Quick Facts

  • Requires Synthweaving (100)
  • Difficulty: 100 125 155 165
  • Training cost: 300
  • Faction: Neutral


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Consular's Sash

Consular's Sash
Binds on Equip
Waist, Slot 67
97 Armor (Rating 54)
Durability: 80/80
Item Modifications
Armoring: Open
Mod: Open
Enhancement #3038083514834894874: Open
Requires Level 19
Requires Light Armor


  • Redoubt Consular's Sash
    +1 Defense Rating
  • General's Consular's Sash
    +1 Defense Rating, +1 Presence
  • Exactitude Consular's Sash
    +1 Defense Rating, +1 Accuracy Rating
  • Anti-Armor Consular's Sash
    +1 Defense Rating, +1 Surge Rating
  • Veracity Consular's Sash
    +1 Defense Rating, +1 Glance Rating
  • Fervor Consular's Sash
    +1 Accuracy Rating, +1 Critical Rating
  • Hawkeye Consular's Sash
    +1 Accuracy Rating, +1 Power
  • Endowment Consular's Sash
    +1 Surge Rating, +1 Critical Rating
  • Expert Consular's Sash
    +1 Surge Rating, +1 Power
  • Leadership Consular's Sash
    +1 Presence, +1 Critical Rating
  • Commander's Consular's Sash
    +1 Presence, +1 Power
  • Supremacy Consular's Sash
    +1 Alacrity Rating, +1 Critical Rating
  • Vehemence Consular's Sash
    +1 Alacrity Rating, +1 Power
  • Tempest Consular's Sash
    +1 Glance Rating, +1 Critical Rating
  • Rampart Consular's Sash
    +1 Glance Rating, +1 Power
  • Critical Consular's Sash
    +1 Critical Rating
  • Overkill Consular's Sash
    +1 Power


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