Quick Facts

  • Level: 1
  • Classification: Standard
  • Class: Blizz
  • Faction: Empire
  • Combat Type: Humanoid



Blizz has a surprise!


The location of this NPC is unknown.

Infinitely curious and adventuresome, Blizz always felt confined on his native Tatooine--the endless rolling dunes and limited selection of scrap leaving him perpetually bored. So when the traveling salvager Slam Streever visited Blizz's clan to offer Jawas work as "ferrets"--individuals he could send into dangerous and dilapidated areas to scout for salvage treasure--Blizz leapt at the opportunity.

Blizz spent several years with Slam's crew before the old scrapper made the mistake of selling his services to Hoth's White Maw pirates. Years of toil under the menacing watch of the White Maw would soon deprive the salvagers of reasons to smile--but first, Slam gave his small friend the nickname "Blizz" after the little Jawa kicked up a snowstorm of excitement during his first encounter with the "white sands." It's a name Blizz cherishes; one that reminds him of happier times.

Likes: Adventure, gadgets, attention, praise, friendship
Dislikes: Scary things, extreme violence, people who are mean to him

Primary Stat: Aim
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

Companion Gifts

Cultural Artifactstarstar
Imperial Memorabiliastarstar
Military Gearstarstar
Republic Memorabiliastarstar
Underworld Goodstarstarstar


1 mission found
170 missions found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameLocationTypeClassesLevelReq. Level
Clipping WingsOriconHeroic 2+
The Alchemy Of EvilIlum, Dromund KaasHeroic 4
The Shroud's Last StandNar ShaddaaHeroic 4
Gathering ForcesOricon
Revenge of the ArchonMakeb
Scarred ParadiseOricon
Seeds of DreadOricon
The Hand That SeesOricon
The Masters RevealedOricon
[OPS] Descent Into the Dark FortressOricon
[OPS] The Palace of FearOricon
A Cure for ArmageddonMakeb
Retribution from AboveMakeb
An Invitation From Darth AcinaDromund Kaas
Descent into the CoreMakeb5347
Recruitment DayMakeb5347
Shroud Of RuinDromund Kaas
Stealing ThunderMakeb
Weapons Of ChaosTaris (Imperial), Tatooine, Corellia, Hoth
A World AflameMakeb
The LurkerMakeb
The Monstrous Mesa of Solida HeskMakeb
Countdown to DoomsdayMakeb
To Pierce the HeavensMakeb
Flashpoint: The Battle of IlumIlumGroup
Flashpoint: The False EmperorIlumGroup
Freeing the FallenBelsavisHeroic 2+
Kaon Under SiegeKaon CityFlashpoint
Lights OutBelsavisHeroic 2
Lost IslandLost IslandFlashpoint
Old EnemiesBelsavisHeroic 25047
The Battle of IlumIlumFlashpoint
The False EmperorDarth Malgus's Space StationFlashpoint
A New Home
An Empire BetrayedIlum
Ancient TransmissionsBelsavis5047
Belsavis: Bonus SeriesBelsavis5047
Coronet Arms MassacreCorellia5044
Deadly MutationsBelsavis5047
Defection on DenovaImperial Fleet
Droid MalfunctionBelsavis5047
endgame crawl
endgame crawl
endgame crawl
endgame crawl
Explosive ConflictExplosive Conflict, Imperial Fleet
Fire Eater MutinyBelsavis5047
First StrikeImperial Fleet, Ilum
Found in TranslationBelsavis
Interrogation TacticsCorellia
7 NPCs found
Blizz1 - 50StandardE R
Blizz1 - 50StandardE R
Blizz1 - 50StandardE R
Blizz1 - 50StandardE R
Blizz41StandardE R
Blizz37StandardHothE R
Blizz36StandardE R
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By Arthug at 2011-11-21 15:03:36

Ranged tank companion, main stat is Aim, uses a Blaster Pistol, and wears heavy armor.

Loves Tech/underworld goods as gifts

Picked up once you finish your class quest on Hoth

By Dengar at 2012-01-06 21:03:15
+15 Armormech Efficiency, +1 Armstech Critical
By Trahila at 2012-01-07 13:00:21

Some quotes from the adorable Blizz.

