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Numbers are counted facing with your back to the gun. Guards are between tower 3, 5, and 7- Be careful!


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Traken-4's Legacy

While exploring the northern Markaran Wastes, you stumbled upon a jury-rigged power grid connected to an Imperial gun emplacement in the ruins of Traken-4.


  • Power the Gun Emplacement to Shoot Down and Search a Ship
  • Deliver the Imperial Hazmat Gear

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Camp Traken-4, and Markaran Plains


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6760 Experience


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29 comments found
By Mutombo at 2011-12-21 19:29:52

This is a 3x3 Lights out puzzle.

http://www.ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp/~n-kato/lightsout/index.html is a solver for it. Just click edit and change the lights to follow what you see in game.

Hope that helps.

By lynna at 2011-12-29 15:19:36

The javascript tool at UEDA helps immensely. Of note: you want to go to edit mode, and clear the board to red. Then go around and toggle the on-state power poles to blue. After many tries (it's impossible to zoom out far enough to see it comfortably, and standing on the pipes above the cliff on the north failes to give on-state visibility) I found it easiest to just standin the middle and look north and then left/right, and then south.

Then click solve, and you should be able to toggle the solution buttons. The only user feedback that the game gives that you *Have* successfully "shot down a ship" is a little bleepy noise. It's not the most sensible thing, but once that goes off, go find the ship and search it.

Meh. This was easy enough when there were not people spastically running around toggling switches randomly and refusing to work together. My best advice if you find yourself in that situation is to move on for the time being and come back in an off hour. Whoever pointed out that this was a dumb quest not to instance was right indeed.

By Conzar99 at 2011-12-30 13:59:29
I found this to be a more self-explanatory solver:
By omgitskae at 2012-01-02 01:17:12

It may seem obvious to some, but in case it isn't... like it wasn't for me, when you click Solve the solver will give you a little grid. Some of the boxes in the grid will have a '1' in them, all you do is run to the lights with the 1s and click them, regardless of if they are on or off.

I spent about 30 minutes thinking it wanted me to turn ON the lights with 1s, and that wasn't working. So I hope this helps anyone else having similar issues. :)

By DeminRamst at 2011-12-24 23:22:03
Great, love that you had a puzzle there BiOWare, really am. Top stuff. But damn, instance that crap. Was frustrated to think I had things figured only to have some other guys pressing them at random.
By Sevan at 2012-01-10 20:34:34

This is submitted care of two members, Sevan Takezo and Ae'a Komori, of Nerf Herder on Zakkeg Beast. (Not the fakeypants one with the linguistically screwed "s" at the end (:P).

More details should be added later!

Getting power to the gun in order to complete this mission is an insane puzzle, or rather, a puzzle which might drive you insane. Each switch activates or deactivates at least two others. Because we mapped this after having already fiddled with the initial setup all this will provide is a brief outline of what each tower does to the others. Using the shabby map provided you can mark each tower with a number with number 1 being directly behind the gun. The towers were numbered facing away from the gun.

The other towers that are effected by activating/deactivating each one are listed below. This (hopefully) way you can easily map out a stratagem for getting them all activated at the same time.

Tower 1 : 8 / 2
Tower 2: 1 / 3 / 9
Tower 3: 2 / 4
Tower 4: 3 / 5 / 9
Tower 5: 4 / 6
Tower 6: 5 / 9 / 7
Tower 7: 6 / 8
Tower 8: 7 / 1 / 9
Tower 9: 6 / 8 / 2 / 4

As you can see tower 9 has an effect on more than any other tower. Use this wisely.

Good Luck!
Mind you this took us a little time at first before we got less stupider. We swear on our credibility as Master Jedi that we have completed this mission using the above method. We rocked it as only true Jedi Masters can- with a serious lack of sleep.

By AeaK at 2012-01-10 22:16:26

@Sevan's post

This was a birds eye (kind of) view map I drew up from standing on the pipes just north of all the towers - which is why N/S/E/W are backwards.

I hope it helps! It was confusing at first but this certainly helped us out a lot.


By Snoweh at 2011-12-29 08:14:28
If all lights are out, Hit the centre, then all 4 corners :)
By knighterrant81 at 2012-01-21 22:32:46

Alright lets see if I can make this easier. After 3 hours (yeah) of trying to make this work - you have to make sure you're oriented correctly.

A few rules first (this is part of why we took 3 hours, it took this long to figure out some of the rules.

1. Toggling (turn off if it is on, turn on if it is off) one of the towers will toggle every tower that is 90 degrees from that tower (in other words, it doesn't go diagonal).
2. You win when all the towers are on.
3. They aren't all in perfect straight lines, and if you are clicking "bottom left" thinking it is "bottom mid" you are going to start hating your life, so you might do some tests to make sure you're looking at the right ones.
4. You CAN tell which ones are on from the pipe. Only ones that are ON will flash on the top. However, they alternate their flashes, so keep watching for a few seconds, they'll flash if they're on.

