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<Name> the Throne BreakerThrone BreakerFlashpoint
<Name> the UncompromisingThe UncompromisingFlashpoint
<Name> the UnmaskedUnmaskedFlashpoint
<Name> the Unyielding
<Name> the Wealthy
<Name> the Winter WarriorThe Winter Warrior
<Name>, Big Game Hunter
<Name>, Black BisectorBlack BisectorQuest
<Name>, Bounty CollectorBounty Collector
<Name>, Capable SentientCapable Sentient
<Name>, Club Vertica High RollerClub Vertica High Roller
<Name>, Conquerer of the Dread FortressConquerer of the Dread Fortress
<Name>, Contraband CollectorThe Contraband Collector
<Name>, ContractorContractor
<Name>, Council Military AdvisorQuest
<Name>, Deposer of the Dread MastersDeposer of the Dread Masters
<Name>, Emissary of TeralEmissary of TeralJedi Consular
<Name>, EnforcerEnforcer
<Name>, FounderFounder
<Name>, FreelancerFreelancer
<Name>, Galactic AceGalactic Ace
<Name>, Galactic City SaviorGalactic City Savior
<Name>, Galactic Explorer
<Name>, Galactic Hero
<Name>, Grand Champion of the Great HuntGrand Champion of the Great HuntBounty Hunter
<Name>, Grand Champion of the Great HuntGrand Champion of the Great HuntBounty Hunter
<Name>, Hero of the Gorinth CanyonHero of Gorinth CanyonQuest
<Name>, Hero of TythonHero of TythonJedi Knight
<Name>, Hired GunHired GunBounty Hunter
<Name>, Hot Shot PilotHot Shot PilotSpace Combat
<Name>, Imperial Ace
<Name>, Imperial Diehard
<Name>, Imperial LoyalistImperial Loyalist
<Name>, Imperial ScholarImperial Scholar
<Name>, Imperial Squad Leader
<Name>, Kaas City SaviorKaas City Savior
<Name>, Knight of AlderaanKnight of AlderaanBounty Hunter
<Name>, Mandolorian BaneMandalorian BaneQuest
<Name>, Master ConspiratorMaster ConspiratorImperial Agent
<Name>, Master Craftsman
<Name>, Mender of the RiftMender of the RiftJedi Consular
<Name>, Paladin of House OrganaPaladin of House Organa
<Name>, PursuerPursuer
<Name>, Rakghoul's BaneRakghoul's BaneFlashpoint
<Name>, Red RhombusRed Rhombus
<Name>, RegulatorRegulator
<Name>, Republic Ace
<Name>, Republic Diehard
<Name>, Republic PrivateerRepublic PrivateerSmuggler
<Name>, Republic Squad Leader