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AarsixHeavy Armor Vendor37StandardQueshE R
Abyssin Guard36StandardQueshE R
Adrenal-Boosted Trooper43StandardQueshE R
Agent Meldo1 - 50StandardQueshE R
Agent Suria1 - 50StandardQueshE R
Anomid Guard37StandardQueshE R
Bartender Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Berserk Lobel36 - 37StrongQueshE R
BonneEquipment Commendations Vendor37StandardQueshE R
Broga the Hutt38StandardQueshE R
Broga the Hutt38StandardQueshE R
Broga the Hutt37StandardQueshE R
Broga Thug1 - 50StandardQueshE R
Captain Franges38StandardQueshE R
Captain Jesh36EliteQueshE R
Captain LachelleSlicing (Gathering Trainer)37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Assassin Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Assault Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Attack Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Battle Droid41StandardQueshE R
Cartel Bodyguard36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Command Droid36StrongQueshE R
Cartel Defense Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Demolisher Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Devastator Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Dominator Droid36 - 37EliteQueshE R
Cartel Exterminator Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Guard36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Hunter Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Mechanic36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Patrol Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Power Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Ravager Droid36 - 37EliteQueshE R
Cartel Reaver Droid36 - 37StrongQueshE R
Cartel Recon Droid36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Cartel Suppression Droid36StandardQueshE R
Colonel Drefin37StandardQueshE R
Communications Officer Homax36StandardQueshE R
Corporal GerganArmormech (Crafting Trainer)37StandardQueshE R
Corporal GreesArmormech (Crafting Trainer)37StandardQueshE R
Crazed Trinthan Prowler36 - 37StrongQueshE R
CryptoSlicing (Gathering Trainer)37StandardQueshE R
DaharCrew Skill Trade Vendor37StandardQueshE R
DamarisModification Commendations Vendor37StandardQueshE R
DarushStims Vendor37StandardQueshE R
Datapad1 - 50StandardQueshE R
Dead Republic Soldier1 - 50StandardQueshE R
Diseased Havrap36 - 37StandardQueshE R
Doctor ChonneInvestigation (Mission Trainer)37StandardQueshE R
Doctor GaddonCybertech (Crafting Trainer)37StandardQueshE R