Star Wars Republic: The Game

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Star wars the old republic database is a game that was set in the old republic era. This game is a massively multiplayer role-playing game which is very popular. The company that made this game is Bioware and has been on the lead in RPG’s for about a decade. There are very many features that this game has and this article will cover most of these features.

Aesthetics of Star Wars Old Republic Database:

The way that this game is designed is such that it does not focus more on the ultra realistic graphics but instead, focuses on pleasing the players well. Games that try so much to identify with the current time setting or current era usually end up looking very outdated in a very short period of time. The worlds in this game are stunning and the animated characters or the non-player characters are smoothly and choreographed really well.


When the game launches, one is supposed to explore seventeen worlds which technically involves sixteen worlds and the moon. As such, you will get various feels, from the jungles to deserts, planets to frozen barren waters which are very interesting. From the point of view of an individual who likes exploring, this game is the ultimate treasure.

The Characters:

This game has been split to two factions. There is the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. Every of these two factions has four classes that are payable whereas each has two classes each again. When your character gets to ten, you are enabled to select an advanced class.


Every single class selects unique companions to progress their stories. When the game is launched, each class has five companions. They are an extension of your character somehow and the player is able to gear up their abilities so that they can complement your style of playing.

The Story:

The way that this game has been created gives every player about two hundred hours of content story which is unique for every class. This however does not include the missions that one is supposed to face in between the classes. The game is voice added entirely which makes it even more interesting. This means that one does not have to keep reading through the texts which is very convenient thus making the player put all their attention in the game. Every mission is designed in that it is engaging and immersive.

The Player versus the Environment:

When you launch it, the game will have fifteen flashpoints all having end game modes and two raids too. The flashpoints are simply four players but if you miss to find the forth one then you can add your companion to complete the number. The game is very easy to play with the group that you are able to get.

Player versus Player:

There are three battlegrounds and a planet called Ilum where the playing mode is player versus player. The game has been designed wisely such that there is extensive effort in making sure that the players are interested enough to get to the end of their stories.