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Master Sidonie Garen


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The Summit

As House Teral's representative, you now have access to the peace summit. You can confront Master Sidonie and ensure the peace process is not at risk.

Take the data spike and head to the coordinates in the Glarus Valley that Lord Teral has given you, to make your way to the summit.


  • Go to the Summit Shuttle Coordinates
  • Install the Data Spike
  • Find Master Sidonie
  • Defeat the Summit Guards
  • Deactivate the Force Field
  • Speak with Sidonie Garen
  • Defeat Sidonie Garen
  • Return to your Hangar on Alderaan
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Use Your Ship's Holoterminal

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in The Glarus Valley, Sendoth Ruins, Jedi Ruins, Alderaan: Pallista Spaceport: Jedi Consular Hangar, and Defender: Flight Deck


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6505 Experience


2 items found
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
Jedi Savant Lightsaber
32Melee Main Hand, Melee Off Hand515
Meditation Double-bladed Lightsaber
32Melee Main Hand, Slot 67515
12 comments found
By Lauchlan at 2012-05-05 20:36:56
Leads to A Return Home if you've also finished your class quest on Tatooine.
By Sleagh at 2012-03-18 14:28:57
As a lvl 30 sage and using Theran I took her down fairly easily. I just interupted everything she had that was powerful. Ignore the telekinetic throw as it doesnt do much dmg. With Theran using Holiday and all of my stuns I didnt have a problem.
By NotAvailable at 2012-03-30 13:10:14

I like a challenge. For reasons stemming from that, I attempted this fight at level 27. *laugh* no ... just, no ... seriously. Don't even bother. I gave it about 30 attempts and my best got her down to 65% or so. I tried many, many methods and tactics involving both the companions we have available at the time. Maybe worth mentioning I've been playing MMO's since old-world Everquest, so I am quite good. This fight is just crazy with her damage output and situational awareness requirements.

Now, to the point ... I strolled back in at 29, much better geared and with Holiday in tow (you don't get Holiday until 29) and took her out on my 2nd attempt. I didn't even need Heroic Moment or such. It's just a matter of all the pieces falling in the right places. This fight can go very good or very bad and what's frustrating is that you can only control about 75% of that - the rest is luck. And this chick has a horseshoe up her ***.

For level 30 and under - From my experience, I echo previous posters in their recommendations to use Tharan and keep her next to a column or such, so you can easily line-of-sight her boulder toss and quickly jump back in to interrupt heals (make sure Tharan can get line of sight on you, as well). Avoid all her earth/force-based attacks and interrupt her Benevolence (most important). Once she gets below 30% or so, hit your defensive cooldowns and just rail her, interrupting her boulder throw (if possible) and benevolence. The higher your level goes, the easier this fight will get. If you just want to drive over her, go level a bit and come back later. (I did this fight at 36 on my non-PTS Shadow and I honestly don't even remember it so it had to be a steamroll).

By Brain314 at 2012-01-16 04:37:40

I believe the first real challenge I've face solo going on level 35 as a Shadow Tank, and here's how I did it:

Used Tharan for heals and all around DPS/interrupter. Kept up Kinetic Ward while running around her using Project and Telekinetic Throw. Her Forcequake radius is quite a bit larger than the AOE circle would have you believe, so run out further. Interrupt her Benevolence heals (Mind Snap, Force Wave, Force Stun, Holiday), and any other attack if you can spare it. Eventually, you whittle her down, concentrating more on staying alive than DPSing.

