Quick Facts

  • Level: 36
  • Classification: Elite
  • Faction: Hostile
  • Combat Type: Humanoid



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Thana Vesh

This NPC can be found in Taris.


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By Ravanche at 2012-03-23 20:26:11
I don't suppose Thana's outfit is available in any form? Maybe? Hm?
By Sollus at 2011-12-28 13:00:25

After defeating the elite Jedi with Thana, I chose to kill her as well for the dark side points after the storyline cut scene played out. To my surprise she dodged the lightning and an actual battle ensued.

At the time I was a level 32 Sith Assasin. Thana is a level 36 Elite with 17000 HP so going toe to toe with her was suicide.

I defeated her by kiting her in a square around the platform in the room while doing my best to keep dots on her as feasable. I used evey cooldown I had to keep my health up and stunned her at every opportunity to re apply dots. She runs faster than your character so usde your sprint intelligently often, and cut corners on the ramp leading up and down the square platform to give yourself some extra distance from her.

I used Khem Val as my companion but turned off all his high threat gain abilities so that he could beat on her while she was chasing me. I used 2health packs during the fight. Additionally use your knockbacks and slows as necessary. I also used the exploding barrel in the room to take a good chunk out of her health pool.

Is she beatable at level 32, yes. Would i reccommend it, no. It was a serious pain in the butt. Good luck.

By Kalitree at 2011-12-31 09:19:55

I struggled with this for a good few tries, being underleveled a bit wasn't exactly helping.

While not the most legit of kills, if you've a knockback like overload, you can knock her off the railing, she'll run around to get back up to you. I would just keep knocking her off, stun her when she got back up and dps'ed a bit, then knock her off again, then just rinse/repeat. That barrel at the bottom of one of the railings is rather useful too.

By IPonly at 2012-01-10 01:12:14
33 Marauder here, and yes, another under-leveled character coming in to say this fight is a pain... if you don't interrupt her lightning. I was very glad I spec'd into the shorter interrupt cooldown during this fight. She jumps back and forth between you and your companion and and hits as hard as you'd expect an elite of her level to hit. She does not use anything with a castbar besides the lightning. Interrupt it!
By JChaosATL at 2012-03-02 22:28:30

Did this as a 34 Juggy in Soresu form. Interrupts are your friend, as she hits like a wet noodle. She was easier than the robots wandering the area outside. Yes, if you can, toss her off the platform to give yourself a breather for heals or cooldowns, etc.

I deeply enjoyed bashing her face in and even teabagged her corpse. Just wish I had done it earlier.....

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