Strategy: Use one partner to stand on the pipes and call out where to click. The other guy can run around clicking towers (assuming either one of you can solo the mobs, which is a decent assumption if you have good gear and good NPC companions, we did it as a Shadow tank and Sage healer, the sage was clicking shadow was calling). You can mark the clicker so that you can see where he is to help when he gets out of your visible range.

Think of the gun as being at the "top" of this puzzle. Standing on the pipe above the plain, looking down, the closest tower is "bottom left". To the right of that is "bottom middle", and above "bottom left" is "mid left". So you have three rows "B bottom, M mid, T top", and three columns, "L left, M mid, R right". The tower in the middle is "center".

So a rough diagram:



Sorta. Set up the solvers that people linked earlier, I like http://www.ddoer.com/solver/3x3#all-off (remember, left clicking is just cheating/setting up the solver to match your puzzle. Right click to actually get the puzzle to work correctly) and finish the puzzle. Once ALL THE LIGHTS ARE ON, the ship comes and gets shot down by the gun. It falls into the acid lake on the right side of the puzzle. The door is under the wing on the closest side. Take your loot and go on with your life.

Also, I bet that if the puzzle has been recently completed, you'll have to wait for some sort of respawn cooldown or you won't be able to shoot the ship down. That sounds like just the kind of rotten thing a game designer would do to make our lives miserable.

By lynna at 2011-12-29 15:15:35
What you need to realize is that the "ship" is shot down in a toxic pool just south of the gun. When you DO finally power up the gun, a door hatch on the ship becomes interactable, clickable -- go click it. It took me a moment to figure this out as well, because there was no obvious "shooting down of a ship."

By Marco0798 at 2011-12-21 04:15:03

Ok for this imagine a square with 1 point on each corner and one inbetween all the connecting points with one in the middle.

the aim is to turn on all the light and keep them on at the same time. By turning 1 on it turns the switches on all other connecting points, this takes about 3 switches to do and you can turn on any failed switches.

honestly its a pain in da arse especially if there are multiple groups doing it.

By Jaspah at 2011-12-22 21:37:42
That is perfect for solving the puzzle! Worked great for my group! Thanks!
By Iceveiled at 2012-01-06 00:41:03

I'm all for puzzles in games and doing new things in MMO's, but this was just a bad idea. Me and a stranger were trying to figure this out. The quest log description is so frustratingly vague. Anytime you're on a quest and somebody has to type out "brb, I'll just google this" is a game design FAIL. On top of not knowing what the hell to do, the mobs respawn so fast that you'll spend more time fighting them off than trying to solve the puzzle.

Whoever approved this quest needs a reality check. This isn't fun. I like to finish all the quests so it was frustrating to let this one slip past.

By daedalus at 2011-12-23 16:25:58
pretty simple really, if all the lights are OUT then its middle, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right (in that order is the easiest) otherwise figure it out or use a solver =)
By Artaenis at 2012-06-16 09:21:13

I thought this was the coolest quest in that it made the player think to solve the puzzle. The guy I was doing this with was as intrigued as I was.

Here are some things I came up with to help us:

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(C is a corner, S is a side, and M is the middle)

I tried to think about it logically, so that is if I change a corner, C0 for example, then S0 and S1 will change their values. I use underline to indicate logical NOT.


C0 -> C0 S0 S1
S0 -> C0 S0 C1 m

If you do C0 and then S0 then you get the following:

C0,S0 -> (C0 S0 S1) (C0 S0 C1 M)

Group like terms...
C0,S0 -> (C0 * C0) (S0 * S0) S1 C1 M

NOTs cancel...
C0,S0 -> C0,S0,S1,C1,M

Only nodes affected...
C0,S0 -> S1,M,C1

You can do this for any combo you wish. I have highlighted the ones that were most useful to me below:

C0,S0 -> S1,M,C1

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(this applies to the other corner/adjacent side combos as well)

C0,M -> C0,S2,S3

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(this applies to the other corner/middle combos as well)

S0,M -> C0,C1,S1,M,S2,S3

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(this applies to the other side/middle combos as well)

S0,S1 -> S0,C1,S1,C2

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(this applies to the other side/adjacent side combos as well)

S0,S3 -> S0,C1,S1,C2

C0 S0 C1
S1 M S2
C2 S3 C3

(this applies to the other side/opposite side combos as well)

I hope this helps people.

By GhostyGu at 2013-01-15 05:06:07

Fantastic little app for solving this annoying little mission. Thank-you for saving me a great deal of time.

Incidentally, to anyone else, completing this mission is somewhat satisfying if you like to see Imp landing craft blown out of the sky by their own massive gun emplacement.

