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Number One with a Bullet

After you defeated Master Jun Seros on Corellia and delivered the Jedi's effects to Darth Tormen, the Sith Lord was able extract landing codes for the Supreme Chancellor's ship from Seros's datapad. Contact him for further details.


  • Use Your Ship's Holoterminal
  • Travel to the Corellia Orbital Station
  • Slice the Hangar Security Console
  • Defeat the Firewing's Captain and Crew
  • Pilot the Firewing to the Founder
  • Plant Explosives near the Chancellor's Shuttle
  • Plant Explosives near the Military Shuttle
  • Plant Explosives near the Civilian Shuttle
  • Plant Explosives near the Cargo Shuttle
  • Defeat the Hangar Bay Security Forces
  • Deactivate the Alert
  • Move to a Safe Location
  • Use the Detonator
  • Override the Lockdown
  • Sabotage the Escape Pods
  • Locate the Supreme Chancellor
  • Defeat the Supreme Guard
  • Speak to the Supreme Chancellor
  • Use an Escape Pod
  • Meet with Darth Tormen

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in D5-Mantis: Flight Deck, Corellia Orbital Station, Corellia Orbital Station: Hangars, The Founder: Port Hangar Deck, The Founder: Passenger Deck, and The Tyrant: Executive Wing


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


22 comments found
By somtaaw at 2012-03-10 06:50:09
If you choose to betray Darth Tormen, and work with the Chancellor (Light Sided) you automaticlly get Some People Just Need Killing
By Seppuku at 2012-01-26 02:05:53
Just did this as a lvl 46 mercenary
concussive missile 1 droid and you can easily kill the other one use an electric dart after Mako interrupted and it's a cakewalk
By mikl352 at 2013-01-10 12:44:07

- Gauntlet - Level 3
- Tools of the Trade - Level 2
- The Last Flight - Level 4
- Big Chief - Level 6
- Settling Accounts - Level 7
- House Cleaning - Level 8
- My Sponsorship - Level 9 [Mako]
- Escaping Hutta - Level 11

Dromund Kaas
- The Hunt on Dromund Kaas - Level 9
- The Huntmaster - Level 9
- A Musty Trail - Level 9
- Family Cleansing - Level 14
- The Spy Game - Level 15
- The Melee - Level 16
- Joy Ride - Level 17 [Spaceship & Start Chapter 1]

- The Balmorran Target - Level 15
- Pirrell's Ambitions - Level 15
- Chaos at the Droid Factory - Level 17
- Down with the Queen - Level 18
- Bait and Switch - Level 19
- Meeting the Admiral - Level 19

Nar Shaddaa
- The Enemy of My Enemy - Level 20
- Economic Boom - Level 21
- The Underdogs - Level 21
- Catching Zees - Level 22
- Industrial Espionage - Level 22
- Professional Courtesy - Level 23
- A Dangerous Auction - Level 24

- The Tatooine Target - Level 24
- Tracking the Smuggler - Level 24
- Confronting Veeboo - Level 25
- A Barter With The Lady of Pain - Level 26
- Catching A Slippery Eel - Level 28 [Gault]

- The Alderaan Target - Level 28
- Spiking the Punch - Level 28
- Like A Rancor In A Pottery Shop - Level 29
- Silver Tongues - Level 30
- Kingmaker for a Day - Level 31
- Honor Regained - Level 32
- The Mandalorian Killer - Level 32
- Hail the Conquering Hero - Level 32
- Fortune and Glory - Level 32 [End Chapter 1]
- The Heart of Darkness - Level 32

- A Friendly Wager - Level 32
- A Family Matter - Level 32
- Imperial Bounty - Level 33
- To Walk in Dark Places - Level 33
- Geroya be Haran - Level 34
- Honor or Glory - Level 35 [Torian Cadera]

- Endorsement - Level 36

- A Dish Served Cold - Level 38
- Cool Reception - Level 38
- Digging His Own Grave - Level 38
- Fire and Ice - Level 39
- In Cold Blood - Level 40 [Blizz]
- Notorious - Level 41
- A Failure to Communicate - Level 41
- Laying Low - Level 41 [End Chapter 2]

- The Ferryman - Level 40
- A Flicker of Hope - Level 41
- Juxtaposition - Level 42
- Mnemonia - Level 43
- Where Few Follow - Level 43
- A Thousand Pardons - Level 43
- No Strings Attached - Level 44 [Skadge]

