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Space Combat: Syvris Evacuation

Use the galaxy map on your ship to locate the "Syvris Evacuation" and complete this space combat mission for the Republic.


  • Complete the "Syvris Evacuation" Mission

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Space Battle


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6260 Experience


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By Taurenchief at 2012-01-03 16:08:50

This took me at least four to five attempts before getting the hang of it, and even then he made it back to the hanger with what was probably about 1% health left. Most nerve wracking last few seconds of my life. :P

Also done with a mix of a couple of grade 1s and a couple of grade 3s so you don't have to be super equipped to manage it, but if you do want to go in heavy handed, aim for gearing up your beam charger, generator and missile magazine and don't worry about your health and shields as you'll find you won't be getting shot at. At all. So just shoot like crazy.

I can confirm what a fair few others are saying, the big guys are the ones you really want to focus on, spray shots like crazy at the little guys whenever you can but spam your missile firing at the rear thruster/engines of the big guys and shoot out the rear top end shield generators too. Eventually they'll careen off course. I actually barely fired at the turrets as I didn't have the missiles to spare and taking down the ship seemed more important. I did this with a grade 1 missile magazine, but to be honest if you can get more than 40 missiles, do so, it'll help you immensely. Also, save some missiles for the second half too! Make every single shot count. Hopefully if all goes to plan, after your escort guy has flown into several asteroids (he seems to do so without fail) and come out the other side, he should hopefully be between about 50%-40% health or higher if you're really lucky, and there should (if you managed to take down most the big guns) only be about two or three big ships which you want to take out with the same method, and a whole army of little ones which you'll want to spray fire at once more. The last 30 seconds mostly have waves of little ones and after that you're home free.

Edit: I'll add, after having done this daily numerous times now and getting the hang of easily passing it first try, I can say my above works perfectly for me, even when he does fly into asteroids. Also, when the mission first starts and he deploys, shoot like crazy at all the turrets on that first imps ship. Even hammer out some missiles if you want. I've upgraded to grade 3 missile magazine now and have no trouble with wasting missiles now, so definitely definitely recommend an upgrade.

By TegoZanduba at 2011-12-25 00:15:15
Upon completion of this mission, you will be award the title of The Pilot.
By BigPapa at 2012-01-04 16:58:26

The above are kind of right... but essentially lacking the REAL strategy that actually works viably 90% of the time. I literally made an account on here just to be able to post this information to save others the absolutely infuriating experience I had trying to beat this and use these suggestions.

Working Strategy:
Requires - Level 3 ship upgrades for beam damage, beam rate, and missile capacity (which really aren't that expensive at the level you get this mission anyway)
Now here's the deal; that @#$%ing ship's predetermined course will ALWAYS send it crashing into the $%^&ing debris as you leave the rock field, right at the end there. This will almost always inevitably lead to the mission failing since it chunks out like $%^&ing 40% of the ship's health. So the strategy is to alter the pilot's course which is in fact possible... what you have to do is cause so much mayhem in the events leading up to his collision that he somehow alters course and saves himself. This is doable by holding down the missile fire button and scrolling over all of the frigates rear engines and absolutely pulverizing the interceptors at the very beginning (which you will notice if you look at the direction they come are cluster^&*! compacted). $%^& your missile ammo, after that point it doesn't really matter, he'll have enough health to be saved with just beams. ALSO VERY CRITICAL: when the three interceptors fly in from the left side of the screen directly preceding the impact with the debris, MANUEVER YOUR SHIP TO BLOCK THEIR LASERS, this will almost always stop him from flooring it into a %^&*ing asteroid. It doesn't matter if you get damaged, nobody cares about you... Just make sure to A: spray and pray during the area where frigates are having an orgy and B) use your ship as a... ship shield in those moments where you know the three chained interceptors are about to come in before he hits the asteroid.

Sorry if this doesn't follow etticate or whatever, just trying to save people ya know what I mean... well you would if you'd wasted an hour of your life

By krag0th at 2012-01-01 12:27:50
My most effective strategy (with full L3 upgrades) is to shoot the engines of the capital ships as much as possible. Deal with their turrets, but just blast the crap out of the engines. They'll start drifting off when you do. The first leg of the mission is actually the most important. You need to enter the second leg (the between-the-rocks fun) above 85%.
By trikso at 2012-01-02 04:49:29

I always enter the rock phase with the ship on more than 85%, but the pilot seems to love head on collisions with the asteroids... I enter with almost full hp, during the phase he drops to 50% in a second, then 30% once we leave the bottleneck and crashes into a rock afterwards.

