Quick Facts

  • Level: 34
  • Classification: Elite
  • Class: Boss
  • Faction: Friendly
  • Combat Type: Humanoid


Lord Vivicar


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Lord Vivicar

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By harring at 2011-12-29 20:06:40
The spells name is Force Crush, he channels it and every "tick" does alot of damage so interrupt it as soon as possible. I used Tharan Cedrax in Blaster Stance and he interrupted about half of the spells with his "deploy holiday". If you get low on hp just shield up and run around for some seconds and he will cast holiday again = you can stand still and heal up.
By DarkAcolyteNZ at 2012-01-08 01:49:51
As a 31 sage healer i found he nuked qyzen pretty quick, so i switched to tharan and ran him in circles spamming slow and throwing boulders, i used my stun to apply channeled dps and he went down easy, he couldnt even touch me
By Royalite at 2012-01-23 03:12:52

I do not suggest facing him at lvl 29 or 30. The problem?

He resists your interrupts with the level difference between you and him. He is red named at 29 and orange at 30. Even at 30 I was experiencing resists with my interrupts.
At 29 he always resisted my mind snap and force stun (maybe just unlucky), but sometimes didn't resist Holiday's stun.
It is not impossible to kill him at 29 (such as use the LOS trick with the secondary stairs) but just a headache cause he also resists a lot of your dps spells. All those resists were making for a long fight. I ran into streaks of 5 resists in a row before something would hit.

It is easier to come back later when the resists are so punishing.

Also the trash respawn timer is quick. I decided to come back later and the trash with the mini bosses were back up (the golden starred guys). You can't die to leave or quick travel out. My emergency fleet pass was on CD so I was SOL and had to fight my way out.

For more info on the LOS stairs trick read Partshark's post. You might have to scroll down some.

By rellikx187 at 2012-02-17 07:20:46
Confirmed for jedi consular quest at lvl 30. Just had Qyzen tank him in place and stood close to Vivicar. DoT'ed him and kept heals on Qyzen. When he cast his Force Crush you will have -Mind Snap, Force Wave, and Force Stun to 'kick' it.
By Meach at 2012-04-18 05:33:24
Torhead won't let me attach a comment to a comment yet but @ Harring's comment - Works perfectly. I did, however, take me a long time to realize that I needed to manually cast holiday. If I let Tharan Cedrax automatically cast, he wouldn't properly interrupt. Other than that, just be prepared for a long fight.
By IcenhornDK at 2012-05-02 00:24:18
I read all this and this was the best advice I got, there was a comment in here some were to not do this quest till you are 31, and I agree. was WAY easyer at 31 as Vivi was not imune to my stuns. thank you guys, you are all awesome
By khanalian at 2012-05-26 05:02:24
Holiday is hot... and very usefull in this fight... :)
By cuddle at 2011-12-26 13:18:00
To get a buddy to help you, not only do they have to be in a group with you prior to getting on their ship but you (the consular) can't be on the planet/ship or it won't appear to the buddy trying to help you.
By clarimusic00 at 2011-12-27 23:35:16
I really appreciated the help from above, however I had to do things a little differently. In order for my friend to join me on the ship I had to actually be inside the phase on Vivicar's ship. Until I was inside the ship, he did not see the ship on his map.
By anathama at 2011-12-29 02:47:17
[Jedi Sage - Seer (Healing)]: This fight was pretty easy once I noticed that the spell had to be interrupted. I just threw a shield up on myself and on Qyzen, then nuked him down, interrupting each of his casts. Didn't even have to re-shield or heal at all.
By Kaela at 2012-01-07 04:06:56

After my first attempt and dying instantly (Jedi Heal Sage), I came here to look for a strat. I used Harring's strategy with Tharon Cedrax in blaster stance and Holiday's dance enabled for when I needed to recuperate and heal.

To interrupt Force Crush, I used Force Wave and Force Stun and seemed to always have one or the other available for use.

Didn't kite, didn't hide, just stood there, bubbled, Rejuvinate, dps'd, when Holiday hypnotized him I'd heal with Deliverance, and when I got low on force power, I would just Saber Strike to regenerate.

Fairly easy to solo at 29, just a long fight and a lot of paying attention to his cast bar.


By Churchie at 2011-12-22 04:23:56

This fight is not a joke. End of Chapter 1 you will have to clear groups of people all the way up to Vivicar, When you actually start the fight with Vivicar make sure you keep your Stuns and kicks ready and available. If he casts his damage spell, you or anyone you brought along will die. It does 50,000+ damage. Best Strat as seen in the picture is to clear the Bridge, prior to fighting him, use the consoles, and stuff to hide behind, he doesn't do a lot of damage unless he gets that spell off. Just KITE him around the room, keep stunning and hiding behind stuff. Your pet doesn't know when to run so he/she will more than likely die. You can bring anyone you want to the fight, they just need to get in a group with you then they need to get in their ship, and Lord Vivicar's ship will be shown on the map, just like it shows to you. Only class that can't come is a Jedi Consular. I hope this helps, I did it at level 28 with a 35 Vanguard. The Boss is level 34, if you aren't close to him in level's you will not get many hits on him. If you are shadow like myself, you can stealth ALL the way there passing waves of mobs and use your cloak when the ambush comes. Hope this helps!

Church - Republic - Darth Bandon-US

By DiegoJer at 2011-12-24 15:30:15
I solo'd him fairly easily by using Qyzen to tank him in place, keeping dots on him, and alternating interrupts to prevent him from casting his spell of instant death.
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