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Fondor Escort as a Smuggler

Space Combat: Fondor Escort

Use the galaxy map on your ship to locate the "Fondor Escort" and complete this space combat mission for the Republic.


  • Complete the "Fondor Escort" Mission

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Space Battle


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 2715 Experience


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By derkuli at 2011-12-08 23:44:50

The Fondor Escort is very simple. The shuttle you have to guard is at a medium distance from you. It constantly take laser blasts from fighters, frigates and capital ships. Fighters are the biggest threat. Forgive me if I am not 100% correct, doing this from memory

Main Objective:
Protect the shuttle until it reaches safety.

Bonus Objective:
Destroy 25 fighters


Your ship follows the same basic course as the shuttle. It likes to fly really close to frigates and big cap. ships. Use missiles if you have them on rows of turrets on the big capital ships for a boost of quick XP. you get 20XP per turret on a Cruiser, and they have about 30 of them in groups of 4 or 8. That was the main XP gain for me in this mission as with missiles and lasers you can clean a Cruiser out pretty quick. Use lasers to kill fighters, should only take 3-4 shots. About half way through you start getting groups coming up behind you, this is the most difficult part of the mission as they blast right past you and go after the shuttle. Stay focused and pay a bit of attention and the shuttle should never drop past half health.


By derkuli at 2011-12-08 23:38:38

Seeing as the NDA is lifted, I thought I would spread a little info.

Space Battle basics:

1. The ship flys the basic course on its own. You have to avoid big rocks, ships, and ice chunks.
2. You control 2 different weapons, Lasers and Missiles. Lasers are quick firing, light damage. Missiles have a reload time, but can fire salvos and do lots of damage.
3. Fighters are everywhere and seem to form some part of the bonus objectives in space battles. Shoot them down for easy XP!
4. Save missiles for tough objectives. You have a limited supply, so use them with care!
5. If you don't have objectives to complete, shoot EVERYTHING. Turrets/engines/shield generators on little ships are worth 5XP and go down fast. On big ships they are worth 20XP!
6. They seem to be a daily type of mission. You can do them twice the first day, then once each following day. Easy way to earn XP, credits, and tokens for upgrades/item cases/credits.

By rigel at 2012-04-07 08:06:07
Bonus missions:
By soneil at 2012-12-11 18:55:38
There is also an additional 'hidden' bonus mission to destroy the bridge on the capital ship. Since that can't really be done without a proton torpedo launcher (which you can't get until high level) you would need to come back and do this mission later if you want to do that objective.
By markdon at 2012-01-08 07:20:58
There is one other "bonus" mission, I believe its called "Take out the enemy fleet" you have to destroy 20 capital ship turrets, don't know how many xp it rewards.
By Wonderboy at 2012-01-08 11:46:20

Fondor 25 Interceptors 20 Turrets Command Center (torpedo)
330 120 0 (bugged?) 4230
Balosar 60 Interceptors 20 Turrets + 4 Satellites Antennae Array (torpedo)
330 198 847 2538
Javaal 50 Ints/Turrets 8 Shield Generators Command Center (torpedo)
330 198 847 2538
Archenar 100 Interceptors 12 Command Turrets Command Center (torpedo)
645 198 1158 2538
Makem Te 75 Ints/Turrets 5 Gen + 6 Engines Command Center (torpedo)
645 386 1158 2538
Syvris 40 Interceptors 40 Turrets Command Center (torpedo)
1413 386 1526 2538
Llanic 60 Interceptors 20 Turrets + 4 Satellites Antennae Array (torpedo)
1413 847 1526 2538
Pakuuni 30 Interceptors 4 Shield Generators Command Center (torpedo)
2227 1335 2575 2538
Kovor 65 Ints/Turrets 10 Shield Generators Command Center (torpedo)
2227 712 1837 2538
Hydian 4 Tender Engines 4 Heavy Fighters
3247 1950 2167
Drexel 12 Turrets Command Center (torpedo)
3247 386 2538
Zosha 75 Ints/Turrets Command Center (torpedo)
4020 1526 2538
Kalee 30 Interceptors 4 Shield Generators
4020 2411 2411
Impossible 4 Tender Engines 4 Heavy Fighters
4905 2943 2943

Fondor 3:25 1 commendation daily = 4 com. 645 cred
Balosar 6:33 + Javaal 4:44 1+1 com. daily = 5 com. 1584 cred
Archenar 3:45 + Makem Te 4:44 1+1 com. daily = 6 com. 1885 cred
Syvris 3:31 + Llanic 6:33 1+3 com. daily = 7 com. 3090 cred
Pakuuni 5:18 + Kovor 4:40 3+3 com. daily = 8 com. 4068 cred
Hydian 7:55 + Drexel 3:45 3+3 com. daily = 9 com. 5196 cred
Zosha 4:44 + Kalee 5:18 5+5 com. daily = 10 com. 5360 cred
Impossible 7:55 5 com. daily = 15 com. 7848 cred

it's important to note these are all the available bonus missions when going back at level 50 and many require torpedoes. while leveling up pre-50 most of these space missions only have the first bonus available. with about 73 minutes of work a day... a sharp eye and the torpedo upgrade, you can make 118,338 credits and 100 commendations.

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