Transformed Lokin

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Transformed Lokin

The location of this NPC is unknown.
Name: Eckard Lokin (unconfirmed)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 65 (estimate)
Likes: Clever solutions, long-term thinking, technology, pragmatism
Dislikes: Ideology, honesty, selfish actions without clear long-term gain

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife

Personal History: Age and surname suggest Lokin was born on Dromund Kaas during the pre-war years. Files acquired during Operation: Freefall reference a "Doctor E. Lokin" working as Science and Medical Advisor to Kaas City military police during this period, but no visual is provided.

First confirmed sighting was during the boarding of Imperial dreadnought Warhammer--Lokin was one of the two individuals aboard who evaded capture. Interestingly, he was not listed in the crew roster. First identification as Fixer Fifteen came during Operation: Red Cell (see listening post transcripts). Additional sightings and references to the Fixer Fifteen designation uncovered intermittently since.

Analysis: Take a close look at the operations where we caught Lokin, and you'll notice a pattern--every time he turns up, something big is happening and we can't figure the role he's playing. He's professional, he knows his science and he's sneaky. We know he rubs some of his colleagues the wrong way, but even his fellow agents haven't given us anything useful under questioning.

Note by Harson Nild, Director of Core World Operations: Is Lokin still in active service? I remember hearing about a Fixer biologist back in the day, but thought he'd retired years ago.

Companion Gifts

Cultural Artifactcross
Imperial Memorabiliastar
Military Gearstarstar
Republic Memorabiliastar
Underworld Goodstar


12 comments found
By Hoticehunter at 2012-01-06 17:09:06
@Vorlash: You're wrong on two counts. 1) I'm assuming you're looking at torhead's "Class Abilities" page for the tooltips. That tooltip lists the modification as +20% shield chance, not increased threat. 2) Check the in game tooltip for Transformation (either open up your spellbook, or move companion actionbars to one of yours to see everything). When you do, you'll see that Indemic is indeed correct. I'll write it out here: "Doctor Lokin transforms into a rakghoul, increasing all damage dealt by 5% and lowering threat generation by 25%. Additionally lowers the cooldown of all attacks by 25%. Enables the use of rakghoul abilities."
Aside for the last line, it's a pretty standard dps mode. There's absolutely NOTHING tanky about it. He can either heal in human form, or dps in rakghoul form.
By Simontemplar at 2012-10-31 22:46:37
Ok ladies and gentlemen, Loken has two modes, pure DPS or pure healer. I'm a marksmen sniper, so things die really fast. They go even faster if Loken is in DPS mode. If I happen to pull some extra mobs or a strong pat wanders in I have the ablility to have him switch to healing mode in the middle of the fight. Most agents totally under utilize this very versitile companion. You have in essence two companions in one that you can switch back and forth at will. If you treat him as a melee dps companion and not a tank you will have much more success with him.
By RandomPadawan at 2012-01-28 03:04:47
unable to use him as DPS because every time you cloak will switch back to healing spec.
Manually switchig him to DPS again is a waste of time. His dps is decent, and one would be able to use him on different mob groups where you would rather have more dps because you will not need healing, but the bug I mentioned above has ruined that for me.
I really hope it will be fixed... soon.
By Murzik at 2012-04-16 22:12:53

Tank? But the tooltip for this stance says that being in this form LOWERS his threat.

Dps... when I almost died on a group of 4 regular mob... all done with this form of the Doc!

As a healer though... WOW, VERY NICE!

By Spro at 2011-12-28 06:28:10
Aye, I've attempted to use him as my tank...but things only end in horrible death or barely surviving.
By RandomPadawan at 2012-01-21 11:41:46
anyone using him as DPS ?
By snekadid at 2012-02-25 21:02:06
I can't believe this page still exists, everything on it is flat out wrong with the exception of the existence of a rakghoul form for lokin. not a single ability is correct since they changed it in beta. I personally reported this over a month ago and im sure people must of before I did, making me wonder if they are paying attention to the submitted reports like they claimed they were.
By AbsolutGrndZer0 at 2011-11-23 07:24:29
A wererakghoul. Epic.
By wolftusk at 2012-01-18 11:04:21
Maybe I missed something, but my companion does not have any of these abilities when I transform him into a Rakghoul through the ability in the companion bar. I am guessing this was something that was removed during beta?
By randomnumbers at 2011-11-21 23:09:42
Your friendly healer can also tank when transformed into a rakghoul.
Edit: this was changed at release. His in-game abilities no longer suggest he is intended to tank.
By Indemic at 2011-12-24 15:41:13
As a wererakghoul not only is he not a tank he has -25% threat.
By vorlash at 2011-12-25 07:42:19

He gets 20% more threat when you x-form him. Reading tooltips ftw.

edit: ok, it isn't displayed as a percentage, but here is the tooltip from torhead.

Instructs Lokin to divert the threat toward himself. Additionally enables the companion's shield generator, granting a 20% shield chance.

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