Quick Facts

  • Level: 1
  • Classification: Standard
  • Class: Risha
  • Faction: Republic
  • Combat Type: Humanoid



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The location of this NPC is unknown.

Petty criminal, starship mechanic, woman of mystery, royal queen: all of these terms apply to Risha, daughter of notorious crimelord Nok Drayen. Considering her upbringing as a violent gangster's child, it's a wonder Risha turned out remotely normal. Wise and experienced beyond her years, she has led an adventurous life containing some extremely dark chapters.

Despite her biting sarcasm and general selfishness, one can never shake the feeling that Risha would be a better person if only she knew how. Years spent among the galaxy's dregs have fostered layers of personal self-defense mechanisms and a cynical shell around her. Only the most persistent friend has any hope of meeting the "real" Risha hiding beneath the surface.

Likes: Self-interest, profit, secrets and new tech
Dislikes: Unprofessional or emotional behavior, killing innocents, working with the stupid or uneducated

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Scattergun

Companion Gifts

Cultural Artifactstarstar
Imperial Memorabiliastar
Military Gearstar
Republic Memorabiliastar
Underworld Goodstarstarstar


296 missions found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
NameLocationTypeClassesLevelReq. Level
The Darkening StarsOriconHeroic 2+
The Shroud RevealedNar Shaddaa, CoruscantHeroic 4
Uprooting The Last SeedIlum, CoruscantHeroic 4
Day of DreadOricon
Eye of TerrorOricon
Haunted ParadiseOricon
Seeds of ChangeOricon
Spark of HopeOricon
Taking on ToborroMakeb5547
[OPS] The Bastion of FearOricon
[OPS] The Dying LightOricon
Consulting the ExpertMakeb541
Extraordinary MeasuresMakeb
Planetary SurgeryMakeb541
For the RecordMakebHeroic 2+
Buried EvilsTaris, Tatooine, Corellia, Hoth
Hitting the HuttsMakeb
Master Gend's MissionCoruscant
Old FeudsMakeb5347
The Shroud's GambitCoruscant
The ArkMakeb
Savage SkiesMakebHeroic 4
Shelter From The StormMakeb
Trouble in ParadiseMakeb
A Lesson is LearnedBelsavisHeroic 2+
Darkness on IlumIlumHeroic 2+
Flashpoint: The Battle of IlumIlumGroup
Flashpoint: The False EmperorIlumGroup
Kaon Under SiegeKaon CityFlashpoint
Lost IslandLost IslandFlashpoint
Open CommunicationsBelsavisHeroic 2
Starfighters of CorelliaCorelliaHeroic 2+5044
The Battle of IlumIlumFlashpoint
The False EmperorDarth Malgus's Space StationFlashpoint
The Stasis GeneratorBelsavisHeroic 2
A Fair FightIlum
A Gentleman's AgreementIlum501
Belsavis: Bonus SeriesBelsavis
Betrayal on DenovaRepublic Fleet
Concessions and Confessions50
Containing the BeastBelsavis
Crystal BallCorellia, Republic Fleet, Ilum501
Crystal Clear SabotageIlum
Emergent MedicineBelsavis
endgame crawl
Explosive ConflictExplosive Conflict, Republic Fleet
Government ClearanceCorellia
12 NPCs found
Risha1 - 50StandardAlderaanE R
Risha1 - 50StandardE R
Risha1 - 50StandardTatooineE R
Risha1 - 50StandardE R
Risha32StandardBalmorraE R
Risha32StandardCoruscantE R
Risha32StandardNar ShaddaaE R
Risha32StandardNar ShaddaaE R
Risha32StandardE R
Risha32StandardTatooineE R
Risha14 - 32StandardE R
Risha16StandardTarisE R
29 comments found
By Penguinetta at 2011-12-30 16:48:42

I just got Risha at the end of Act 1, although she has been on my ship since I got my ship back from slimeball, Skavak.

+15 Diplomacy Efficiency
+1 Slicing Critical

By Pywo at 2011-12-17 02:57:36
Voiced by the incomparable Tara Strong, known for a ridiculous amount of characters, such as Rikku from FFX, Twilight Sparkle in MLP:FiM, Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls, and Timmy from The Fairly Oddparents, and many more, as some people will certainly "how dare you!" at me for leaving out. She and the female Smuggler's VA have both voiced Bubbles.
By Sanp2p at 2011-12-31 12:12:07
There's a MAJOR SPOILER on the first paragraph of her description, so dont read it guys, i read it and it ruin my day =
By Tithe at 2011-12-19 04:29:16
You get this Companion a few missions after Alderaan. After completing the story mission on Alderaan you are sent to Tatooine, then Nar Shaddaa and after that a special mission in remote space. Then finally you get to return to Nar Shaddaa to finish Act 1, unlock your legacy and get Risha with you.
By cleanlaundry at 2012-01-01 21:32:36
She only starts gaining affection from Courting gifts after you become romantic with her.
By jbyccdin at 2011-12-16 23:55:21

I purchased the 10 different rank 1 gifts from the vendor and gave them to her:
My starting affection with her was less than 100, the amount gained seems to depend on how much you have.

