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Advanced Might Hilt 2
Anyone know where to get this, or how to get it?Arcaelis2012-05-23 13:11:18
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Rate the build above youhttp://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500GMhdudrzfzZcGM.1This is my desired lvl 50 tree for a Guardian…Arcaelis2012-05-23 11:45:12
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So who quit WOW for SWTOR?After 6 years of WoW, bearing crappy dev choice after crappy dev choice for class balance, I have…Arcaelis2012-05-23 09:22:27
is the pve content really as harsh to melee as people are saying?As a JK Guardian Tank, my only beef with the way melee is handled in the game is that they need…Arcaelis2012-05-23 10:16:45
The State of Guardian/JuggernautIn PvE as a Guardian the only thing that annoys me (and others) is the weirdly long cooldowns for…Arcaelis2012-05-23 11:22:57
Rate the build above youIt's mostly a PvE spec. Oh and here's another revised…Arcaelis2012-05-24 08:29:48
Anyone else seeing PVP team balance fail?I think it's an issue of server population at given times, not to mention the number of people in a…Arcaelis2012-05-24 08:45:17
Character customization outside of Creating a character?This is why you make sure you won't get bored of seeing your character's face when your in the…Arcaelis2012-05-24 08:47:55