By ViruzzzDK at 2012-04-24 11:25:09
Did the fight change significantly since all these comments? I have no difficulty at all as a level 30 sage with almost exclusively gear from pre-alderaan, I finished with myself and qyzen at near full health and over 40% force, never used any items or medpacks or relics, heck, even forgot to use heroic moment
Interrupt her forcequake and keep qyzen healed if he is tanking, it is probably easiest if you spec healer. If you have another companion than qyzen then use the environment to your advantage, there are so many things you can duck behind and avoid ALL damage from her abilities. Duck behind something for her projectspam and telekinetic throw. If you want to you could even beat her with just weaken mind and your interrupt, although it would take ages.
By MorsGladius at 2012-12-14 18:36:06
I can't be sure, but I think the only way you will get the title from House Teral is to get House Ulgo removed from the houses of Alderan
By DarQuing at 2014-12-21 22:03:29


[1] The Path of a Jedi
[4] Pilgrims
[4] Trials in Kaleth
[6] Hunter's Eye
[6] The Footsteps of the Fallen
[7] Rajivari's Legacy (Qyzen Fess) joins your Crew
[8] The Forge
[9] An Afflicted Master

[9] The Arrival
[10] Secret Signals
[12] The Flow of Goods
[12] The Coming Darkness
[14] Shadows
[16] Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1 - The Dark Plague

[16] The Expedition
[17] The Junction
[18] Rakghoul Invasion
[19] Super Reactor

Nar Shaddaa:
[21] The Professor
[21] Running with the Lancers
[22] Authorized for Destruction (got this after Dark Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] Authorized for Sabotage (probably after Light Side answer in conversation with Tharan Cedrax)
[22] The Master
[23] Shadow Town (Tharan Cedrax) joins your Crew

The Carida:
[24] Distress Call

[25] Looking Out for the Little Guy
[26] Visions in the Sand
[27] Death in the Dunes
[27] The Ultimate Warriors

[28] Diplomacy
[29] Hostile Negotiations
[30] Crisis Situation
[31] The Summit
[32] A Return Home

[32] Vivicar Awaits
[32] A Time to Reflect

Chapter 2 - The Rift Alliance

[32] An Alliance of Opposites

[32] Our Points of View
[33] Watchers
[34] Executive Order 228
[35] Passing the Torch (Zenith) joins your Crew

[37] Attis Station

[38] The Coalition
[37] Into the White
[39] Cracks in the Armor
[39] Chasing the Legend (Lieutenant Iresso) joins your Crew

Waypoint Station Three:
[41] To Serve the King

Chapter 3 - The Children of the Emperor

[41] Counterpoint
[42] Hostile Population
[42] Category Ten
[43] Taking on the Asylum
[43] The Voice From The Tomb (Nadia Grell) joins your Crew

The Euphony:
[44] Fearless

[44] A Thorny Path
[45] Marked
[46] Signs and Signifiers
[46] Nightmares
[47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart
[47] Find the Ancient Artifact (Light Side)
[47] Find the Ancient Weapon (Dark Side)
(depending on your choice of Light/Dark Side points in [47] Deep Cradle, Dark Heart)

The Javelin:
[47] Shattering

[47] Descent
[48] A Fine Line
[49] Old Blood
[50] As Above, So Below
[50] Chaos and Harmony


Proceed to the Ilum quest series for the Crystal Ball mission.

By Shigy at 2012-01-30 02:19:58
This is the last class quest on Aldaran for JC. So if you have other quests you want to finish you can hold off going back to your hanger till they are done.
By pansuto at 2012-03-03 01:06:05
At level 28, I tried and failed four times with Qyzen attempting to down her, the lag between trying to interrupt her and heal him was just too much. After a little research, I tried gearing up Tharan for healing and staying mobile, tanking her myself and keeping out of the earthquake effect. Between Holiday, force stun, and Mind Snap, I was able to interrupt her damage and heals long enough to bring her down. My final (successful) attempt was at level 29, and I used Heroic Moment while LoSing her to heal up mid fight. For anyone having a problem with it, you could try going through all those hoops, but I'd suggest you take the much simpler tactic and get someone to help :)
By uhbeta at 2012-01-03 11:03:58
As level 30 DPS Shadow I had to pop all cds and use a med unit that healed both myself and Qyzen Fess.
By Thex at 2012-01-29 00:46:47
You will probably only get to use force stun once during the fight, but make sure you use it when he is throwing rocks!
By ackros at 2012-01-02 12:24:36
this is just a pain. she absolutely hammered me from the start with continuous earth objects hurling at me.

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