On summon companion:
"Blizz here!"
"Blizz bring lots of everything!"
"Hi Boss!"
"Where boss take Blizz today?"

Out of combat quotes (from right clicking on Blizz):
"Aww... Blizz forget snack...."
"Bad people better watch out for boss and Blizz!"
"Blizz like boss's new game! Kaboom!"
"Blizz right behind boss!"
"Blizz glad boss take Blizz along today."
"Blizz stay close to boss, okay?"
"Blizz glad boss taking Blizz along. Space air starting to make Blizz fuzzy headed."
"Blizz doing good job?"
"Blizz sleepy, boss take nap now?"
"Blizz testing new belt to make Blizz hair not stick to robes. Boss want to watch?"
"Blizz not want boss mad at Blizz."
"Boss need Blizz help?"
"Boss tell Blizz if boss see good parts, okay?"
"Boss look! Blizz find a... a... thing!"
"Hey boss, why ground fuzzy some places?"
"Hi, boss!"
"Nobody better than boss and Blizz!"
"Ooh, boss look! Boss! Shiny!"
"Want Blizz to zap bad guys?"

When Blizz wishes to speak with you aboard your ship:
"Boss going to take Blizz to ship soon?"

On dismiss companion:
"Blizz be ready for boss!"
"Boss not forget Blizz, okay?"
"Bye bye!"

In combat quotes:
"Be done in no time!"
"Blizz glad to help!"
"Blizz not afraid."
"Boss! Boss! Trouble!"
"Boss! Boss! You see Blizz! Boss!"
"Boss and Blizz beat you up real good!"
"I did it!"
"Ow ow owwie!" (at low health)
"They coming for Blizz!"
"Uh oh... uh oh!"
"Why they never just go away?"
"Yay! Blizz test new settings!"

By scootle at 2011-11-30 05:30:24

I believe the character's backstory explains the origins of his name, but sure, it can be intepreted in many ways for out-of-TOR context...

See the Codex Entry for details:

"Blizz spent several years with Slam's crew before the old scrapper made the mistake of selling his services to Hoth's White Maw pirates. Years of toil under the menacing watch of the White Maw would soon deprive the salvagers of reasons to smile--but first, Slam gave his small friend the nickname "Blizz" after the little Jawa kicked up a snowstorm of excitement during his first encounter with the "white sands." It's a name Blizz cherishes; one that reminds him of happier times."

By Tiger at 2011-12-13 07:36:24
By far the best companion ever. Never ever ever changing him. Even if it hurts my downtime.
By Dengar at 2012-01-09 20:49:03
Blizz actually has another customization available on the Ilum station, before you go planet side. It makes him look very different (gets a big pack of tools and stuff), while the Belsavis ones make him look more like a Tatooine jawa.
By Jshadowhunter at 2011-12-27 11:27:35

1st meeting with this guys is just funny:

A Chiss warden takes you to his holding cell and tells you that he's been constantly sneaking out of the prison, but instead of running away he just starts taking things apart, which makes warden mad.
Than the lil guy starts to talk in his hyperactive gibberish Jawa language, which is just adorable.
And few moments later at his cell, while you watch the warden walk away, he just snatchs your blaster away while you're not looking. XD

By Troglodyte at 2012-01-16 10:25:33

For those looking for the Customizations:

Available on Belsavis at the first Imperial town:

Available on Ilum Station: (I believe this price is inaccurate, however)

I don't know where customization 4 is found, nor what it looks like.

