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<Name> the Space PirateThe Space Pirate
<Name> the StalwartThe StalwartFlashpoint
<Name> the Throne BreakerThrone BreakerFlashpoint
<Name> the UncompromisingThe UncompromisingFlashpoint
<Name> the UnmaskedUnmaskedFlashpoint
<Name> the Unyielding
<Name> the Wealthy
<Name> the Winter WarriorThe Winter Warrior
<Name>, Above the LawAbove the Law
<Name>, All-Galaxy Assassin
<Name>, All-Galaxy Commando
<Name>, All-Galaxy Guardian
<Name>, All-Galaxy Gunslinger
<Name>, All-Galaxy Juggernaut
<Name>, All-Galaxy Marauder
<Name>, All-Galaxy Mercenary
<Name>, All-Galaxy Operative
<Name>, All-Galaxy Powertech
<Name>, All-Galaxy Sage
<Name>, All-Galaxy Scoundrel
<Name>, All-Galaxy Sentinel
<Name>, All-Galaxy Shadow
<Name>, All-Galaxy Sniper
<Name>, All-Galaxy Sorcerer
<Name>, All-Galaxy Vanguard
<Name>, ArchitectArchitect
<Name>, Big Game Hunter
<Name>, Black BisectorBlack BisectorQuest
<Name>, Bounty CollectorBounty Collector
<Name>, Capable SentientCapable Sentient
<Name>, Chief Military AdvisorChief Military Advisor
<Name>, Club Vertica High RollerClub Vertica High Roller
<Name>, Conquerer of the Dread FortressConquerer of the Dread Fortress
<Name>, Contraband CollectorThe Contraband Collector
<Name>, ContractorContractor
<Name>, Council Military AdvisorQuest
<Name>, Dark Council EliteDark Council Elite
<Name>, Deposer of the Dread MastersDeposer of the Dread Masters
<Name>, Emissary of TeralEmissary of TeralJedi Consular
<Name>, EnforcerEnforcer
<Name>, Fairly Furious
<Name>, Famously Furious
<Name>, Fantastically Furious
<Name>, FounderFounder
<Name>, FreelancerFreelancer
<Name>, Galactic AceGalactic Ace
<Name>, Galactic City SaviorGalactic City Savior
<Name>, Galactic Explorer
<Name>, Galactic Hero
<Name>, Grand Champion of the Great HuntGrand Champion of the Great HuntBounty Hunter