Quick Facts

  • Level: 50
  • Classification: Champion
  • Class: Boss
  • Faction: Empire
  • Combat Type: Humanoid


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Grand Moff Kilran

This NPC can be found in Maelstrom Prison.


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By knock at 2011-12-28 00:59:21

Grand Moff

Phase I
Will first spawn with an add on either side of him. Kill adds using Focus Fire. Once adds are down, dps on Grand Moff.

Phase II
He will then summon more adds (non-elite) and they can be burned down quite easily. Make sure that you are standing behind a wall out of LOS from Grand Moff. His abilities will snipe you from range. So stay focused and slowly move up to him, using the various items around you to stay LOS. Once you burn him down a bit, phase III will start.

Phase III
You now have to move up a ramp and continue to DPS him. Its a bit tricky up here, but remember to remain LOS while you dps and you will win and learn who the 'Jedi Prisoner' really is (hint: BETA PvP server name....)

Cool title awaits. 'Rider of the Maelstorm' Good luck and have fun!

-= RAID =-
Terentatek Server

By Rimelight at 2011-12-02 07:49:44
Voiced by Simon Templeman aka Kain (oh and Loghain...).
By kpsting at 2012-01-02 22:56:40
Drops a nice looking mount named Longspur Scout.
By 4everPada1Mishani at 2013-03-09 12:14:58

To those brave souls who want to solo this guy, I tried "kite and f(l)ight", you know, DOT, throw grenade, run around under the platform to your left when you enter the hangar, stop to heal, run a bit, stop to DOT, throw grenade, rinse and repeat, it took me quite a while to kill the 1st 2 adds in phase 1 (I could only DOT and grenade one add every two rounds or DOT both adds), that, and the 2 seconds distance I needed to build up to use my healing abillity, made it a pretty slow process but at least I survived, even with full health
If you're a Scoundrel (like me) don't think you can simply stealth in, find the jedi, defeat the boss and claim the title (like I thought), at least, not at level 40/41
You (probably?) won't get past phase II because of the "strategy" the devs came up with

After I killed both adds Kilran pulled me into the open with a "grapling hook" (no LOS), summonned a few more of his buddies, cast a slow down debuff on me and finished me off in mere seconds, but, ok, that didn't deter me from rezzing and start phase II, and all seemed to go well, no slow down debuff this time but after finishing off these adds the same lame trick, he drawwed me into the open again and all phase II buddies respawned
Just thought of another strategy, I'm gonna keep one add alive and wear down Kilran as much as I can, if that works out any better I'll let you know

You can solo the first part of the above Flashpoint (Stealing the Gree technology necessary to navigate the Maelstrom) as a level 41 Scoundrel quite easily, the droid at the end isn't particularly strong, just don't "use" the computer a second time after you killed the droid because it will respawn and you'll have to fight it again

I don't mind when an instance is too much for me, not even when I seem to be the only one having dificulties, but failing because the rules suddenly change is something else
I used the terrain to my advantage but the devs resorted to a lame "cheat" to take away that advantage
If the grapling hook doesn't need LOS, why didn't Kilran use it sooner?
Simple of course, it (normaly) needs LOS

Too bad I couldn't get a group together, I'm already very near the point where it's notworth the trouble to go there for the lvl 35/37 drops, better do a few daylies, and upgrade my mods

By Iruxos at 2011-12-05 23:05:27
Woot the same guy who voiced Loghain in Origins!
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