By Redblade02 at 2012-03-04 17:17:55
By palehorse at 2012-01-19 12:35:25
Blizz is one of the few Imperial companions who likes Republic Memorabilia gifts - not much, but more than anyone except light side Jaese (Sith Warrior). He just likes when you give him stuff basically lol.
By wjsmith84 at 2012-03-25 08:47:30
I pair leveled with another bounty hunter, she kept her Mako out, and I kept my Blizz out. He tanked us thru all the way thru Corelia and into Ilum for dailies. I have never had a problem keeping him up or has he had a problem holding aggro. Not a good as Khem Val, but good enough and it was great to level my end game up with him. Best companion ever, I don't even make him do crafting missions LMAO....he is the guest of honor!
By pyrospyder at 2012-05-01 20:52:22
Companion conversations for him here
By sirBos at 2011-12-27 06:32:56
"Ooh, he`s sweet. Can we keep him?" : Mako
By Dengar at 2011-12-31 13:48:51
You can buy his customizations in the first town on Belsavis.
By robertstockton at 2012-06-24 12:33:37
By spherewalker at 2012-02-25 04:02:55

got him 2 days ago on the end of class quest from Hoth ye it was Hoth wasn?t it...... damn been playing to much. But honestly this guy is AMAZING been laughing ever since I got him he is the new black if you ain?t got a BH he is leveling one worth it.

blizz my new best friend.

By hravnir at 2012-01-26 11:06:21

@ 0j0n: The first Jawa was seen on the silver screen in 1977. I'm pretty sure that predates World of Warcraft by just a few years.

On a side note, it's sort of a shame that the Jawas in SWTOR are so stocky. According to the litterature, they are of a rodent-like species, and in the movies they where played by kids. Both occurances makes for slender builds, and I would have liked to see it here aswell. That aside, Blizz is the most adorable companion I have, and whenever I'm not on a mish-run I have him along, just for the commentry =)

By Murzik at 2012-02-10 18:30:39

I picked up Blizz at level 39, anxious to have a tank thanks to the comments here.

However, what I found was a repeatedly dead little guy. :(
I geared him very well; spent over 40K buying him more Aim, Power and defense.

I was also anxious because Gault and Mako have not been holding up very well either.
I had skipped Torian, also because of the comments here. Frustrated by frequent deaths in the simple fights I pulled him out of the box and put the Heavy Aim gear on him rather than Blizz.
Even with half his gear several levels below Blizz, he is tanking better and doing more damage than Blizz.

I fear the problem that I'm going to have is a lack of weapons to support him.
None the less, I'm finding him to be a much better tank.

By alittlesithinside at 2012-02-25 06:47:25

Blizz's stock gear lacks the following:

Both Implants

If you want to use him right off the bat, I'd highly suggest you find him some gear for those slots that push his primary tanking stats (Aim, Endurance, Defense Rating, Shield Rating, Absorption)

He also comes with a full socketed blaster that you can upgrade with new Barrels, Mods, Crystals and Enhancements. Me personally, I banked this blaster as soon as I got an upgrade stat-wise. It can get pricey and be a pain to keep the sockets on your companion's gear current and quality.

If you want to level up his affection on the quick, buying the Rank 1 Holoviewers (Technology) gifts for 200 credits a piece from the companion gift vendor is a good way to push him to 2,000 affection. Each one gets him +96 affection until hitting 2,000, as of this patch.

By scootle at 2012-02-07 13:56:36
Has anyone determined if there is a conversation path on Black Talon that is effective at maximizing affection with Blizz? Since he's not meant to be an early-game companion, I'm curious if affection can be farmed this way. I will experiment later if folks haven't done so already and report back. Otherwise, between questing and the massive affection you get for his being a late-game acquisition, it's not too bad to get his affection up high (mine is already at 9700+) -- plus the occasional high-rank gift of course. :)
By Junata at 2011-12-27 12:51:25
I shall call him...Mini-me
By mikl352 at 2013-01-10 12:45:30

- Gauntlet - Level 3
- Tools of the Trade - Level 2
- The Last Flight - Level 4
- Big Chief - Level 6
- Settling Accounts - Level 7
- House Cleaning - Level 8
- My Sponsorship - Level 9 [Mako]
- Escaping Hutta - Level 11

Dromund Kaas
- The Hunt on Dromund Kaas - Level 9
- The Huntmaster - Level 9
- A Musty Trail - Level 9
- Family Cleansing - Level 14
- The Spy Game - Level 15
- The Melee - Level 16
- Joy Ride - Level 17 [Spaceship & Start Chapter 1]

- The Balmorran Target - Level 15
- Pirrell's Ambitions - Level 15
- Chaos at the Droid Factory - Level 17
- Down with the Queen - Level 18
- Bait and Switch - Level 19
- Meeting the Admiral - Level 19