"You gave this to me why?"
Trophy 1: 0

"It's alright, I suppose." (My char is female so I do not know what the value would be if given from a male char.)
Courting 1: 0

"It's kinda nice."
Republic Memorabilia 1: 24
Imp Memorabilia 1: 24
Weapon 1: 24
Tech 1: 24
Military Gear 1: 24

"You know what I like."
Luxury 1: 54
Underworld Good 1: 54
Cultural Artifact 1: 54

By Harshmage at 2011-12-25 21:00:05
What most of these comments are lacking are where you first meet Risha.
You first meet her aboard your ship (about level 16-17, if you're focusing on JUST the missions to get you by and finish your story quest) in your cargo area. Fun conversation with her, which leads to a conversation with Skavvak. Leads to more Class missions, which leads to more planets. Good stuff, all around.
By MetalGenocide at 2011-12-26 06:59:11
Unless I'm very much mistaken (only saw the convo once) but Vette mentions that she has met Risha during a dialogue with the SW at around 5000 affection points.
By Frag971 at 2012-05-04 06:47:13
Luxury and Underworld Goods are NOT "3-star Loved", should be "2-star Favorite". It's only 3-star if romanced.
By deathweed at 2012-01-16 00:42:44

Side note I found from Vette, the Sith warriors companion, Vette is the adopted sister of Risha, which is how I found out how she was related to Nok. I had just hit alderan on my smuggler too!

Vettes side story for the sith warrior class goes into some detail, but found it to be rather funny how closely the two NPCs were related.

By Janettie at 2012-05-08 23:10:34

There's a lot of people saying that "courting gifts give zero". This is the case for every companion in the game that you can romance. You will not get affection gains from courting gifts until you are courting them. You can generally tell where this point is (when flirt options begin, et cetera). For instance for jedi knights, Doc's romance starts very early on, as soon as you get him on the ship in fact.

I know nothing about Risha or when she begins accepting these, but she does like them and she does accept them from male companions. You can buy the grade 1 courting gifts on the fleet to test and see if she'll accept them yet to be certain. Sorry that I can't be of more help, but after seeing several comments about this, I felt I should post *something*.

Obviously, for female characters she will never accept courting gifts. At least, not until/unless Bioware goes through with same-sex romances, I suppose.

Now, all this said, it is only 1 star, and makes for a very weak gift. You are far better off saving these for another character or selling them, and just giving her luxury and underworld goods. Using courting gifts on her would be a waste.

By Gumblejak at 2012-05-18 20:10:19
Her crew missions are on Risha
By HarbAlizer at 2012-02-09 09:41:14
At a point, when relation reached about 1300 and you spoke to Risha, she all of a sudden like Luxury gifts more. A green luxury gift will award +96 instead of +54 (before reaching 2000 that is).
After relation 2000 Rank 1 gifts only give you a 50% of relation increase (so we are at a +48 gain). When relation is between 2000 and 4000 the gift will give you a +19 gain in relation to Risha (that is just 20% of the +96 we gained at the point when relation was between 1300 and 2000).
By iplaytor at 2012-03-02 07:38:49
Ok correction here,since I don't see it anywhere written.All the listings I found on the net about her fav gifts are wrong..I gave here all the items I saw listed and I got +54 like the comment above says.her favorite category is Cultural artifact.Just gave me +96.
(also I guess courting will count when romanceable by male ,but haven't figured that out yet)
By cyvaris at 2011-11-24 20:44:33
Risha is a romance option for Male Smugglers.
By sherlockzan at 2012-01-11 01:31:13

She is a romance able companion for Male smugglers, but apart from other companions Risha is connected to another class' companion, The Sith Warrior's Vette.

>>> http://www.torhead.com/npc/g4imKD1 <<<

She is mentioned in a quest you get from Vette:

>>> http://www.torhead.com/mission/7AkVhXY/vette-and-risha <<<

By royale at 2012-05-05 06:40:49
Verifying HarbAlizer's findings. You get more from luxury gifts after 1200 affection and her second conversation. Once you talk to her a second time, they will give 96 points at rank 1 and 54 points at rank 2, as a favorite gift would. (For the record, I flirted with her so it may have something to do with romance but I can't be sure.)
By msjackson at 2012-02-04 14:56:15
Whoa .. I agree .. that's a huge spoiler. Good thing I already knew that before I read it.
By Darklink136 at 2011-11-23 02:47:09

You receive this companion on Alderaan.

She is ranged DPS. She uses medium armor and a sniper rifle.

By Medros at 2012-02-20 23:57:39
About what point does Risha become romancable? Is it a certain progression though the game? Or is it at a certain affection level?
By Smantha at 2012-04-26 05:58:37
These appear to be her crew quests:
By RiskySafety at 2011-12-08 17:36:54

Likes Luxury, Technology, Underworld, and Culture gifts.

She doesnt like Trophies at all.

By roastbeefguy at 2012-01-30 03:29:11
How often can you talk to her as far as affection rating goes? Because I've gotten over 1000 affection with her without seeing another chat request (I'm at ~6700 and the last one was probably at ~5300). The last one involved her talking about a job of some sort, which I'm guessing was going to lead to a companion quest. Is there a bug or am I just not being patient enough?
By Nietchze at 2012-02-04 12:10:50
A reply to Phosdex: Courting gets +0 from Male Smugglers too. Think they need to fix that chart on this page, it should have a red X, not 1 star.
By kseniya07 at 2011-12-26 15:42:53
Maybe in beta Risha was found on Alderaan, but I just completed Coruscant last night and found her on my ship. Lvl 16, headed to Taris.
By zabooza at 2012-03-20 04:11:36
shes not.. shes just certain u r gheey
By JackShadow at 2011-12-26 19:21:20
But at the point she isn't a Companion. Still just a quest giver. I'm still at that point so I'm not sure where it changes in the final release.
By Cereburus at 2011-12-28 18:58:32

I'm a male, cybernetic Smuggler/Scoundrel and giving her courting gifts gets a +0 response.

Think she's a lesbian?

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