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For All Star Wars Torhead Fans:

Torhead was an invaluable and quality source for all the SWTOR players. It was used in most blogs and SWTOR applications as a resourceful and excellent site for sourcing data and information. Even the guild website services had the widgets for Torhead. You could easily hover your mouse over a given item linked to Torhead where a pop-head would appear just as it happens in the game. Its excellent features were easy to use and appealing. It was also user-friendly, and these are the primary reasons among many others as to why most of the fans could not comprehend why it was closed.

star wars torhead shuts down!

Star Wars Torhead closing date and reasons for its closing

According to ‘Amy Lanam’ who is Content Manager of the ZAM Network that created Torhead, the main reason why it was closed is that of lack of traffic. He stated that the Torhead traffic could not justify the work it required to keep it an active and quality site. Speculations and rumors had it that the drop in traffic was as a result of the failure to update the database. It is evident that people run away from outdated information. These speculations can be interpreted to mean that if the ZAM Network was updating its database regularly, it could not have experienced the traffic problems it was experiencing before Torhead closure. When considering the actual date of its closing, it was on 19th March 2015. Checkout swtor classes too!

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