Quick Facts

  • Level: 1
  • Classification: Standard
  • Class: HK-51
  • Faction: Friendly
  • Combat Type: Droid


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The location of this NPC is unknown.


9 NPCs found
HK-511 - 50StandardE R
HK-5139StandardE R
HK-5139StandardE R
HK-517StandardE R
HK-517StandardE R
HK-517StandardE R
HK-517StandardE R
HK-511StandardE R
HK-511StandardE R
9 comments found
By WhiteBoy at 2012-11-23 20:02:52
Using the same star system as the other companions, it looks like HK-51 affection is gained as follows...
Courting: X
Cultural Artifacts: X
Imperial Memorabilia: X
Luxury: X
Military Gear: *
Republic Memorabilia: X
Technology: *
Trophy: *
Underworld Good: X
Weapon: * *
By ElaineSpencer at 2012-12-02 17:23:00

Primary Stat: Aim or Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife

By Tulavelir at 2012-11-25 12:35:54
It's really not that hard to get to DK, since it's the equivalent of Coruscant on the Imperial side.
By MandalorTeSiit at 2013-03-24 07:21:57
Replying to Coffinbag:
First, it's HK-47, not HK-49. To answer, the HK-51s seem to have a similar personality to the HK-50s, and, as HK-47 said of their predecessors, "...and, of course, they refer to meatbags as 'organics'. Unacceptable."
By Tenerifis at 2012-11-17 05:02:47

This quest is 50 only and is started on section X again only for 50's and must be paid to unlock if you F2P or is freely unlocked if your a subscriber. The quests are ridiculous from having to enter a free for all pvp area to a 50 flashpoint and another flashpoint on Hard mode only (heroic to the WoW players) and having to play an imperial character on the same account as they are the only ones that can get to dromund kass.

Added..... Just another example of bioware thinking they know what players want and well this quest line sure as hell WAS NOT it.

By Coffinbag at 2012-11-18 09:05:07
I hope his attitude isn't like the brown-nosers(HK-50) from KotOR II, but rather like the bauss himself HK-49.
By Delta42 at 2011-12-24 03:03:28
HK-51: Is unlocked through a series of quests @ The Fatality Crash site in the Glacial Fissure on Hoth. Only thing is. I do not know where the quest line begins. If you have any info on this please post.
By IPonly at 2011-12-24 08:29:25

Rumor currently has the quest to look for being <a href=''>"Precious Cargo"</a> from G0-A1, a droid questgiver. However, nobody can find the droid in the release build. Either it is not yet implemented, or there is some kind of spawn timer / rare trigger.

It is a level 39 quest. The mob that ends the first part of the quest chain, General Avrun, can be found in game, but that doesn't help, apparently.

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