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Damage Meters. Real Talk. [Edited: Damage meters are coming]I was wondering if someone could give me a real reason as to why damage meters shouldn't be…WarTornPanda2011-12-22 03:42:24
The CantinaI propose this be the place for people to just hang out and get to know each other informally (a la…Hyperspacerebel2011-12-05 21:12:14
Anyone get their email yet?Still waiting. I pre-ordered on day one. Hoping it will just let me log on at 7estMovado2011-12-13 04:18:38
What class are you playing at launch?I noticed a disproportionate amount of Jedi playing the weekend betas, so I'm beginning to…Hyperspacerebel2011-12-05 21:51:31
Jedi Sentinel: Why hasn't anyone addressed this?Look at the options you get with the Sentinel builds. All DPS trees. There is absolutely no build…Kreidain2011-12-10 15:48:33
Items Missing from the Database? Tell us and we'll get them added!Seeing items missing from the Database? Give us a heads up with the following information and we…fewyn2012-01-18 15:20:04
Will we be able to switch between advanced classes?Yes guys. Will we be able to change our advanced classes? For example, I go gunslinger/sharpshooter…ateslibamya2011-12-06 14:07:56
Will I get 6 days or 7 days of early access? I pre ordered and redeemed my code on September 4th I think I'll get in Wed or Thursday hopefully…MAXIMUMFAIRYSUIT2011-12-11 17:38:54
What Server Are You On!Topic where we can all shout out our servers instead of a bunch of threads for each server.Guild…dderinger2011-12-12 13:34:09
Guide: SWTOR for the WoW PlayerCheck it out over at free to discuss it…fewyn2011-12-12 18:07:21
Since Swtor forums are useless atm.. Downtime extendedAnd bioware continues to spit in the face of theyr european clientel…Munx2011-12-27 10:36:59
Please stop spamming about pre-rders early access questions! - Read Here First.Please! Post questions in existing threads, or go check the SWTOR website. You guys keep posting…Phabien2011-12-12 09:38:13
Torhead broken?Anything and everything I type into the search produces an error message, "No results…HollyC2012-11-01 17:45:11
Out with the WoW, in with the ToR!I was just briefly browsing through some WoW Forums a minute ago, and omg you wouldn't believe the…Leneux2011-12-19 12:38:28
Bounty Hunter - Merc dps guide (Arsenal Spec)If you're playing your bounty hunter as a mercenary, remember one thing - you are the best dps in…Amethyst2011-12-31 15:41:14
A comparition between SWTOR and WOWSo, after 1 month of swtor, an avarage of 10 hours/day gameplayed ive hit level cap and cleared all…Tionjewlnique2012-02-17 12:52:24
Is PT the first ranged tank?Granted I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet, but I can't think of a single "ranged"…brazthemad2011-12-12 13:18:29
Please help.Hey, I can't afford TOR at the moment but I need a favor...I want to post something on the forums,…ThroleRanor2012-01-15 16:15:44
Thoughts on TOR so farWe are now almost a month into the game, and a lot of people are at or are nearing level 50. I'm…Hyperspacerebel2012-01-11 11:18:22
Discussion: SlicingHia Torhead users,there is quite a fuzz (more like alot of whine) going over slicing crew skill…Ravenite2011-12-29 10:41:49
SI Assassin vs. SI Sorcerer?Hi all, First I wanted to point out I played a SI Madness Assassin to level 20 in the Thanxgiving…Lazoruz2011-12-12 07:57:22
Missing Missions - FIXEDThanks for all the excellent feedback on the missions going missing. We're working on it, and if…Calthine2013-09-12 21:25:51
Imperial Agents are badDont troll me on grammer, yes i know it sucks-I spent a week play an Operative Agent, and i am…Daprince10262012-01-04 02:29:57
No Torhead Client = Useless website?Seeing as there is no form of UI addons of any form for SWTOR how can this website hope to stay up…Thatjerk2011-12-24 03:17:08
