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48 NPCs found
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Engineer16StandardHammer StationE R
Captain Jarr16StandardHammer StationE R
Darth Malgus1 - 50StandardHammer StationE R
Hammer Computer1 - 50StandardHammer StationE R
J8R-1Flashpoint Courier16StandardHammer StationE R
Master Satele Shan50StandardHammer StationE R
N4-01Flashpoint Courier16StandardHammer StationE R
2R-CH, "Torch"Riflor's Champions16EliteHammer StationE R
2R-CH, "Torch"Riflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Advozse Barrager55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Barrager16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Battleleader55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Battleleader16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bladewarrior16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bladewarrior55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bombarder16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Bombarder55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Columnbreaker55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Columnbreaker16StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid16StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Advozse Infantry Droid55StrongHammer StationE R
Advozse Sharpshooter55StandardHammer StationE R
Advozse Sharpshooter16StandardHammer StationE R
Asteroid BeastGargantuan Creature55ChampionHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender17Strong BossHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender17Strong BossHammer StationE R
Battlelord KreshanElite Defender55ChampionHammer StationE R
Boarder Suppression Droid55EliteHammer StationE R
Boarder Suppression Droid16EliteHammer StationE R
Cinematic Advozse Battledroid16EliteHammer StationE R
Cinematic Security Droid16StandardHammer StationE R
DN-314 TunnelerDroid Prototype55ChampionHammer StationE R
DN-314 TunnelerDroid Prototype18Strong BossHammer StationE R
DT-313 Tunneler16StrongHammer StationE R
Sawbones GjonfsRiflor's Champions16EliteHammer StationE R
Sawbones GjonfsRiflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Security Laser Cannon16Standard BossHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Astromech55StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Astromech16StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Droid55StandardHammer StationE R
Sliced Republic Droid16StandardHammer StationE R
Vorgan the VolcanoRiflor's Champions55Standard BossHammer StationE R
Vorgan the VolcanoRiflor's Champions16Standard BossHammer StationE R
Demolition Drone55WeakHammer StationE R
Demolition Drone14WeakHammer StationE R