By Deea at 2012-01-23 06:24:44
Just to add 1 more method if anyone is having a problem understanding those posted already.
If all are Off when you start, this is simple and takes 5 steps.
Consider each terminal numbered, 1 through 9 - Number 1 is closest to gun (just north of it), then clockwise count them to 8, with number 9 then in the center.
If all are off - Hit 1, then 3, then 5, then 7, then the center #9. They are all now On.
The only hard part of this is what everyone is saying... other people in the area toggling them. Do this in the off-hours. It isn't hard.. Deea
By Valyn81 at 2012-01-25 05:44:00

Here is the two ways i was able to solve it. get the puzzle so that all lights are on in the middle like this:
X= Off
O= On


select the X in the middle for both sides that are off and you will have them all on.

also if you have one light on in the middle here is the best way to get it to the above pattern.


By Valyn81 at 2012-01-25 06:05:47
the grid is a square with the Gun being the top and the bottom facing the cliff with the bunker or what ever it is in the cliff side. the two pipes that project out of the side is a good way to view the puzzle from above but it is at an leftside angle if you do that
By xyzzy at 2012-01-26 13:51:55
The puzzle solver wasn't very helpful for me. Luckily the person I was with randomly solved it or we would never have made it. This should have been instanced.
By Mopsen at 2012-01-29 02:09:46
I thought it was pretty obvious that turning on a terminal on shut down the connecting ones, problem was I didn't see it was a 3x3 puzzle until I'd written it down on paper. You really need to be able to zoom out more for this kind of puzzle.
By Siriel at 2012-02-04 01:10:20

The first step is making sure you find the middle pole.

The tool (first comment above) was essential for me.

HOW: once you understand where is the middle pole...
1) set the tool to 3x3 of course
2) use the Edit button first to set the lights as the are in your game (the poles that are On).
3) then click the Solve button : the 1 that appear tell you which poles to switch. You can do them in any order, as long as you switch the right ones and only once.

Second: when the canon shoots, you must enter the closest ship you see. I didn't realize a ship had fallen, a timer past, so I had to do the puzzle a second time.

By Aksun at 2012-03-11 07:53:33

Mutombo nailed it hard. No wonder there's 20+ likes. Use the japanese weblink to go to the solver, then use EDIT (PLAY to exit edit mode) and SOLVE to get a small grid to the right as was already noted by omgitskae.

Here's my advice on how to simplify looking at this stuff:


S = SHIP (after it's shot down, the useable door is accessed from the toxic waste, closer to the turret)

Number 1 is connected to THE TURRET. So, if you look at the turret standing near 1, then 2 is directly RIGHT of you and 3 is sort of NE of the 2 (theyre obviously skewed).
Mid is obviously 5. So to clarify: IF YOU SEE MOBS WITH A DESTRUCTIBLE BARREL (or where you killed them) = IT'S the 9 from this scheme. The other groups of NPC's is between 2 and 3.

You will only have to defeat 1 group of mobs, since the group between 2 and 3 doesnt need to be aggroed if you approach the object from behind and click it just barely in range. You will have to fight the group between 6 and 9 at all times. Use the solver appropriately, once done - check the sky for a ship being shot down, if you missed the animation (its really short and not very loud), then go check out the ship which is NE of the 3.

As far as it not being instanced...i think it's an intended move by BIOWARE. Because its a puzzle inside an MMO. You have to like.. do it with other people, even if they're idiots. It's not single-player.

By JakkFrost at 2012-04-14 03:04:29

If you climb up onto the the cannon that you're trying to activate, you can also get a much better bird's-eye view of the grid.

Just datacron-hop onto the end of the barrel that's down beside a tent, and you can climb the barrel up to the base and look down upon the power poles.

By LostDrewid at 2012-01-14 22:37:18
What makes this mission design so flawed is trying to do it if any other idiot shows up. Since the vast majority of players ARE idiots, they're going to start flipping #$%^ at random, ruining your progress. It's even better if you don't notice they're there right away.
By sirmarkus at 2011-12-26 16:29:56
that site works great, unless somebody else starts pressing random stuff
By Meiyuu at 2012-01-15 01:06:32
I completed the puzzle, getting all 9 posts lit up at once. but the gun never activated, and there was nothing else to interact with. eventually, the terminals turned off again on their own and I gave up.
By Justinian at 2012-01-03 07:06:42
This mission is infinitely annoying. The text gives absolutely no indication or clue of the order in which you're supposed to turn on the many computer terminals and when you turn one on another 2 go off. Someone here has posted a link to how to solve a certain puzzle which has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on this mission and does not help at all. Someone else said press the terminal in the middle then the ones at each corner - except that there is no middle and the terminals are all around in a perfect circle so there are no corners either. My advice is to forget this entire bonus mission altogether.
By SenorBacon at 2011-12-24 17:25:34

Don't bother with this stupid ass mission. The puzzle itself isn't that hard, but the damn elites spawn constantly and when the gun does fire there is no ship to be found. I wasted half an hour on this crap.

"Search a ship" .... Could this mission be any more vague?

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