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Chaos and Harmony

You and the Rift Alliance forces have retaken Corellia's critical fortresses, the Guardian Holds. With them, the Republic stands a chance against the Empire. But the First Son is still at large, his will shielding the Children of the Emperor from being detected by the Jedi. Until you face him, the Republic will never be truly safe.


  • Locate the First Son
  • Speak to the First Son
  • Defeat the First Son
  • Use Your Ship's Intercom
  • Use Your Ship to Travel to Coruscant
  • Speak to the Supreme Chancellor

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Cave of the First Son, Defender: Flight Deck, Coruscant Spaceport, and Senate Tower: Level 2


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


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23 comments found
By r3fund at 2012-01-13 18:36:01
Cavern Collapse *will* 1 shot you.
By clayaqin at 2012-01-02 01:19:48
As Jedi Sage, I used Tharan Cedrax set for healing and interrupts with Holiday. Keeping Force Armor, DoT's, and HoT's up throughout, I tried a combination of close-range melee and kiting around the cavern while using ranged abilities. I tried interrupting Disturbance, Project Storm and Turbulence when possible, but being mindful to keep an interrupt of some form available for Collapse Cavern when he casts. Took a couple of tries to learn his cast progression, but you have to block Collapse Cavern or it's a one-shot wipe.
By Bogdanov89 at 2012-03-02 20:31:11

Did this as a lvl46 Shadow Tank (Light 4) with Tharan in Medwatch.
Use your stims, medkits, cooldowns and abilities as properly and precisely as you can.

Phase 1: Most dangerous thing is the Project Storm. Interrupt project storm with Spinning Kick or Force Stun or Resilience. Save Mind Snap for his regular nukes. Counter his pushes by luring him near a wall and turning your own back to the wall.

Phase 2: Never let him cast Cavern Collapse. Whenever your screen shakes and rocks start falling STUN him! Interrupting will not always work. No Project Storm here.

Phase 3: Same as phase 2 as far as i have noticed. He deals a bit more damage or casts faster. No Project Storm.

Yes it is possible to spare his life, did it myself from the first try.

By onealns at 2012-02-10 12:47:58
Using combat technique while infil spec on this guy works, thanks so much for the suggestion. He was easy as can be with Combat Technique on, couldn't beat him with Shadow Technique at all though.
By damitws6 at 2012-10-14 03:49:06
Would you believe? Leads to Crystal Ball.
By LostDrewid at 2012-02-17 23:30:39
Does *anybody* know what the trigger is for being able to redeem Syo at this point? We've done everything imaginable, tried brainstorming it on the official forum, and nobody knows. It works for most people, but some of us lose Syo no matter what we do - the First Son wins and we're forced to kill him in the final cutscene. We've used the *exact same* choices as every single video we've seen, and we've tried every *other* option just in case. We've now reset this mission six times to have more chances at the first dialog, to see if that made any changes. Nothing. No matter what we do, no matter what we say, Syo dies. It is an INTENSELY dissatisfying ending for a Consular who is Light V and has saved everybody else along the way. After one hundred eighty hours of playtime, getting the "bad ending" is bad enough; not knowing WHY is significantly worse.
By frequentset at 2012-02-05 16:23:54
Also fought him as Shadow but Kinetic Combat. Took 2 attempts as I got DC'd the first time but using my cooldowns and holding Mind Snap in reserve for Cavern Collapse did the trick. Didn't bother interrupting the other abilities as it wasn't necessary. Also used Tharan for healing.
By redldresq at 2012-02-14 17:18:56

Just did this as healing specced Jedi Sage. Took me a couple of attempts and switching out companions a couple times but what I found worked best was to use Zenith on snipe mode, keep him topped off and shielded every CD, and use Weaken Mind and Force Stun when possible. The most important part is to save Mind Snap for when he does Cavern Collapse. You will have about 0.5-0.7s to target him and pop Mind Snap when he starts channeling this spell. Don't worry if you see some rocks fall initially when he starts channeling, they will literally stop in mid air if you stop the channel. You just cant let him get to the end of the channel or it is a wipe. Basically, rinse and repeat until dead but make sure you do not use Mind Snap to early or that it is on CD when he does Cavern Collapse or you will wipe. Pretty easy fight actually once you get the mechanics figured out. So to summarize, as a healing sage, use a DPS companion, keep him/her shielded or healed, use Force Stun and Weaken Mind when you can, Mind Snap on every CC, fight, win, reap your rewards.
By tarpeya at 2012-12-20 10:45:47
why cant u save the game!
danm good fight, and the music from movie 3 where obi-wan and anakin is fighting, so f**cking nice.
want to do this fight again, again and again.
btw did it in lvl 47 as sage tele with tharan.
By Jaxor at 2012-02-22 09:39:48

Very challenging fight, interrupts are essential however who you choose as your companion is almost as important. dots and hots are helpful, but not enough as you will likely go oom on the fight at least once. Make sure to clear out the beginning children as he throws you and your companion around the room quite a lot. As listed in the other comments, if he gets off collapse you will die- end of story. He repeated it around 4 times for me during the fight- possibly on a timer. It also did not display the castbar once, so watch for the shaking and falling rocks if possible. Don't be afraid to use your long cooldowns, but make sure you use them with enough life left on the companion for them to tick at least once.

