks Recoil! Adding this to our bug list now. Appreciate the detail!CodyBye2011-11-29 11:02:49
No Item tooltips on crafting lists?Thanks Abramzz - I actually put this into our bug list this morning.CodyBye2011-11-29 16:12:43
ErrorsWornmime - thanks. I'll make sure these get added to our bug list.CodyBye2011-11-29 16:14:30
ErrorsUpdate: Spelling error fixed. Crafting section already was reported. Trying to figure out what's…CodyBye2011-11-29 16:17:30
Torhead Opening Contest!Most of the content we've received has been excellent, but I just want to remind folks to keep…CodyBye2011-11-29 17:54:04
Torhead Opening Contest!It will be either Thursday or Friday this week. We have to get all the entries approved first.…CodyBye2011-11-30 00:16:28
Screenshots deletedJust to echo fewyn, we've had several thousand screens submitted and hundreds of videos. We're just…CodyBye2011-11-30 17:20:32
Next Site Update?Yup, it's on our list of things to do, and I'm glad you brought it up. Thanks Hat.CodyBye2011-12-01 11:31:09
Filter issue with PlanetsThanks for the heads up guys. I've got this listed for the developers and we'll get it fixed as…CodyBye2011-12-02 09:41:46
Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin: Wrong TalentThanks AstralFire - I'll get this in front of our guys again. Report back soon.CodyBye2011-12-02 10:44:22
Separate tabs/classifications for mountsThis is awesome, thanks so much Jwang. I'll see if we can't get something set up soon-ish. There's…CodyBye2011-12-02 10:51:44
Artifce Schematic Page ErrorsYup, it's a known error. Hopefully have a resolution soon.CodyBye2011-12-02 17:01:45
Dropped By / Sold By ?Right now we don't have access to logs like RIFT, but we're hoping to have some sort of solution…CodyBye2011-12-02 18:16:28
Question concerning assigned damage valuesQuick question for you: Is thundering blast a channeled ability? We've seen the abilities with the…CodyBye2011-12-03 11:34:56
Mission Conversation Lists broken for class storyThanks unindel. Obviously this is something that we've never really had to look at before in an…CodyBye2011-12-03 16:46:18
How do you obtain LvlRankDmgAmnt?We can't say yet under rules from BioWare. It'll probably be revealed around launch.CodyBye2011-12-03 16:47:07
Question concerning assigned damage valuesShoekron - there are also some additional effects going on that may influence the way we present…CodyBye2011-12-03 16:49:05
Ability Damage ValuesThere are a number of things that we're still trying to implement into our calculations. We've…CodyBye2011-12-05 00:19:13
Ability Damage Values@dunhill - these are for a level 50 in green gear w/ augments.CodyBye2011-12-05 00:19:49
Lightsaber sockets incorrectThanks durenas - this is a known bug that we'll be taking care of soon.CodyBye2011-12-05 00:20:29
Crew Skills Cost SortingThis is a known issue Lutz. Filters will be added within the next few days.CodyBye2011-12-05 00:25:28
Titles and availabilityVery good suggestions. We'll look into it.CodyBye2011-12-05 00:29:04
Ability Damage Values@AstralFire - you're not annoying, I just want to make sure everyone understands why there may be…CodyBye2011-12-05 11:57:58
Ability Damage ValuesWe're going to be adding the formulas back shortly after launch; we removed them by request of…CodyBye2011-12-06 12:38:39
Ability values look much betterYou're welcome. :DCodyBye2011-12-07 23:53:29
what happened too the witty comments you would see in the headlines of loading the torhead page?Hi undying - those will be back soon, don't worry.Second post - yeah I'm having that issue to.…CodyBye2011-12-08 00:10:57
Ability values look much betterTsyBeck - that's really strange. I'll have our guys look into it tomorrow morning.CodyBye2011-12-08 00:33:36
Possible Talent Tree BugsYup, these should be fixed soon. :)CodyBye2011-12-08 16:00:42
Shared AC ability bugs?We'll look into this bonesoul. So it's only displaying one of the ACs in the conglomerated list?CodyBye2011-12-08 16:01:38
Shared AC ability bugs?Gotcha. Thanks!CodyBye2011-12-08 16:22:32
Ability Damage ValuesFentanyl - that's a reasonable request. I'll see what the guys can get up tomorrow.CodyBye2011-12-09 00:22:50
Ability values look much betterDefinitely looking into this. Something went wacky in our latest update.CodyBye2011-12-09 15:44:20
&xml &json support for torhead?Yes, it's on the to do list.CodyBye2011-12-09 17:59:09
I'm the fastest man in the universeYup, we are looking into this. Hopefully should be fixed soon.CodyBye2011-12-10 11:04:39
DatacronsLike Mikey said, if it's in Wowhead there's a good possibility of it coming to Torhead.CodyBye2011-12-10 11:51:02
Respecs?Yes, you can respec skill trees.CodyBye2011-12-10 13:35:04
So when does this Pre-Order thing go live? I entered my preorder code, but account not active?So you'll actually be able to enter "Early Access" at a certain point this next week, but…CodyBye2011-12-10 13:35:56
How well will I be able to run?Hm. These look pretty reasonable, but I'm no hardware expert. Anyone else?CodyBye2011-12-10 13:36:53
Latest CommentsIs this still occurring red?CodyBye2011-12-10 13:39:47
IRC Channel Java ClientVery odd. We'll check it out, thanks Astral.CodyBye2011-12-10 13:40:16
I'm the fastest man in the universeThis should now be fixed, hopefully.CodyBye2011-12-10 13:41:03
Skill CalculatorNeofey - we saw it, don't worry.1. They don't grey out because it's always nice to see what the…CodyBye2011-12-10 16:34:05
Juggernaut vs Marauder?There's lots of debate over this right now. Just play what you feel you'd enjoy the most. :)CodyBye2011-12-10 16:52:57
Website unusable on Nook ColorCan you email us at feedback@torhead.com? We may need to do some back-and-forth with you regarding…CodyBye2011-12-10 17:17:18
Channeled Abilities don't show channel ?Yup, this is known, but I'll make sure it gets addressed in our bug list.CodyBye2011-12-10 23:16:21
Additional Filters for SchematicsThanks Titan - we'll get this added to our todo list.CodyBye2011-12-10 23:17:19
Latest CommentsThe forums updating should be fixed. The latest comments section still needs to be addressed, and…CodyBye2011-12-10 23:18:07