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Justicar Injustice

Renalda Agareth tells you that her brother, Braedon, was indentured by the Justicars and is being forced to serve as low-level security or face exile.

You agreed to save this young man from his captors. To reach Braedon Agareth in Justicar captivity, you must first breach their security field. Justicar heavy gunners wear specialized belts that will grant you safe passage. Find the heavy gunners in Justicar territory.


  • Obtain a Justicar Security Belt
  • Destroy the Field Generator
  • Speak with Braedon Agareth
  • Erase Curfew-breaker Records
  • Return to Renalda Agareth

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Justicar Territory, and Justicar Security Office: Level 2


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 2050 Experience


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By Lawthorne at 2012-03-03 00:19:52

If the force field bugs out, go back up the elevator, and out of the Group Phase (the green field). Once you're outside the Group Phase, right click on your character's head, choose Phase, and Reset Local Phase.

This resets the group phase, so the NPC's will be back, and you will have to kill them again, but once you get back down there, the field will be gone and you can continue on with the mission.


By Migatron at 2011-12-16 23:59:28
To be more specific, hug the wall to the right as you approach this from the north...you'll turn the corner and notice the gate as the previous comment says - I couldn't find this in beta or live in two runthroughs without the suggestion, thanks!
By yesimnathan at 2012-01-08 18:21:09
This quest bugged on me the first time that I did it. I killed all of the guys on the second level and then destroyed the field generator. Once it was destroyed, the force field disappeared for a second and then came back. I had to reset the phase to complete the quest.
By Darneas at 2014-10-28 20:27:23
I had to reset it because of the glitch as well. The second time the field was down when I got to it.

By lenzius at 2011-11-26 22:05:05

The entrance to this quest is behind some type of munitions cage with an armed gate on it. On the map it looks like it is through a wall, but keep going south, then circle around to the west and back north into an unexplored area. It is kinda around the block. Once you get inside the gate, walk carefully and you should be able to get to the story area without aggroing any of the mobs.

Once inside the first level of the security office, you will find a single silver starred Justicar Security officer with 1850 health and his level 15 hound. Dispatch them and take the lift to the second level.

Here there are a number of mobs. Just hug the left wall and you should be able to avoid some of them, although if you feel lucky, there is a fuel tank behind the group on the right that you can shoot for fun. Before you get done you will have to fight one more silver starred Justicar Security officer with 1850 health and two droids. kill them, and talk to the kid.

***Before you leave be sure to do as he asks, and visit the computer next to the lift back down.***

... all this is for one little worthless brat. Good grief.

EDIT: 2012-1-12

It has been a couple of months, and I originally did this on a Smuggler during beta. Just completed this again during live with similar results. Mine did not bug out, but then again, I did not clear the entirte floor of mobs before hand. Still seems like alot of work for some brat who will not leave.

By somtaaw at 2012-01-15 05:05:18

Rewards@ level 16, Jedi Sentinel:
265 credits
3535 experience

Select one:
Sentinel's Lightsaber
1x Coruscant Commendation

By LouJ at 2012-01-27 08:40:46
This one also bugged out on me twice. I re-set this for the third time and made sure I was as close to the force field as possible, ready to run in as soon as I destroyed the field generator - and just made it. I then had to use fast/quick travel to get out again though and run back to finish the job :/
By LentzRose at 2013-10-16 06:13:24
36 affection with Jorgan
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