Quick Facts

  • Level: 32
  • Classification: Raid Boss
  • Faction: Hostile
  • Combat Type: Droid


at a safe distance...


Condemned Video Guide

Battledroid R4-GL

This NPC can be found in Nar Shaddaa.


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By Caleb at 2012-01-06 15:34:37
To find him take a taxi to the Industrial Center. Enter the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse. Take the Systech East Elevator to High Security Lockdown. Go the the northern entrance to Network Security. Go to the North east. He is at 1996, 2893.
By SmertNick at 2012-02-04 16:41:21
581435 hp
8 min enrage timer
At 50% gets R4-GL Emergency Protocols that "makes him more vulnerable to damage", but he uses only Repeater Cannon, and gains interrupt-immunity buff.
[Prototype] TD-04B Spec Ops Boots
Advanced Might Hilt 12
By Nokarax at 2012-05-23 03:35:17
No TBear, it is a world boss thing, not an Aric Jorgan thing
By VaughnGaming at 2011-11-29 06:40:29

Relatively Spank and tank.

Just be sure to interrupt his Repeater Cannon as soon as possible because that can crush a tank. His incendiary cannon also seems that it can be targeted on a random person, so as a healer be ready for that.

By Frehk at 2014-12-07 05:17:55
Ok. Since other people have given bad directions(Torhead,Youtube,etc), I decided to post directions anyone can follow.
go to the spaceport taxi
take taxi to Upper Industrial Sector Taxi
when you land, take the tunnel to your left
go all the way to Systech West Elevator
when you reach the elevator, select the option to Network Security District
When you come off the elevator, you want to head as far east as you can get. You will have to travel south, but just make sure your direction will take you east.
When you can not go east any farther, head north.
You will come to Heroic Area: Network District Area.
This is where R4-GL is located. In the northwest corner of the final room.
Hope this helps. Good Hunting.
By Riukuzaki at 2012-01-06 23:51:35
He will enrage if not killed fast enough.
By Psyker at 2012-01-20 04:12:43

Ebon Hawk server, Psyker L50 Sage 7/3/31 spec
I solo'ed this world boss at 0330 hours on 01/20/12
580k hps approx

sent Qyzen Fess in as tank just to see if i could do it, i was prepared to run away, i opened up with Mind Crush/Sever Force/Weaken Mind..
Noticed i was taking no damage so i stood in there for another round. After a few cycles i had the boss down about 75k hps. i calmed down and figured i had him as my force regen from TK throw was keeping me right about even at 90% Force. The only thing draining my force was an occasional Deliverance. I should also note at this point, the boss did something to Qyzen to cause him to lay at his feet and writhe back and forth. tried Restoration... no good.

Looking back on it, now that i know it will be even easier to repeat as i did not gauge my force consumption from the beginning. The Repeater Cannon was the only thing really causing me any damage and it wasnt enough to really be concerned. i was at about 75% health when the boss hit 50%. at 50% the boss begins to only use its Repeater Cannon and can no longer be interrupted by Mind Snap. Now i started to get into trouble and quickly found myself at about 50% health. I panicked and fired off a few Deliverance's, which really drained my force. i had to med pack, noble sac and stop casting Mind Crush. The only thing that let me pull it off is the boss also takes on a debuff increasing the damage it takes. I had to rely on Force Armor and TK Throw and Sever Force and med pack a second time to get the job done.

By salvo7704 at 2012-01-04 14:20:00

These three things just dropped upon finishing the boss:

[[Prototype] Agile Judgment Vest]
[[Prototype] TD-04B Spec Ops Boots]
[Advanced Resolve Armoring 12]

By TBear at 2012-04-28 05:42:41
I just went to kill him and as soon as Aric Jorgan got his first shot off he was terrified and stood there shaking the whole time. It took me quite a while to down him as a healer. Is this terrified thing new or just with Aric Jorgan?
By ZeroRain at 2012-01-01 13:38:13
He is located in bonus area
Coordinates are 2040, -1570
By Ceodoc at 2012-01-15 00:01:01

What is the spawn rate?

Indeed what is the spawn rate for all world bosses?


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