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"Doctor Hope"15 - 20StandardE R
"Doctor Hope" Patient14WeakE R
2V-R81 - 50StandardE R
A-77 Warden Droid42 - 44StrongE R
A2-I31 - 50StandardE R
Account Officer41WeakE R
Acolyte1 - 50StandardE R
Act 2 Intro1 - 50StandardE R
Adasca Security Guard34 - 36WeakE R
Adasca Suppressor Agent34 - 36StandardE R
Adeline Marr40EliteE R
Adept Jedi Healer36StrongE R
Administrator Kroius35StandardE R
Admiral Dabrin50StrongE R
Admiral Monk36EliteE R
Admiral Monk's Body36StrongE R
Admiral's Guard34 - 36WeakE R
Adrenal Researcher35WeakE R
Agent Dhal36StrongE R
Agent Hedrik1 - 50StandardE R
Agent Iella38StandardE R
Agent Ottau20StandardE R
Agent Pruitt1 - 50StandardE R
Agent Voloren1 - 50StandardE R
Akure, Ghost in the Darkness33EliteE R
Akure, Ghost in the Darkness30 - 32EliteE R
Alauni48EliteE R
Alauni48EliteE R
Alauni's Bodyguard32StrongE R
Alauni's Bodyguard32StrongE R
Alde Delegate30 - 31StandardE R
Alderaan Spec Ops38StrongE R
Aleksei Dorne1 - 50StandardE R
Althea Rakh1 - 50StandardE R
Ambassador Tainon1 - 50StandardE R
Andronikos Revel1 - 50StandardE R
Andronikos Revel1 - 50StandardE R
Andronikos Revel1 - 50StandardE R
Angral's Ravager Droid30 - 32EliteE R
Anora1 - 50StandardE R
Anspi'shel1 - 50StandardE R
Anspi'shel20StandardE R
Archduke Kailur40StandardE R
Archive Guardian Droid34 - 37StrongE R
Archive Sentinel Droid34 - 37StandardE R
Archive Sentinel Droid34 - 36StandardE R
Ardun Kothe41EliteE R
Ardun Kothe41NoneE R
Ardun Kothe40NoneE R
Argent Serpent Follower20 - 25StandardE R