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AcridonSecurity Key Vendor10StandardHuttaE R
Akaj1StandardHuttaE R
Akk Dog3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Akk Pup6WeakHuttaE R
Akk Wolf6StandardHuttaE R
Akk Wolf7StrongHuttaE R
Albea1StandardHuttaE R
B3-4T Disposal Droid6Standard BossHuttaE R
Band Member2StandardHuttaE R
Band Member2StandardHuttaE R
Baranj the Starseeker5 - 6Standard BossHuttaE R
Baratatta Spirit-Leader4StandardHuttaE R
BarlenWeapons Vendor10StandardHuttaE R
Bartender2StandardHuttaE R
Bartender2StandardHuttaE R
Bashrar the Smuggler9StrongHuttaE R
Bazaar Customer1 - 2StandardHuttaE R
Bazaar Merchant1 - 2StandardHuttaE R
Bazaar Merchant1 - 2StandardHuttaE R
Bazaar Shopper1 - 2StandardHuttaE R
Bazaar Shopper1 - 2StandardHuttaE R
Beast Handler6 - 7WeakHuttaE R
Beast Tamer7StandardHuttaE R
Beastmaster8WeakHuttaE R
BekhajStims Vendor10StandardHuttaE R
BlarnakCantina Vendor10StandardHuttaE R
Bo'jontaStims Vendor10StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Arsonist4 - 5StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Big Game Hunter4 - 5StrongHuttaE R
Bogmen Lunatic3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Pillager3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Raider3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Ravager5 - 6StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Rustler4 - 5StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Scavenger3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Scout3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Skinner4 - 5StrongHuttaE R
Bogmen Slayer5 - 6StandardHuttaE R
Bogmen Thief3 - 4StandardHuttaE R
Boneshatter the Ruthless6StrongHuttaE R
Bounty Hunter9 - 10StandardHuttaE R
Bounty Hunter2 - 7StrongHuttaE R
Bounty Hunter2 - 3StrongHuttaE R
Bounty Hunter Alien3StandardHuttaE R
Bounty Hunter D'nar7EliteHuttaE R
Bow La1StandardHuttaE R
Braden10StrongHuttaE R
Braden10StrongHuttaE R
Braden's Corpse1StrongHuttaE R
Burnok1StandardHuttaE R