- At Arms Length - Level 44
- Nihilistic Mystics - Level 45
- Captive Audience - Level 46
- To Still a Bleeding Heart - Level 47
- Thus, Always, to Tyrants - Level 47

- Hostile Takeover - Level 47
- A Queen's Ransom - Level 48
- The Thin Blue Line - Level 49
- Reckoning - Level 50
- Number One with a Bullet - Level 50
- Some People Just Need Killing - Level 50

By scootle at 2012-03-07 18:50:36
By Caras at 2012-04-23 09:42:46

Ridiculous to put these two mobs together for tanking spec, but so goes Bioware. Anyway, after reading up, I was able to pull it off this way:

Gault, and then focus his target (tried w/ Mako, but no luck). Quell my target when he heals, electro dart the other one. Pop your heroic moment after this so you can electro the other guard the second time he heals.With the knockbacls, it was hard to keep close to both (for carbonite), but I was able to burn the first down fast enough with Gault that the other couldn't keep him up with heals. If you were on top of things, you could grapple the second guard if he gets to a 3rd heal (it'll interrupt him).

Anyway, doable, but frustrating. I suggest you get use to the "focus" feature in the game so you can switch targets quickly.

By jarvmin at 2012-01-29 21:08:33

On Jan 29 2012:

Made it to the last 2 mobs during the stage of the quest where you're instructed to "Use an Escape Pod"

I was unable to kill the 2 mobs, but I was able to activate the left escape pod. While I was not put into the pod, this did despawn the two invincible mobs and update the quest to "See Darth Tormen". I was then able to use my Fleet Pass to return to the Imperial Fleet, fly to Darth Tormen's ship, and complete the quest.

Not pretty but it worked. Wasn't able to complete the bonus (48/50).

By Gluteous at 2012-11-24 04:00:36
I used a concussion missile on one silver elite guard and dispatched the other one. Quite easy I thought.
By xnetshadowx at 2012-02-07 11:30:06
For me the the door leading to the republic guard is locked, this is after i used the escape pods, so it is glitchy
By Bludwyng at 2012-02-07 15:10:49
Wrong door, bud. Took me a bit, but sabotaging the escape pods opened a door two rooms back.
By rshel at 2014-02-13 23:37:05
Bioware appears to have updated this mission since most of these comments; however, it is still glitched! The "unable to find enough enemies to get the bonus" is fixed: Just kill everything in the hangar bay and look behind all closed doors and you'll make the quota. The two Supreme Guards who heal each other still caused some problems, but once I got one down, the other one was easy. I arrived at my glitch by completing my bounty and freezing the Chancellor. To leave via escape pod as directed, you have to get past two silver elites around 15K health each. The nameless one was easy to take down, but the one named Larrot glitched and exhibited 100% absorb. He was invulnerable. And did I tell you that they turned off the lights completely in the compartment, so you aiming of flame burst and flamethrower were seriously degraded? Anyway, I should have been able to take the two of them with some margin as a L51 Powertech, but I finally noticed the "absorb" messages after being killed three times in a row. OK. This game has had glitches before -- I went to the medical station after the last death, healed, buffed and logged out. Login again, run run run to the fight location. Dark compartment, but nobody there. Glitch 1 since I hadn't killed both yet. No place to click for escape pod, but once I went into the compartment, the progress indicator said my escape pod had been picked up by Darth Tormen's ship and I should proceed to meet with him. Glitch because I standing in the dark compartment on the Chancellor's ship. So I used my Fleet teleport and flew my regular ship back to Dark Tormen's ship and completed the mission.
By Bludwyng at 2012-02-07 15:16:22

NOTE: If you respawn at medcenter the next room has 4 normal mobs that respawn! Just be aware so you don't just run into them! :)

Also, the Scared mobs will sometimes get brave when you run by them!

Upon my return to the Supreme Guard room they glitched, charging me the moment I opened the door BUT they did not heal each other. I dropped them both without too much trouble.

By Joey at 2012-01-01 00:33:20

The quest, for the most part, is easy.. until you get to the part with 2 Silver droids that consistently and CONSTANTLY heal each other for like 5k. For a Class quest that has the ability to tank in at least one tree, putting a DPS burst + double CC check (we can't long term CC) droids was a terrible design decision.

Still stuck on this one, but I wanted to let others know that end up checking this page that there are many more that have felt and feel your pain, just google it and see for yourself.

