Quick Facts

  • Level: 38
  • Classification: Raid Boss
  • Class: Gonk
  • Faction: Hostile
  • Combat Type: Droid




Lord Calypho RP-PVP Rogue Cartel Warbot kill

Rogue Cartel Warbot

This NPC can be found in Quesh.


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By SmertNick at 2012-02-03 21:03:46
Assassin tank 50 lvl (tionese-columi gear). Soloed.
He could be found in a small area behind the fence in republic questing area at x:280, y:190 Has 800k hp
Enraged in 8-10 minutes and he got about 50-60%, so its probably a timer enrage.
He began his lightning aoe only after enrage (in about 5 seconds after it), and then every 90 seconds - creates 5 aoe zones under party members, that dealt up to 5k damage on strike (looks exactly like sorcerers aoe) - walk out of it asap. Though don't know for sure was it triggered by enrage or % of hp, and out of enrage it would obviously deal less damage.
On ~10% he self-destructed - about 5 second cast, could be also aoe, so better keep distance (probably didn't hit me because of lvl)
[Prototype] Synaptic Reaction D-Module
[Prototype] RD-15A Mercenary Chestguard
By ProxyJawas at 2011-12-20 22:17:15

The Rogue Cartel Warbot has three main abilities.

Melee attack- Like the rest of the world bosses the warbot does a basic melee attack, and it is a tank and spank fight

Experimental Explosives- Warbot will throw a sticky grenade at a random player. This does moderate damage but can be somewhat absorbed with certain abilities.

Lightning- The Warbot will summon lightning from the sky which does massive damage if you stand in it. You will be able to see the Empire/Republic logo on the ground in which the lightning will hit. Lightning hits multiple spots in his pen and all you have to do is move the boss and stand out of it.

By Telanis at 2012-06-11 22:10:15

Couldn't solo this as a lvl50 Sentinel with mostly Columi -- was fine until the enrage, at about 30%. I will try again later with Rakata and a stim.

With a healer it was pretty easy. Dropped Miracle Worker's Boots and two other similar level purple things I didn't win.

By Panz at 2012-02-20 12:49:12
Found at 283,94 in its own little heroic area walking in a big circle.
By Cineration at 2012-04-01 15:06:16
Downed in around 6 mins with a lvl 50 sorc and lvl 50 op, at 10% he used self destruct but it didnt do any damage, the only thing which can hurt a little is the lightning attack he does but at 50 you can still just stand in it.
By Fedge at 2012-01-20 23:40:19
May i add to his abilities list that he enrages (cant tell if its a % of life or a time-based enrage) when i tried to solo it.
He had around 30%life and i was fighting for about 5 minutes
By Ravenite at 2012-01-04 03:51:45

coords: 300, -200 - Wandering up and down the river by the republic base


Force-imbued Handwraps
Gonk Circuitry Implant
Miracle Worker's Boots

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