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Fight Darth Ikoral


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The Red Reaper

Your dropship has arrived at Chandrila just in time. Darth Ikoral's forces have begun an assault on the Chandrila Orbital Station through one of the primary docking bays. Cut through the attacking Sith and board the Red Reaper through the air lock.


  • Board the Sith Dreadnaught Red Reaper
  • Defeat Lord Kherus
  • Get to the Command Deck
  • Defeat the SV-3 Eradicator
  • Take Control of the Bridge
  • Search for Darth Ikoral
  • Override the Cryogenics Console
  • Get to the Meditation Chamber
  • Defeat Darth Ikoral
  • Take Control of the Red Reaper

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Red Reaper: Cargo Deck, The Red Reaper: Command Deck, and The Red Reaper: Sith Sanctum


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 10015 Experience


3 comments found
By Mitch07 at 2011-12-27 22:49:19

this is a very quick and very easy flashpoint. our group consisted of 2 sorcerers (1 healer, 1 dps), 1 juggernaut and a powertech.

First Boss: Lord Kherus

Some important things to note is like most bosses he is immune to stuns, movement imparing effects and interrupts, he is also immune to any 'gap closer' abilities, due to one of the mechanics in the fight. We started the boss off in the middle of the room, where he starts and sent our powertech down to the southern end of the room, but still in range of the boss so he could attack, our Juggernaut was tanking the boss while our powertech was down south. When the boss runs away to the hostages and starts to sacrifice one, the powertech ran as far south as he could and our juggernaut ran to the north end of the room. After the boss has finished sacrificing a hostage he will jump down to the southern end of the room and if no player is in melee range at the time, he will start hurling boxes at random group members. These boxes deal heavy damage and in quick succession, which may be too much for your healer.

The boss will be attacking your tank at the south end of the room for awhile until he jumps back and starts to sacrifice another hostage. At this point your 2nd tank should be at the north end of the room, waiting for the boss. While the boss was focused on our 2nd tank, our powertech ran to max range and started attacking the boss. After that, it's just a rinse and repeat. south end, north end. Although sometimes it appears to be random, so best to keep your tanks in their positions when the sacrifice is happening.

SV-3 Eradicator:

Before you engage the boss, you will notice the 3 red and 3 blue Sith Powerbase objects on either side of the boss, these powerbases correspond to 2 buffs the boss has active. The buffs on the boss increase his blue and red laser damage according to each blue and red powerbase. So if all the powerbases are blue, that means his Blue laser beam will deal more damage and if they are all red, his red laser beam does more damage. It's a very simple fight, all you need to focus on is to make sure the powerbases are evenly split between red and blue, which occasionally the boss will change them all to a certain colour, all you need to do is click on 3 individual powerbases and that will reset it back to 3 red and 3 blue.

Darth Ikoral:

Start the encounter by attacking the boss where he stands, he will attack your tank for awhile until he summons two adds. When he summons the adds he gains an immunity shield, which makes him immune to all damage, interrupts, knockbacks etc. These adds also gain a similar shield (immune to damage, knockbacks, Crowd Control and has increased health regen) making them impossible to dps down, except they are not immune to interrupts. What you need to do is interrupt the casting of the adds when their shield is up, once their shield is down get your 2nd tank to build up some threat. What you need to do is to keep interrupting the adds whenever you can and bring them towards the boss. Once you have the adds into position near the boss, get your tank who is tanking the boss to run behind the adds, as when the boss starts to cast his Force Lightning abilitiy, if the adds have their shield down, he will hit the add with force lightning and kill them after the channel has ended do the same thing for the 2nd add. (If you read the shield ability, that will tell you everything)

A little while after the adds are dead the boss will start to channel his Ancient Knowledge ability, which gives him a large damage boost. The way to survive his damage while he has this buff active on him is you will see orange coloured clouds spawn around the outer ring of the area, each one of these when run into will give you a 50% stacking damage taken reduction. You can stack up to 4 of these but it isn't necessary to survive his attacks, i think our juggernaut only obtained about 2-3 and easily survived. I suggest getting your tank to grab at least 2 and then everyone else grab 1-2 until there are none left. I haven't tested exactly how many are needed to survive, but if the Boss casts crushing darkness during this phase, you will probably need at least one to survive the damage.

By subminute at 2012-01-03 10:26:41

the easiest way for the first boss Lord Kherus is to just LOS his throwing attacks. when he is sacrificing a victim, just run down the hallway you came in a bit and he can't hit any with rocks. when he comes back dps, rinse and repeat.

He will randomly attack other party members and must be taunted off. he will do this generally twice, I had to use single target taunt and aoe taunt each time after a sacrifice.

For the last boss, you don't need to pull the adds to the boss, everyone just needs to run to one side of the room interrupt and make sure that the add is in the line of fire of the lightning and they will be fried. run to the other side, and repeat. and then get back on the boss.

By Kenuru at 2013-01-21 14:54:23
It was my entire group's first time into Red Reaper. We made it through without a hitch for the most part (save for a trash pull that knocked two of our members off a bridge right before Ikoral). We had to figure out that we could use Ikoral's adds to LoS the Force Lightning. We also had no idea about the orange clouds and didn't actually grab one during that phase, but his Crushing Darkness could just be dispelled if that was what they were for.
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