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A Traitor's Punishment

Lord Varos has asked for your assistance in killing his former master, Lord Ranor. According to Varos, Lord Ranor is secretly training a band of apprentices to serve his own agenda. Varos wants you to eliminate Lord Ranor and pin his death on the Republic.

Destroy Lord Ranor and his apprentices in the Sith Training Ground.


  • Defeat Apprentice Avanj
  • Defeat Apprentice Terik
  • Defeat Apprentice Myshurr
  • Defeat Lord Ranor
  • Plant the Republic Weaponry
  • Speak to Lord Varos

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Sith Training Ground, and Clabburn Tundra


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 10525 Experience


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By neoshade75 at 2012-01-16 03:32:42
Very tough fight. Our group didn't have a properly geared and specced tank. We managed to get all the way to Lord Ranor but he proved too much without a tank. There are lots of mobs in this instance. Most of the groups will spawn elites, so watch out for those. They also Overload, so make sure you're not by any cliffs. Bring a L50 tank and healer, at least 2 L48 DPS and you'll be good. You'll also need really good CC too.
By Charlotelink at 2012-03-13 18:08:40
Level 50 Assassin tank with almost all moddable gear, 50/51 armor/mods (me and Talos). With heavy use of cooldowns and careful use of force cloak I could take out any given gathering of "acolytes". The first apprentice was easy, his adds (BH/troopers) are already out, so you can mind trap the apprentice while you burn at least one add (careful of companion placement due to aerial bombardment).
Second one took a little attention to the droids that spawned (2 already out, 2 more on start, 1 more after 1 is killed). I killed one of the already out droids, then cloaked, then came back to take all the others.
The third apprentice spawns two assassins and Talos keeps getting whirlwinded forcing me to cloak (have yet to beat it).
Final boss himself spawns 3 strongs, popped all CDs (cept heroic moment) to burn them down, then ran around like a chicken for a bit while Talos healed me up. The boss is melee, so he often stops, but only gets in one attack when you are running. Discharge, shock and wither can still hit him while you run.
Going to try that third apprentice again.
OK, got him and his assassins. Started off with whirlwinding the apprentice, pulling an assassin to me, and starting on him. Ran in and out of the nearby tents to avoid line of sight on apprentice. Talos somehow avoids LOS issue, I can't say how. Apprentice has a 6 sec CD on whirlwind. Talos spends a lot of time doing nothing. Kept him close later so start of Force Storm would break the CC. Can't say this fight wasn't due to gear and luck, but it felt like a worthy game challenge to me.
By Morgaledh at 2014-08-16 04:25:41

Tried to solo with a 148 geared Sith Assassin at lvl 54, died to the final boss every time. Tank pet, dps pet. heal pet, no go. I will come back at 55, see if anything has changed. Hate to think this low level quest will keep me from Galactic Hero. None of the Heroic 4s on Corellia were this tough to solo. Wow....

Edit: Later on....

Found a 50 Sorcerer to group with me. Her Xalek + my Ashara + me yawned through all the apprentices (they are soloable, with adds), then took on Lord Ranor. Her Xalek kept Ranor busy and she healed him, Ashara and I killed his four adds. Then I go in and all his aggro is on me, so I Force Slow + Discharge + Shock as I run, Ashara beating on him as I go. The sorc switches to healing me, I kite Ranos around, stop and recharge my saber on him now and then, then rince + repeat. I have to pop CDs and a healing pot and in the end, I'm still down to 1/4 health when he dies. Exciting fight, but I wouldn't solo this unless you're a tank in your 50s, you need to take a beating to pull it off. Still tougher than the Heroics I soloed on Corellia though.

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