Quick Facts

  • Level: 47
  • Classification: Standard Boss
  • Class: XZ-BT
  • Faction: Hostile
  • Combat Type: Droid


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Ancient Probe

This NPC can be found in Hoth.


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By Zeroslasher90 at 2012-01-02 03:54:42
You actually don't need to get the datacron multiple times for multiple party members. Get it once and stay with that person, after they open the hatch in the ship all the way to the East, everyone can loot the datacron after it is recharged.
By Glocken at 2012-01-27 01:21:40

If you are attempting a solo kill - find a hill/cliff along the probes route and use a knockback effect on it to cause it fall damage.

I simply stood on the hill by the republic bunker, used Force Push three times, and it was dead.

(If you are Imperial, don't let the Republic NPCs engage it - push it off the hill next to the exhaustion zone, and not off the lip of the bunker - since when I first tried this, they shot it and I ended up not being able to loot it. It simply became a scavengeable corpse)

By clarkeyboy at 2012-04-04 17:16:01
  • Respawn: 30 Minutes (3 kills, and always 30 minutes exactly repop)
  • Patrols around the base, up and down the ramps, and slightly south and north of the main base area
  • Use the Republic NPC's nearby to help kill it and avoid it's orbital laser targetted AoE
  • Can easily be taken down by a moderately geared 50 with a healing companion
  • You only need 1 Depleted Datacron per group if you are quick enough to click on it when you complete the hunt
By wolfeman28 at 2013-01-07 17:10:53
I solo this all the time since it tends to drop a lot of Jedi Battlemaster gear, fyi. Got 2 chest pieces in 2 hours on just this NPC. Might have just been lucky though. Has dropped the boots for me also.
By hepkus at 2012-01-29 14:21:24
By Satyrspawn at 2012-01-29 16:28:39
-3915,100 Clabburn Tundra
By Arlique at 2012-02-20 20:25:39
Pushbacks (force wave, etc.) are a great idea. I killed him with two pushbacks off the top of the eastern end of the Republic bunker. Sadly, i hadn't done enough of my own damage - he was un-lootable.
By saita at 2012-02-26 11:48:27
Soloable as a lvl 50 marauder in Annihilation spec with a healer companion. Just make sure to move your companion out of his AoE and you'll be fine.
By qoheleth at 2012-04-14 17:02:40
You can drag the droid over the mines near the Ortolan Base. Easy way to kill it.
By Munsu at 2012-01-02 05:48:07
I can confirm, I just had my a person in my group get it after I put it in the Coupled Recharge Station. Just go outside of the Star of Coruscant (North entrace) and look to the left. You will need to run up the pipe to the right of it and run back and jump down on top and use it.
By eberkain at 2012-05-13 12:30:51
Wife and I steamroll the heroic 2+ daily missions and this guy was really close to beat even with both using our heroic moments.
By Ezekiel at 2012-01-15 08:10:18

You will only need one drop from the ancient probe. As long as you are partied you can all get the datacron.

Did not test to see if you were out of party if it worked.


By Arcuten at 2012-01-17 20:35:54
If you are republic use the friendly npcs in the area to help you bring him down.
By Zsami1 at 2014-06-13 20:49:58
Drop today!
By Almarsguides1000 at 2012-01-19 11:48:24

How To Retrieve This Datacron (Taken from Almar's Guides)

You need to find an Ancient Probe that wanders around the Clabburn Tundra in western Hoth. The Ancient Probe is a level 47 Champion mob that is commonly found in the western end of Clabburn Tundra wondering on the border of the exhaustion zone (Screenshots 1, 2 & 3). He drops a Depleted Datacron which you need to charge at the Coupled Recharge Station in the Starship Graveyard to retrieve the Strength Datacron. Once you have the Depleted Datacron you need to take it all the way to the Starship Graveyard over to where I am in (Screenshots 4 & 5).

Here you will see a large pipe which you need to run up. At the top of the pipe turn around and run across the ledge leading towards the Star of Coruscant (Screenshot 6). Follow the ledge all the way down to where I am in (Screenshot 7), here is where you'll want to fall down to the pipe right below which puts you in the vicinity of the Coupled Recharge Station. From where I am standing in (Screenshot 8) you will be able to activate the station.

To view the screenshots for this Datacron guide you will need to visit the website:


By Emildoc at 2012-01-01 23:36:19

Paths in a large, narrow oval on the far west side of Clabburn Tundra, moving clockwise and right along the exhaustion zone on the northern pass. He'll go around the bunker to the north and around the crashed ships to the south.

Only drops one datacron per kill, so if you have multiple people it will take multiple kills. We had three people and timed the respawn to be approximately 30 minutes.

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