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Double Strike
Actually, this is your best attack at lower levels. It does more damage than Project at almost half…CaIhoun2011-12-16 18:17:03
Jedi Consular
Does anyone know the base Force regen rate?CaIhoun2011-12-16 18:20:41
Space Combat: Syvris Evacuation
Definitely the hardest mission so far, and all the above posts are right on. I managed to finish…CaIhoun2011-12-30 20:29:26
On the plus side, because the drop rate is so low the are always the 2nd highest gems in price on…CaIhoun2012-01-29 19:53:12
Sith Warden's Boots
Has dropped twice from the 3 Elite Guardians right before you enter the core in the Maelstrom…CaIhoun2012-01-27 15:33:32
Transcendent Guardian's Boots
These dropped for me off the boss in Maelstrom Prison who also has the flying add. It shares the…CaIhoun2012-01-27 15:35:12
Outcast Chestguard
This is a nice chest piece for Jedi Guardians who don't like having their heads covered. I'll try…CaIhoun2012-01-28 01:33:15
Less bickering, more what mission or chain does his come from. Has anyone seen it in-game, or is it…CaIhoun2012-02-02 08:08:34
How well does the damage increase for Force Sweep stack with [ability=9ssGOug][/ability]? Anybody…CaIhoun2012-02-02 09:15:06
Jolee Bindo's Lightsaber
A guildie got this as a drop of the final boss of HM Karagga's palace. The color crystal is blue…CaIhoun2012-02-07 13:55:28
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Column FiltersOne of the most useful sorting features of wowhead is the ability to right-click on a column and…CaIhoun2011-12-02 16:38:45
Question about Item ModsSo I see that Artifice makes Hilts for Lightsabers, and Color Crystals and Enhancements for other…CaIhoun2011-12-20 09:04:35
Jedi Guardian SpecsFor those of you who are tanking as Jedi Guardians, what spec are you rolling out? Where are you…CaIhoun2011-12-31 23:40:55
Space Combat MissionsWhy is there not a sub-tab under the Missions tab for the Space Combat missions? Trying to search…CaIhoun2011-12-31 23:47:14
Jedi Guardian Chest PiecesSo is it official now that there are no Guardian specific chest pieces that have the hood down,…CaIhoun2012-01-19 09:44:57
Endgame Tank ModsSo now that I'm 50, I'm looking at specifically the Mods for Jedi Guardians and not seeing anything…CaIhoun2012-01-25 11:30:53
Customizable GearHow possible would it be to make an item calculator where you choose if it is a weapon or piece of…CaIhoun2012-02-02 19:54:53
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Jedi Guardian SpecsSo basically you're saying that there's no point in trying to increase your AOE threat or trying to…CaIhoun2012-01-01 22:56:33
Ship Dailies GuideGetting close to reaching lvl 50 with my main, then I plan to go back through with an alt and track…CaIhoun2012-01-19 10:35:44
The State of Guardian/JuggernautDepending on your point of view, the nice thing about Guardian tanking is that it gets easier as…CaIhoun2012-01-19 10:45:46
Jedi Guardian Chest PiecesWell, it's not a chest piece with the hood down, but I picked up an Outcast Chestguard on the TN…CaIhoun2012-01-28 01:36:16
Jedi Guardian Chest PiecesAlright, so here is the piece again: http://www.torhead.com/item/4Ew6evy/outcast-chestguard I added…CaIhoun2012-01-28 13:36:11
low archeloglyIn my experience the nodes were hard to come by on Coruscant. Of course, that was also back when…CaIhoun2012-01-30 16:41:33
Jedi Guardian SpecsCame across this spec on the web today.…CaIhoun2012-02-01 23:00:35
So how do I post a link/tooltip in a commentIs it possible to post a Skills Calculator URL as a link and if so, how?CaIhoun2012-02-02 08:45:55
Jedi Guardian SpecsSo after much testing, I have settled on this build: …CaIhoun2012-02-17 15:33:33