Graphics CardHi all, im new to the community, and im sure this has been asked before, but i would appreciate it…FFFaux2011-12-11 19:37:53
Disappointed about the SpeciesDon't get me wrong, I see a lot of good things about this game... the abilities and the exploration…Eidam2011-12-15 00:11:16
Has SWTOR got staying power?Hi,It would be a big investment for me to get into the game. I have a Mac. I'd need to buy Windows…lankybrit2011-12-20 09:59:22
This just in! Early game access goes live at...7AM EST for the 7 day early access folks like myself. Just got the email :)This mesh with what…Phabien2011-12-07 19:19:59
R U IN? If so what date of pre-order and what region...R U IN? If so what date of pre-order and what region... basically what the title says.Marco07982011-12-13 06:30:10
New Feature: Model Viewer!Today we launched a new feature here on Torhead, our SWTOR Model Viewer is now available and can be…fewyn2012-03-13 14:01:16
The General Music ThreadSo, what's everyone's favorite style of music? Any bands or songs you'd recommend?I, myself, have…Funden2011-12-16 16:23:51
If you dont get in today, what are you doing all day?just like the subject said, plans if you dont get in today?NaboLassar2011-12-13 06:24:08
Torhead Opening Contest! seems like a great way to get things rolling for…Shubawks2011-11-25 00:11:49
Server Listsource: servers....crazythe names…xDisciplex2011-12-12 00:21:09
Crew Skills: A Guide.Disclaimer: This guide is not intended to answer the question "Which are the best Crew…Dhamp2012-01-28 10:07:48
ok so i cant decidefor a main classi wanna make a melee dps,but i cant decide between operative or sith warrior.i…holla82012-01-17 15:22:20
Grace Period GoneI'm seeing rumors and ambiguous posts from Bioware hinting at there being no grace period anymore.…Hyperspacerebel2011-12-09 21:24:21
AddonsWhen I finished the Thanksgiving beta, I went onto the swtor forums and noticed a lot of people…Gyaris2011-12-12 15:48:01
Jedi Guardian SpecsFor those of you who are tanking as Jedi Guardians, what spec are you rolling out? Where are you…CaIhoun2011-12-31 23:40:55
Roleplayers - Wondering what server?So where will be the next 'Argent Dawn' or next 'Moonguard' (Sans Goldshire >.<!) The…iSlinky2011-12-12 16:53:22
No-cost base attackWhy do we not have a ranged free attack? We're a ranged class! I feel so useless when I'm waiting…heavymeta2012-01-31 06:39:44
unusual colour crystalsi know theres white/purple/light blue/blue-black/red-black but ive not found out any info where…blayze2011-12-31 07:42:08
Vanguard tanking - better than Commando because of...I know Vanguard is the tank, while Commando is the healer. So Vanguard has a Shielding spec, but…Malleable2011-12-08 07:57:38
So who quit WOW for SWTOR?Don't get me wrong I loved WOW for years all the way to Cata. But when I heard about Mist of panda…Kaelthas2012-05-01 01:42:43
So when does this Pre-Order thing go live? I entered my preorder code, but account not active?So I entered my preorder code so I guess I should be ready. When I click to enter the game it says…Malleable2011-12-10 13:31:02
How well will I be able to run?EDIT: Problem solved. Upgraded PSU to 750W, got a HIS IceQ X Turbo 2GB 6950 and an Antec 300…DaNefariouz2011-12-10 13:08:58
Electrostaves, Vibroknives, and Vibroswords: Who uses them?From what i can tell any class other than force users can utilize range weapons better than any…Dunhill2011-12-11 10:07:06
The Walking DeadGo.Phabien2011-12-08 13:57:42
Future Class AdditionsMore of a fun topic mixed in with all these other ones. What would be an addition to the classes we…ochie2011-12-28 00:05:01
Sith InquisitorFrom what Ive seen in the beta and from what everyone is saying, a large majority of the people are…Snorky2011-12-06 11:02:33