Nar Shaddaa
- The Enemy of My Enemy - Level 20
- Economic Boom - Level 21
- The Underdogs - Level 21
- Catching Zees - Level 22
- Industrial Espionage - Level 22
- Professional Courtesy - Level 23
- A Dangerous Auction - Level 24

- The Tatooine Target - Level 24
- Tracking the Smuggler - Level 24
- Confronting Veeboo - Level 25
- A Barter With The Lady of Pain - Level 26
- Catching A Slippery Eel - Level 28 [Gault]

- The Alderaan Target - Level 28
- Spiking the Punch - Level 28
- Like A Rancor In A Pottery Shop - Level 29
- Silver Tongues - Level 30
- Kingmaker for a Day - Level 31
- Honor Regained - Level 32
- The Mandalorian Killer - Level 32
- Hail the Conquering Hero - Level 32
- Fortune and Glory - Level 32 [End Chapter 1]
- The Heart of Darkness - Level 32

- A Friendly Wager - Level 32
- A Family Matter - Level 32
- Imperial Bounty - Level 33
- To Walk in Dark Places - Level 33
- Geroya be Haran - Level 34
- Honor or Glory - Level 35 [Torian Cadera]

- Endorsement - Level 36

- A Dish Served Cold - Level 38
- Cool Reception - Level 38
- Digging His Own Grave - Level 38
- Fire and Ice - Level 39
- In Cold Blood - Level 40 [Blizz]
- Notorious - Level 41
- A Failure to Communicate - Level 41
- Laying Low - Level 41 [End Chapter 2]

- The Ferryman - Level 40
- A Flicker of Hope - Level 41
- Juxtaposition - Level 42
- Mnemonia - Level 43
- Where Few Follow - Level 43
- A Thousand Pardons - Level 43
- No Strings Attached - Level 44 [Skadge]

- At Arms Length - Level 44
- Nihilistic Mystics - Level 45
- Captive Audience - Level 46
- To Still a Bleeding Heart - Level 47
- Thus, Always, to Tyrants - Level 47

- Hostile Takeover - Level 47
- A Queen's Ransom - Level 48
- The Thin Blue Line - Level 49
- Reckoning - Level 50
- Number One with a Bullet - Level 50
- Some People Just Need Killing - Level 50

By ZeroEdgeir at 2011-11-21 21:55:56

Actually, when Blizz was first shown I believe back at E3 or something else in early summer, that it was completely by accident, and wasn't until a SWTOR fan at a convention mentioned it, that they were like "Oh, whoops!"

There was also remarks about Blizz being the first SW:TOR Plushie.

By Goodbar at 2012-02-09 21:49:02
@ Smogg:
The Mabari were an ancient order of warrior-knights from the planet Zolan, home of the Clawdite shape-shifters. The discipline of the Mabari survived well into the Rise of the Empire era,.....
There is a Wookieepedia page about them.
By Marik at 2011-12-28 16:47:55

Is Blizz Light Side/Dark Side/Neutral?

My BH friend is a neutral, I just hate Mako being completely lightsided in our party, can't wait to replace her with Blizz.

