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Alchemical Shrieker55StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Shrieker20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler20StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler55StrongAthissE R
Alchemical Snarler20StrongAthissE R
Alchemical Tuk'ata55StandardAthissE R
Alchemical Tuk'ata20StandardAthissE R
Ancient AbominationFavored of Kressh55ChampionAthissE R
Basking Zeldrate20StandardAthissE R
Corrupted Explorer55StandardAthissE R
Corrupted Explorer20StandardAthissE R
Darth Malgus1 - 50StandardAthissE R
Excavation Droid55StandardAthissE R
Excavation Droid20StandardAthissE R
Excavation Droid55StrongAthissE R
Excavation Droid20StrongAthissE R
K6P-3Flashpoint Courier20StandardAthissE R
Living Fire55StrongAthissE R
Living Fire20StrongAthissE R
Master Satele Shan50StandardAthissE R
Professor Ley'arshaCorrupted Explorer55Standard BossAthissE R
Professor Ley'arshaCorrupted Explorer20Standard BossAthissE R
Prophet of VodalMessenger of Kressh55Strong BossAthissE R
Prophet of Vodal55Strong BossAthissE R
Prophet of VodalMessenger of Kressh21Strong BossAthissE R
R6-D0Flashpoint Courier24StandardAthissE R
Repaired Battledroid20StandardAthissE R
Survey Team Leader55StandardAthissE R
Survey Team Leader1 - 50StandardAthissE R
Temple Disciple55Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Disciple20Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Guardian55Standard BossAthissE R
Temple Guardian20Standard BossAthissE R
The Beast of Vodal Kressh55Strong BossAthissE R
The Beast of Vodal Kressh20Strong BossAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Hunter20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman55EliteAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman20EliteAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Shaman20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior55StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior20StandardAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior55StrongAthissE R
Tomb-Dweller Warrior20StrongAthissE R
Tormented Explorer20StandardAthissE R
Tormented Explorer20StandardAthissE R
Trinthan Infestor55StrongAthissE R