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Assault on Fort Alde

Fort Alde is the primary stronghold for House Alde in the Juran Mountains. This highly fortified location gives House Alde a strategic advantage in the area. The Empire has had an assault planned for months, but has been unable to breach their fortifications. If you could disrupt their defenses, the assault could commence, and the Empire could claim the fort.

Begin your assault by taking out as many defensive forces as you can find within Fort Alde.


  • Defeat Alde Forces
  • Disable the Tier 1 Shield Generator
  • Disable the Tier 2 Shield Generator
  • Disable the Tier 3 Shield Generator
  • Defeat and Search Commander Joral Alde
  • Access the Mission Terminal

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Juran Mountains


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6260 Experience


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By Kojima at 2011-12-28 04:05:10

After the first few kills for the optional part, you can just run in as a full group without killing the adds, disable all the shield generators by having 3 of your party members at the 3 switches at the same time and just run out of the area until you get out of combat. Repeat the same thing with the remaining generators. My mission reward was either a hilt, a commendation badge or a blue (or green can't remember) box with random loot in it

*edit* in case this entry gets updated I wrote this comment before the mission rewards were added to the database.

By Hoticehunter at 2011-12-31 23:28:03

Rewards are 15860 xp, 4320 credits, and choose one of the following: a rating 76 barrel/hilt/etc for your class (a primary heavy and an endurance heavy choice), 1 Alderaan Commendation, or a Blue Quality "Item Roll Level 30 Class 3 lockbox"

If you're interested in the barrelt/hit, let me remind you that you can buy a rating 80 barrel/hilt from the Alderaan Commendations Vendor. While this quest shouldn't be particularly hard for a group of 4 (I was able to solo it on my Operative with Kaliyo and lot of Sleep Darts and Droid Slices, and I needed to respec to heals to beat the boss), I still recommend skipping it as the rewards aren't particularly good for a 4 person quest.
I went with the blue lockbox and pulled a Level 29 req Rating 76 item from it in case you were curious what kind of item to expect from it.

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