Edit : The things that are killing our precious escort are in fact the big ships you encounter at the beginning. Make sure to rocket down the engines on the back and the generators on the top, and blast down any remaining turrets once they start to drift uncontrollably through the space.

By shockogist at 2012-01-02 22:09:52
Same issue here.....decked out in lvl 3 ship gear and shuttle gets smoked at 35-45 sec left
By mech6982 at 2011-12-26 21:54:14
Fairly difficult the first time through. If all you have is level 1 upgrades for your ship, it might take you a few tries. Knock out all of the targets on the warships while also trying not to let the smaller ships stay up for long. This will definitely keep you busy the whole fight.
By Shaylindra16 at 2012-01-09 14:42:34
Essentially the same as the Fondor Escort mission but with the difficulty increased. The bonus mission is also increased from shooting down 25 attacking ships to 40. If you've mastered the Fondor Escort, you may find this one a bit easier to handle than if you skipped it?it worked that way for me, at least. Keep a close eye on the escort ship's health. It got a little dicey for me very close to the end, since I was paying more attention to *my* ship's health. I found the turrets from enemy destroyers to be problematic, so taking them out when your shields are fully charged is a good idea. Note that I completed this with the Grade 3 Ship Armor, Beam Generator, Beam Charger, and Energy Shield?all of the level 3 upgrades available at 28; a few runs of the daily mission will pay for the upgrades and make it more survivable (ergo, less frustrating so you're more inclined to repeat them).
By AlphaFox22 at 2011-12-29 13:21:30
Really struggling with this one, despite having a few level 3 upgrades on my ship - after flying between the meteorite crevasse thing, the shuttle just seems to get nuked to death every time, not matter what strategy I try (Nuked the turrets off the capital ships, focused on small ships) - Nothing seems to work, but I guess I'm just bad at flying o.O
By Argo at 2011-12-30 00:53:09
I'm having the same issue. I have all lvl 3 upgrades, but the escort cant seem to make it through the asteroid field.
By Taurenchief at 2012-01-24 17:00:55
Glad to hear it :D
By AngelSword at 2012-04-13 02:13:34
I've been having an issue as of late, where the star destroyer at the start of the mission isn't appearing, making it impossible to complete the bonus mission for taking out the turrets. Is this something others have seen, or is this yet another sign for me to upgrade my machine?
By CaIhoun at 2011-12-30 20:29:26
Definitely the hardest mission so far, and all the above posts are right on. I managed to finish this one on the first try, but the escort was sitting at like 1% health for the last minute it seemed like. I guess the escort's pilot isn't good at avoiding head-on collisions.
By zivadavid at 2012-04-20 12:54:51

I had gotten to the point of giving up on this mission, the posted strat just wasent working at all. then i tried the ridiculous!

Any one that just cant seem to put enough hurt on the frigates i would recommend turning down your resolution. I took min all the
way down to 800X600... and amasingly it gave me a much better view of the ships for a longer time frame than at my much cleaner 1440X900

After that the strat works really well. i have been able to hit the canyon with 100 % health on both ships

By MichaelBRaye at 2011-12-31 16:58:31
Yes, I have complete it a few times, but I fail more than I succeed... This is the only one I have problems with at all... So yes this is the hardest mission of the space combat.
The ship goes in with 80% health and I get through the field just fine, but at the and when the big ships come back into the mission, the shuttle goes real quick. If there is a trick, I have not found it yet.
By trikso at 2011-12-30 11:43:44
I am having the same problem, the ship goes into the asteroid field with 70% hp, leaves with 10% while I make sure to shoot/rocket down everything within 2 seconds, dies shortly afterwards.
By Shulruk at 2012-01-22 12:56:27
The info from BigPapa and Taurenchief really works; especially the bit about blocking the lasers so the ship doesn't hit the asteroids. Was having a ton of trouble with this one but I altered my strategy to incorporate this and got it done the first time with the ship still at around 25-30%.
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