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Secret Signals

Attros Finn claims the Noetikons, relics once housed in the Jedi Temple, may contain a cure for Master Yuon Par's illness. The Noetikons were stolen, but Attros has heard a Noetikon is in the possession of a Gand scavenger.

A Republic security officer, Alec Efran, has the Gand in custody at the barricade in the old Galactic Market Concourse. Speak to Alec Efran and find out what the Gand knows.


  • Speak to Alec Efran
  • Investigate the Hand-off Location
  • Defeat Gand Protectors
  • Defeat Aulus G'luun
  • Return to Attros Finn

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Old Galactic Market: Concourse, Old Galactic Market: Back Alleys, and Senate Tower: Level 2


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 1800 Experience


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By Lauchlan at 2012-04-15 15:05:56
By fyresygn99 at 2011-12-03 17:10:20
I selected "Rancor" then went to the meeting point. I was met by Aulus G'lunn, but I used the option to Force Persuade him to give me the Noeticon and he handed it over. No fight at all.
By roblucas at 2012-05-09 12:47:12

Back Alleys Balcony - As of May 2012, it appears the secret chest has been removed. There are no interactive objects on the smaller balcony.

Note: I looked AFTER I had found the Noetikon, so I am not sure if completing the mission makes the chest unavailable. Can someone confirm?

By TBear at 2012-04-27 11:01:20
I went to the balcony and there wasn't a chest there.
By AstralFire at 2011-12-13 20:40:50
School of Fish also gives Gand Protectors. Rancor is the wisest option.
By Ielea at 2012-11-26 08:14:16

With Aulus G'luun, if you go:

"Lars is a thief."
"I should right this wrong."
and in the end:
"You have nothing to lose."

you come out without a fight as well and have gained light side points and affection from Qyzen.

By Jart at 2013-08-07 15:42:11

The story is (after you talked to the nameless Gand) is that the Noetikon exchanged hands depending on "turns". Sometimes it's the nameless Gand, sometime it's the leader: Aulus G'luun, and sometime it's someone else.

There three symbol where you can send the flare: Akk Dogs, Mightly Rancor and school of fish. I would think that the Mighly Rancor represent the leader. And the nameless Gand would be the school of fish. Which leaves the Akk Dogs, which based on those who posted before me, are a group of 3 Gand "protectors".

Wonder what happen if you pick the school of fish. Since you already capture the nameless Gand, i wonder if another nameless Gand or group of them will show up

By Telanis at 2012-05-18 00:11:59
Confirmed, nothing on the balcony. It's inside the instance so it's impossible for someone to have looted it before you came ... really dumb that they removed this.
By Neptuno at 2012-06-04 02:54:15
chest was not there before going to meeting... but i'd already activated the signal. i don't imagine that it would phase out due to that though. its probably just gone.
By museerouge at 2011-12-18 14:46:18
There is a hidden chest in the area called "Back Alleys Balcony", which is accessed via an elevator on the East side of the story mission phase for this mission ("Old Galactic Market - Back Alleys"). The hidden chest requires a little parkour off of the railing, onto the top of the floating billboard, and over to the small balcony on the other end. Mine contained a level 15 Premium-quality "Trandoshan Riveted Bracers", well suited to use by every Consular's favorite Trandoshan, Qyzen. Keep in mind, if you get the Noetikon and leave the instance you will be unable to return; be sure to grab the hidden chest before you do.
By Magneson at 2012-12-14 04:02:08
As of December, 2012 there is no chest on the balcony. I checked prior to completing the mission and the balcony is empty.
By DarQuing at 2014-11-09 05:11:29


[1] The Path of a Jedi
[4] Pilgrims
[4] Trials in Kaleth
[6] Hunter's Eye
[6] The Footsteps of the Fallen
[7] Rajivari's Legacy (Qyzen Fess) joins your Crew
[8] The Forge
[9] An Afflicted Master

[9] The Arrival
[10] Secret Signals
[12] The Flow of Goods
[12] The Coming Darkness
[14] Shadows
[16] Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1 - The Dark Plague

[16] The Expedition
[17] The Junction
[18] Rakghoul Invasion
[19] Super Reactor

Nar Shaddaa:
[21] The Professor
[21] Running with the Lancers
[22] Authorized for Destruction (got this after Dark Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] Authorized for Sabotage (probably after Light Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] The Master
[23] Shadow Town (Tharan Cedrax) joins your Crew

The Carida:
[24] Distress Call

[25] Looking Out for the Little Guy
[26] Visions in the Sand
[27] Death in the Dunes
[27] The Ultimate Warriors

[28] Diplomacy
[29] Hostile Negotiations
[30] Crisis Situation
[31] The Summit
[32] A Return Home

[32] Vivicar Awaits
[32] A Time to Reflect

Chapter 2 - The Rift Alliance

[32] An Alliance of Opposites

[32] Our Points of View
[33] Watchers
[34] Executive Order 228
[35] Passing the Torch (Zenith) joins your Crew

[37] Attis Station

[38] The Coalition
[37] Into the White
[39] Cracks in the Armor
[39] Chasing the Legend (Lieutenant Iresso) joins your Crew

Waypoint Station Three:
[41] To Serve the King

Chapter 3 - The Children of the Emperor

[41] Counterpoint
[42] Hostile Population
[42] Category Ten
[43] Taking on the Asylum
[43] The Voice From The Tomb (Nadia Grell) joins your Crew

The Euphony:
[44] Fearless

[44] A Thorny Path
[45] Marked
[46] Signs and Signifiers
[46] Nightmares
[47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart
[47] Find the Ancient Artifact (Light Side)
[47] Find the Ancient Weapon (Dark Side)
(depending on your choice of Light/Dark Side points in [47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart)

The Javelin:
[47] Shattering

[47] Descent
[48] A Fine Line
[49] Old Blood
[50] As Above, So Below
[50] Chaos and Harmony


Proceed to the Ilum quest series for the Crystal Ball mission.

By blupache at 2011-12-24 23:28:23

You can jump forwards by pressing jump then pressing forward, rather than trying for a running jump. I found this gave better accuracy.

First I jumped up onto the balustrade support nearest the sign, then I jumped to the sign, then walk to the end of the sign & repeat the same style of jump.

By havoc64 at 2012-01-25 21:07:47
Well I did the secret balcony thing and got a pair of Grey boots, frilled leatheris boots...great...
By AstralFire at 2011-11-25 21:38:57
Both times I've done this, I've chosen 'Akk Dogs' in the warehouse as the signal point. So far, it gives me 3xGand Protectors guarding the first Noetikon. Curious what the other two options bring.
By ACruz at 2011-12-24 10:24:32

I selected "Rancor" then went to the meeting point. I was met by Aulus G'lunn.
After a while I conviced him taht the Jedi was not to blame for the barricade and I gain 50 Light points and he gave me the quest item.

Got a lvl 15 green generator from that chest.

By nevin at 2011-12-23 06:16:04
I only got a Str stim from that hidden chest so don't go crazy trying to get over there.
By DratsaBlive at 2011-12-19 13:28:02
I've tried to jump on to this about 25 times now - on the one occasion I made it on to the floating sign I ran straight off the other side! Infuriating doesn't begin to describe it.
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