Quick Facts

  • Level: 16
  • Classification: Strong Boss
  • Class: Assassin
  • Faction: Empire
  • Combat Type: Humanoid


Sith Infiltrator in action


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Sith Infiltrator

This NPC can be found in Coruscant.


46 items found
[Prototype] Sensory Deflector D-Shield Generator
1817Shield Generator, Slot 67
[Prototype] UD-29 Parts
1716Parts, Slot 67
Advanced Skill Mod 4
1413Slot 67
Inspiration Leggings
1716Legs, Slot 67
Battle Expulsor's Armguards
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Battleborn Armguards
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Gallant Rogue's Bracers
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Heavy Repeating Blaster
1615Ranged Main Hand, Slot 67
16Slot 67
Mariner's Handwear
1615Hands, Slot 67
Mariner's Loose Wraps
1615Legs, Slot 67
Mariner's Wristwraps
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Molecular Programmer
16Slot 67
Omenbringer's Bracers
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Pheromone Mastery D-Adaptor
1615Ear, Slot 67
Pheromone Reflex D-Adaptor
1615Ear, Slot 67
Pheromone Resolve D-Relay
1615Ear, Slot 67
Pilot's Boots
1615Feet, Slot 67
Pilot's Utility Pants
1615Legs, Slot 67
Pilot's Workgloves
1615Hands, Slot 67
Prophet's Zealot Lightsaber
1615Melee Main Hand, Melee Off Hand
RD-07A Spider Bracers
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Riveted Boots
1615Feet, Slot 67
Riveted Bracers
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Riveted Faulds
1615Waist, Slot 67
Riveted Greaves
1615Legs, Slot 67
Schematic: Avenger Chestguard
16Slot 67
Schematic: Harbinger's Vestments
16Slot 67
Schematic: Strategist Vest
16Slot 67
Schematic: TD-02B Combat Jacket
16Slot 67
Standard Galactic Shotgun
1615Scattergun/Shotgun, Slot 67
TD-17A Talon Bracers
1615Wrists, Slot 67
Avenger Headgear
1514Head, Slot 67
Circulator Module
1514Ear, Slot 67
Harbinger's Headgear
1514Head, Slot 67
RD-02B Combat Headgear
1514Head, Slot 67
RD-12B War Helmet
1514Head, Slot 67
Strategist Headgear
1514Head, Slot 67
War Master Headgear
1514Head, Slot 67
Harbinger's Sash
1413Waist, Slot 67
Harbinger's Bracers
1312Wrists, Slot 67
Schematic: Antagonist's Boots
13Slot 67
Schematic: RD-02B Combat Boots
13Slot 67
Schematic: Strategist Boots
13Slot 67
Coruscant Commendation
Slot 67
Common Medpac
128Slot 67
1 mission found
3 NPCs found
7 comments found
By Hyperlane at 2012-03-25 23:33:11

I farmed this guy with a level 30 for a day and received the following items:

100,000 Credits worth of Blues and Greens
6 Purple items that sold for defult price on the GTN
6 Crafting Schematics (Armormech and Synthweaving)
Battle Expulsor's Armguards x2
Omenbringer's Bracers x2
Omenbringer's Waistwrap
TD-17A Talon Bracers
RD-07A Spider Bracers

He is a veritable loot pinata; ready to be wacked open and then exploading with loot!

By Kensh at 2012-01-21 14:17:06

Just soloed this guy (and the pulls before him) with a healer/tank companion combo at level 18. Failed horribly the first time I tried this, but after realizing I could avoid *a lot* of damage by moving my companion out of the Death Field ability that he casts, it was much easier to heal (I was sitting around 90% focus when the boss got to 60%).

Took about 11 or 12 minutes of fighting with my tank doing almost all of the damage (I got in a few DoTs when the damage was low). Probably would have been a lot easier if I was a full healer spec.

By Sydanyo at 2012-02-09 14:43:33

You can solo this NPC without a companion.

Engage the NPC, and take him next to one of the two pillars in the room, and fight him there. Once he starts casting his Death Field, which has a three second cast time, move behind the pillar out of his line of sight. Once the template on the ground for the field disappears, the cast has failed, and you can go back to attacking the champion. He won't hit you back at this point, as he is waiting to cast the field again.

Repeat this until the champion is dead.

By Hyde at 2012-03-15 15:44:03

Randomly drops orange bracers for all Republic classes via the quest Enemies of the Republic.

If you wish to farm the bracers (high level toon recommended) you can reset this mission repeatedly. Just run outside the entrance and click "reset". Don't panic if it is greyed out ... you can only reset once every 2 minutes and a L50 will not have any problem getting in and killing this boss in under 2 minutes.

Some people will get lucky and see a bracer on their first, third or 6th drop ... and post happy comments here. I'll let you know it took me 29 kills to get any bracers (and I was farming Consular bracers, not the Trooper bracers I got ... money isn't the issue so much as none of the kind I need are available). Since you can kill it around 30 times an hour, this isn't sooooo bad. Then again, it is quite possible the one you need may NEVER drop for you.

Possible bracer drops:

By Morgrist at 2012-03-26 14:03:34

This is probably the mob most likely for a higher-level player to sit there killing over, and over, and over on Republic side...unless they get lucky with one of the higher level bracer drops. If you don't have plenty of time, it can be literally days worth of jumping this poor guy until you come up with the class-specific pair of bracers you want. He's the easiest mob that auto-drops blues to get to, kill, leave, and reset (which of course forces a respawn).

On the other hand, this also means that you can end up lucky and either make your alts happy or put a healthy chunk of credits in your pocket selling them off, and the blues will sell for a modest amount (or you can make anyone actually level-appropriate very happy as you drop top-notch gear on their heads).

By Verz at 2012-05-02 20:53:47
Trooper - Heavy - TD-17A - Talon Bracers (CONFIRMED via drop just now)
Knight/Guardian - Heavy - Battle Expulsor's Armguards (confirmed via comments)
Knight/Sentinel - Medium - Battleborn Armguards (confirmed via comments)
Smuggler - Medium - Gallant Rogue's Bracers OR RD-07A Spider Bracers (not confirmed which drops from this boss)
Consular - Light - Omenbringer's Bracers (confirmed via comments)

Can anyone confirm if the orange bracers (quoted above from Hyde's excellent post) still drop from this NPC post patch 1.2?
Given the extremely limited sources for orange wrist items (and the fact that my server is dead so GTN isn't much help) I thought this would be the least painful way for me to get a set of custom bracers. After exactly 100 kills of this guy, however, I have yet to see a single orange drop from him, let alone the Omenbringer's I seek.

By Gwenadrael at 2012-05-19 17:50:47
@Verz: I can confirm, got them after the third try, but have since been looking for the matching belt and have killed him at least 100 times. I have gotten the Trooper, Guardian, Smuggler, and Consular Bracers, as well as a Purple Moddable Mandalorian Champion Rifle, and a moddable double lightsaber. And like... Hundreds of blues.
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