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Bomb on Board

C6-N8, a militant protocol droid, asked you to help his master defuse a House Ulgo explosive on an important transport ship.

First, you'll need to obtain the defusal codes. Infiltrate the Ulgo war camp on the Riparian Bluffs in the Glarus Valley and retrieve the codes from the camp's bomb technicians.


Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Glarus Valley


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6505 Experience


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By Mobkey at 2012-01-20 15:21:31
I had an incredibly low drop rate for the mission item so I just gave up. I finished the bonus mission of killing 20 Ulgo forces but still only had 2 bomb codes. I wasn't about to stick around there and kill 100 more to finish it. And I know that they only drop off the technicians but there isn't very many of them.
By slippycrits at 2012-03-09 02:02:49

Mobkey is right about the drop rate being low. I finished the quest and it seemed to be dropping at somewhere around 25-50%. This doesn't seem too bad, but there are usually only one Technician per group of 4. Killed all the Technicians on the way through and got my 12th code on the last one.

For sticking through this quest you get a choice of an Enhancement 12, Class 3 Storage Case, or a single Alderaan commendation.

I didn't receive a follow-up quest.

By Zeridian at 2012-02-05 01:20:33

agreed with mobkey this one sucks big balls, just do the bonus...

possibly the droprate is improved inside the actual base.. not sure

By Luhka at 2012-04-15 19:25:09
As no one seems to have mentioned it yet, it should be noted that the Bomb Technicians are capable of dropping multiple codes. As such, the lower drop rate can be somewhat misleading. On average, there are 2 Techs per group of 4, or 1 along with a stong (silver) camp guard.
If you came here checking to see if something is wrong because the item is just not dropping, don't worry, it will, and the quest is really not as oppressive as it has been made out to be, it just needs a touch more patience than others :)
By Anonnora at 2013-02-15 00:49:16
I had a something like 90% drop rate and plenty of technicians, I guess they've tweaked it. In fact, I didn't get the bonus because I got all the codes first, there were so many, so make sure to kill enough other guys first.
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