By Yugine at 2011-12-22 20:45:46
Heavy spoilers.
You see that guy first time when you arrive to interrogate prisoner on Hoth, and after dealing with your target (as always) Blizz will join you. Quite fun dialogues involving that guy during Hoth questline.
By xandercaine at 2012-02-19 09:34:51
@ palehorse yah he really seems to like attention and positive reinforcement. Just before meeting up with a ship at one point, he mentioned testing some new shield modifications, then when I asked what he meant, he listed a bunch of stuff he had done to the ship. I said thanks and got a whopping 449 affection with him just for one comment. Not really useful for me, being a shield tech powertech, but still awesome to have around, and I intend to get my affection with him (and possibly Torian) up once I hit 50.
By djtravitrav at 2011-12-31 04:24:54
this is the greatest companion ever, I find myself clicking on him repeatedly just to hear him talk.
By UpThere at 2011-12-03 14:56:11
My favorite companion in the game! Makes rolling a BH that much better.4
By Burmasaurus at 2011-12-25 07:54:11
Is quite weak when you get him, gear him up and hes actually not that bad. Dinged 50 and im gearing him in heroic gear. Very very awesome!
By Smog at 2012-01-03 04:36:51
@Saint Care to explain all of the "Mabari" gear, then?
By palehorse at 2012-01-19 12:36:30
he does still use the rocket launcher, and it is cool :)
By Nerfherder at 2011-12-10 09:33:38
Totally gutted that this companion is only available to one class. He is almost enough to make me desert the republic and give up on being a Sage!
By Bullsith at 2012-01-28 14:29:08
Could you add crew skill bonuses to each companions info please?
By spherewalker at 2012-01-09 07:08:33
I totally agree one of the main reasons besides that we are imba, but atleast the second biggest reason to chose bounty hunter over everything else. I can?t wait one more second to obtain this little fellow. ever since i saw em the first time in a SW movie I?ve had a certain feeling that I want to know more about those little devils and see more of em so when the opportunity arised throu SWTOR I?ve been racing to get him.
By spherewalker at 2012-01-09 07:10:38
dengar that was an awesome little cue thanks a million mate
By Tristana at 2011-11-24 12:49:06
Their was also a screenshot from the Beta of Blizz firing a rocket launcher, not sure If he still uses it
By overich at 2012-01-02 03:07:07
I think some of my friend will be jalous ^^ He is so cool ! and he think is realy strengh.
By palehorse at 2012-01-17 20:42:08
*sigh* while I love Blizz as a character, being a Dark Side toon means he dings me -111 every time I have to kill someone to earn dark side points (he REALLY doesn't like you doing scary things like shooting blaster). And since you only get him so late in the game, that hurts. He has an armormech proficiency too, which I want to take advantage of, so I can see myself having to shelve him for missions and feed him companion gifts until he's got several thousand points and I can safely bring him out to play again :(
By Saint at 2011-12-06 22:07:01
To all the people saying its a nod to blizzard Bioware have already said there are NO references or eastereggs of anything outside of the star wars universe, so no its not a nod to the company
By demonolithic at 2012-01-02 05:16:23
So what are his crew skill bonuses? Hoping this isn't par for the course on all companion pages.
By MusedMoose at 2011-12-06 22:23:15

All I know is that I would buy a Blizz plushie, no question about that.

Loved the BH storyline so far in the beta, really looking forward to adding this little guy to the team.

By Skornaq at 2011-12-26 14:51:58
@nfw73: Republican Memorobilia? I can see it now...A video of the Jedi Grandmaster going "We'll get those Sith! Now watch this drive..."
By Skitz470 at 2012-01-04 19:12:57
Gotta say that the "no easter egg/references to stuff outside of star wars is wrong. I have found a non-interactable npc in the Republic fleet VIP lounge who acts just like the guys in SNL's Night at the Roxbury skit do, including the head bang, the hand motions and such when they are all standing around holding their drinks at the one part, even posted a video of it on youtube. Does that mean Blizz is a reference to Blizzard? nope, no idea if it is or isnt....but there ARE non-star wars easter egg(s) hidden in the game...
By Yrayl at 2011-12-10 14:46:11
@Nerfherder I completely agree! I wish it was available for more than BHs. And yes to everyone, Plushie Blizz would be the shizzle :D
By Jshadowhunter at 2011-12-10 18:55:16
@Yrayl: Awww, it lack a rocket launcher. =(
By Force88 at 2011-12-21 11:17:22
Does anyone know what the first quest to get this companion is? And what level you can get him at?
By ech0six at 2011-11-24 04:28:31
@aceman67 I really don't think this is the case. Blizz could mean a lot of things: A nod to the fur lining his hood (an actual blizzard), a play on "Blitz", etc. He doesn't really reflect anything Blizzard the company to me.
By spherewalker at 2012-01-09 07:13:42
trahila that is just amazing I was hooked on the little guy before but now its just worse worse worse WHY ohh WHy do I not have him yet ohhh pls pls pls c?mon too spherewalker now
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