For my fight I choose Qyzen as my tank and I was specd as sage healer. He's able to keep most of the attacks off of you, but it also means he WILL be dropping like a stone depending on his gear level. In my case I hadn't been upgrading him that much, so bubbles and direct heals were pretty much the only thing keeping him alive. Using the dot definitely helps, but you need to do direct attacks as well. Otherwise you'll never make it as the fight goes on too long as it is. If the companion goes down kiting works to a certain extent- especially if you are well geared, but not as much as you would hope. Since almost all of his attacks are ranged, kiting isn't a great option unless you can LOS him. The shape of the cavern does allow for this but when I tried it the first time, he started casting collapse and there wasn't really a point to trying it again after that.

By Aatyas at 2013-04-07 07:48:14

If you need to go back you can reset the quest before activating next one.
I used Nadia. Shadow speced for Infiltration - but used combat technique stance. If you choose option 1- Syo break his shield, he lives.


50 Shadow

By DPRoberts at 2013-11-13 15:33:42

Somewhat disappointing ending. It wasn't very epic at all.

The battle with the First Son was pretty easy as a Shadow with Theron. It took me six tries but I suck. If you time the interrupt of Cavern Collapse right, you pretty much just have to stand there and do your normal rotation. You don't even have to pop a heal if you have Theron in medwatch.

By anon15846 at 2014-06-03 07:19:43
Just did it as a level 50 healer sage with Iresso. Basically follow everyone else's advice, if I had been gearing Tharan it probably would have been easier. Took me 3 tries. I just kept a shield on Iresso and spammed heals. I pretty much only targeted Syo to interrupt cavern collapse. Third attempt went smoothly once I stopped trying to interrupt everything else.
By sub0ptimal at 2012-03-09 18:57:21
Completed as Sage (healer) level 50.
I used Qyzen and spammed bubble, instant heal dot, main heal, channeled heal dot, +force, repeat. I would try to slip in an attack when I had time, but basically I was healing full time. Keep the interrupt handy for the collapse. You will need this 3-4 times.
By zychme at 2012-01-20 23:30:33
Just defeated The First Son. Here is how I did my version of him. As a Sage Healer, I decided to use Qyzen over everyone else. I did not one shot him, so I had the privilege of starting at my leisure. Starting the pull with Qyzen's Leap attack, and opened with Mind Crush and Weaken Mind. Always keeping my shield on Qyzen and Healing Trance on Cooldown, force power did become a problem until the last 10% of his health. I also kept my interrupt on CD. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways of interrupting Cavern Collapse. Obviously you can use your interrupt, but you may also use your stun, and your knockback if your interrupt is already on CD. Beyond keeping my companion alive, I was able to keep a constant Weaken Mind on him, and squeezed Mind crush in when I had the chance. For me, without those two spells on him constantly, this fight would have taken me forever.
By Hologramx at 2012-03-26 00:19:35
For the final stage of this quest chain that asks you to travel to Coruscant, you need to use the Galaxy Map in your ship to travel to Coruscant.
If you travel to Coruscant via the Republic Fleet instead, the quest will not proceed to the next stage.
And for the next quest "Crystal Ball", which ask you to travel to the Republic Fleet, don't go to the fleet via Coruscant eleveator.
You will have to use your galaxy map again. Stupid quest design, as if their programmers are robots..

By B100DLUST at 2012-01-22 09:19:37
Using Tharan worked really well, I even played a little sloppy. Prioritize the dots and interrupts.
By cmacord69 at 2012-03-29 03:44:38

This fight went weird for me. Using Fess, I died the first time because I spent too much time watching for the collapse spell, and I let Fess die. The second time, I died because I was busy healing Fess and I let Syo cast the collapse spell...doh. I decided to switch to the LT, for no other reason than to perhaps change my luck. I got Syo down to about half health, and he and the LT got hung up in some rocks somehow, and I started getting "Cannot see target" messages...I also was getting some Evades. They were wailing away at each other, but the LT was not taking any damage. I tried to put the LT on Passive so we could run away and pull Syo away from that bad place, but for some reason it would not let me activate the LT's Passive - I clicked over and over, and nothing happened. Then I tried to hit him with my light sabre and draw his attention to me, but that didn't work, prob. because LT was generating so much threat. Finally, I found an angle where I was able to hit him with Disturbance, and finished him with that....neither the LT nor I took any damage during this time. I kind of feel like I cheated, but it wasn't my fault....

BTW, I was able to save Syo. When I left the bunker, there were two identical images standing in the same spot, one labeled "Master Syo" and the other labeled "First Son".

By morder1 at 2012-02-03 12:27:01

Im shadow and this was a pain using shadow technique, i died 3-4 times before even getting him half way... Put on combat technique and 1 shot him easily... even missed an interupt of collapse cavern, and it missed me somehow...

Tharon as my comp

By wolfstriker86 at 2012-04-28 01:22:31
Not really a third stage, more like phase 2 till the end. Just keep interrupting him and its easy.
By Meach at 2012-05-02 15:01:16
Easily soloable at level 47 with Tharan in med watch stance. Just use your interupts on his disturbance casts and use deploy holiday when he casts cavern collapse.
By niunbladefist at 2012-07-10 11:21:11
I just completed this at level 48 as a Telekinetics Sage, using Tharan. I did what everyone else said and just used Holiday on the Cavern Collapse. I used my other interrupts to give myself a bit of a break on taking damage, as well as keeping myself bubbled when I could. I'm used to questing with Qyzen, but even so, I did this quite easily using Tharan once I gave him some level appropriate gear. =)
By Scylune at 2012-02-25 20:04:16

Yeahh just finished it as sage healer lvl 50 & Nadia as companion. And I saved Syo, -yes- he's alive =) (*)
I did a video with fraps, I'll post it someday on youtube.

(*) possible cause : "Pure Heart" title ?

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