By Zorrah at 2012-02-13 11:18:50

You have to go back around to another open door as Bludwyng said. Once you sabotage the pods...another door opens 2 rooms back.

The 2 silver mobs inside aren't too tough....but I will say they're bugged. I CC'ed one with Concussion Missile and was able to take them both out but you have to be very close to them or you may get "cannot see target". Either way not that tough..just stay close..and don't use any AOE when the 1 is CC'ed.


49 Merc

By c0deage at 2012-02-14 00:10:27
also did this as a lvl 50 arsenal spec with mako, was easy enough imo :/
By nfw73 at 2012-01-01 19:56:05

I managed with Mako using a pretty standard tank spec, 31/7/3, took 2 tries.

First try, Mako stuck doing absolutely nothing, I died.

Second try, I had Mako tank one of the droids, taunted with necessary, maybe that was the trick as the more even distribution of damage means they only heal themselves, not each other, and I was able to rotate my interrupts/stuns etc. Remember we have 4, quell, electro dart, carbonize and grapple, in addition to Mako's.

By ChuchoFett at 2012-02-17 19:52:30

i have this same problem..
i want to complete my bonus quest! :(

I've killed all the guys and couldnt find more than 48/50 ..and some guys didnt even count :( ...if some one know why this happened let me know ..!
i've been stuck here for like an hour .. with no luck finding my last 2 guys :S

Im gonna try reseting phase :(

EDIT1:had to reset mission .. i couldnt reset the phase once i went out it changed to red .. not letting me see the cinematic .. ;/
EDIT2: ok here's what i did and it worked .. i went out .. and hit the reset quest button from my quest log ... then i reentered wiped the The Founder: Port Hangar .. about 26 rep forces there ... then went back to the ship .. got out of it ... hit the reset phase from right-clicking your portrait .. then i started over .. all objectives stay .. but enemies respawn :) .. there you go! :D

By Edgewalker001 at 2012-01-04 10:49:37
I havn't gotten to this quest yet so I can't give you anything but speculation, but I'd say this is supposed to be a positioning check rather than burst DPS.
Plenty of bosses in other MMOs require you to pull them apart from each other for various reasons, so I'd recommend taunting one after you, no matter what your spec and run to one end of the room and have your companion fight the other one, now you only have to deal with one heal, that you can interrupt with quell.
By Hambonio at 2012-01-23 09:50:21
As a Powertech at 50 with Mako, good luck! She may be great at most fights when you need long term healing. After 5 tries with Mako, I tried Skadge. I got one of the guards down to 50hp before healing but my technique was not that great during that attempt. My next attempt one of them finally went down. Yes I died but then that only left one more standing to finish off! You probably could use a DPS companion as well... maybe... Skadge was taking a ton of damage.
By blupache at 2012-03-31 10:27:57

If you're wanting to get the bonus mission (Defeat 50 Republic Forces), you need to kill all the enemy in the hanger when you first pass through.

If you go upstairs and set off the bomb, it wipes out any remaining enemy in the hanger area & there aren't enough republic forces upstairs to complete the bonus mission.

I also found that if I ran through at 35,829 a frightened staffer from the previous room always went hostile and attacked me. Not the most cleanly designed class mission Bioware has ever made, although it's certainly better than some.

By TheRealSurelog at 2011-12-31 16:33:53

This quest as of 12/31/2011 is very difficult and I dare say impossible to do by yourself. (at level 50, doing it earlier may make it easier as the mobs scale to level).
I play as a tank spec and here are the issues I've had so far and what I've tried to do to beat this quest.

You get to a point where you must kill two specialized silver elite guards.
they will start casting a spell to heal themselves, and you can interrupt that, however the other guard will heal the one low on health and that's hard if not impossible to stop.
Mako can temporary CC the other one on occasion which is nice, but I have yet to even kill one of them yet.

Also for some reason my companions have gone after the non-aggressive NPC's that are 2 rooms away for no reason.

I think the level scales things awkwardly in this mission. I spoke with a level 48 BH who had almost no problems with this mission. I on the other hand have found it impossible as the mobs continue to heal one another to full health with relative ease despite my trying to keep them interrupted during the casting of that specific spell.

By TheRealSurelog at 2012-01-01 02:14:36
I recently got a message back from the Protocol Droid W3-R7 saying that this quest is commonly known to be glitch among the community and will be fixed in a future patch.
By niikomadness at 2012-01-06 08:25:22
A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it.
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