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The Lerantha Lurker40ChampionE R
Doctor Drugindi40StandardAlderaanE R
Sith War Apprentice28 - 29EliteE R
Panteer Hideout ThrantaImperial Transport Service32StandardAlderaanE R
Imperial Technician28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Savorin Malfus the Seventh28StrongAlderaanE R
Baliss Commander28 - 29EliteE R
Abomination30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Heavy Infantry28 - 29StandardE R
Thul Noble1 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Veteran40StandardE R
Commander Bevek Thul40StrongAlderaanE R
Corporal Lanoyo40StrongAlderaanE R
Medical Officer Willem30StandardAlderaanE R
Ulgo Defender28 - 29StandardE R
Ulgo Torture Droid28 - 29StrongE R
B-34Imperial Banker32StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Bulwark Droid28StrongAlderaanE R
Baliss Grand Marshal28 - 29EliteE R
Thul Heavy Operative28 - 29StandardE R
Sergeant Virne29StrongAlderaanE R
Thul Noble1 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Xenochemist40StandardE R
LitasEquipment Commendations Vendor32StandardAlderaanE R
Rehmar Thul40StrongAlderaanE R
Shellback Nerf41Strong BossAlderaanE R
Doctor Ganalya40StrongAlderaanE R
Corporal MaireMedium Armor Vendor32StandardAlderaanE R
Malfus Bodyguard28StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Pillager30 - 31WeakAlderaanE R
Baliss Farmer28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
N5-R330StandardAlderaanE R
Commandant Len'rek30 - 31EliteAlderaanE R
Thul Artillery Droid28 - 29EliteE R
B7-R9Bioanalysis (Gathering Trainer)32StandardAlderaanE R
ParaxStims Vendor32StandardAlderaanE R
Thul Supply Escort40EliteE R
Sith Invader29StrongAlderaanE R
Thul Scout1 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
Sergeant KullenMods Vendor28 - 32StandardAlderaanE R
Lord OrazioSynthweaving (Crafting Trainer)32StandardAlderaanE R
Emigrant28 - 29StandardAlderaanE R
Arena of Tyra Marr SpeederImperial Transport Service25StandardAlderaanE R
Darth Viktus31EliteAlderaanE R
Corporal ShassCybertech (Crafting Trainer)32StandardAlderaanE R
Malfus Bodyguard28StandardAlderaanE R
Baliss Guard28 - 29StandardE R
Officer Jeral Vesk30StandardAlderaanE R
Sergeant Pratt30StrongAlderaanE R
Killik Drone30 - 31StandardAlderaanE R