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BH w/ G1 upgrades

Space Combat: Taspan Ambush

Use the galaxy map on your ship to locate the "Taspan Ambush" and complete this space combat mission for the Empire.


  • Complete the "Taspan Ambush" Mission

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Space Battle


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 6260 Experience


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By Kaaylia at 2012-01-02 08:45:35

Completing this mission awards the title the Pilot.

In light of this reward, I'm guessing that mission is supposed to be difficult. I, too, failed many times before I took the advice of others here and went crazy taking out turrets on the ships right at the start. For the most part, these ships are the same ones that show up later in the mission, so taking out the turrets early saves you damage after coming out of the asteroid field. Taking that advice, I was able to complete the mission several times in a row in full level 3 upgrades. Definitely hectic, but fun.

By Minimud at 2011-12-23 05:09:58

Pretty sure this mission is bugged at the moment. The shuttle you're escorting seems to fly into a few asteroids and takes massive damage, to the extent that with about 40+ seconds of the mission left, it explodes from a little bit of laser fire. Very similar to the video that someone else posted.

Real shame. I've outfitted my ship with level 3 gear, and after 5 attempts, gave up when I realised the defector pilot drives worse than my wife.

By Vision at 2011-12-23 12:21:27
There is indeed something wrong with this mission. I've only been able to complete it once out of 10 tries. It's the same situation that others are having. When the ship decides to start flying through the asteroids, he takes massive damage on the way out. It seems to go from almost full health to almost dead in about 5 to 10 seconds. After that it's only a matter of a little bit of enemy blaster fire to finish him off. The one time I did finish it, he emerged with about 25% health and made it to the end. I guess he decided to sober up a bit and fly right.
By CrimsinPagan at 2011-12-30 11:48:11
It is possible to beat this mission, but you HAVE to focus on the turrets on the capitol ships. Personally, I do think its bugged, but if your ship is outfitted with level 3 gear, and you focus on those turrets, it is possible. I do notice, however, that the ship you are escorting finishes with the lowest possible amount of "health". Just a tad bit nerve-wracking.
By Kafryn at 2011-12-30 18:41:51
I just tried this mission a few times unsuccesssfully. The first 2 times I had the same problem, as it appears everyone else is having, but with a twist..after failing the 1st time I went stratight back into the mission automatically, I didn't get the option to leave the mission. The next couple of times I got kicked off the server when I failed and had to wait in the dreaded que....yes methinks this is bugged....ticket is pending :)
By Ashura at 2012-01-07 08:22:24
This mission is in the Coreward Worlds, at the very top slightly right of the middle. I could not see the little yellow spaceship icon for this mission on my galaxy map (even after restarting the game), but I am able to hover over the spot where the mission is supposed to be and it displays the mission title, and I can click on it and begin the mission. Perhaps its a bug or the devs have made it temporarily invisible while they fix it.
By Grayseven at 2012-01-15 14:15:52

There are a few instances in these space missions where NPC ships fly into asteroids or other debris. If it damages your ship, it will damage their ship. A prime example of this is the Nez Peron Sweep where a ship comes on screen from the lower right and smacks into an asteroid before you can even get a shot off.

From running Taspan Ambush a few times it appears that the same thing is happening to the shuttle but since it is tougher than standard ships it "survives" its collision only to then be easy pickings for the turrets and enemy ships. Without the massive influx of damage from the asteroids this mission becomes more readily accomplished.

Edit: A huge change in running this mission came for me when I upgraded my video card and removed some frame rate issues I had because my old card took exception to particle effects. Without the lagging frame rate the mission became much easier. It is also important to note that this mission becomes available a little sooner than the Starship Upgrades to complete it do. If you can't beat the mission wait a few levels until you can better improve your ship and the run will be easier.

By AcousticProphet at 2011-12-24 20:18:11
I am having the same problem. The defector seems to fly into the asteroids towards the end.
By MyK98u at 2011-12-26 19:55:46
I too was having a hard time (impossible to finish) but then I started focusing on taking out gun turrets on the capitol ships. I have been able to finish it twice now (I wanted to test my theory). It does get a bit crazy trying to keep the fighters off the shuttle and blow up turrets but as I said, it was done twice. Hope this helps some others out.
By Tenrig at 2012-10-27 12:01:54
One thing everyone who is claiming that its doable with Grade 3 or higher upgrades is forgetting is that the mission description says Grade 1 or higher recommended. So if it were working as intended, then it would be challenging but doable with Grade 1 upgrades. Not completing one time in 10 doable, but with a bit of practice and skill you only fail maybe 1 or 2 times in 10. As it stands for that kind of completion rate you need much higher upgrades than the game claims you do, so it IS broken.
By Tenrig at 2012-10-27 12:06:38
If you need level 3 upgrades to complete, than it is not working as intended. The mission description clearly states "[Recommended Level of Ship Upgrades: Grade 1 and higher.]". If you cannot reliably complete a mission with that tag on it with grade 1 upgrades (or grade 2 for that matter) then it is not working as intended.
By Soteirian at 2012-11-02 02:41:46

I have gotten to >95% success rate on this mission. If I pay attention and don't mis-step, I pretty much always complete it successfully.

I have all level 2 ship upgrades except for the beam charge and beam generator, which are both level 3. I also have the Power Conversion Module, which I set to blast cannon (key 1) at all times for this mission. This mission is all about going on the offense.

As many people have said, spamming missiles on the captial ship turrets is a key. That part is definitely true. So spam as much as you. However, there are 2 other pieces I feel that has not been called out, and I've found them to be key to my success:
1. When you exit the canyon, pay attention to the top left. There's a capital ship there that's fully armed. Hit as much as you can before it disappears. Once it disappeared focus on clearing the little ships, but keep an eye on the top left corner of the screen. That capital ship will reappear. As soon as it does hit it with all your can. Don't wait till the missiles are fully loaded. As soon as one is available hit it.
2. Once you've taken down enough of the turrets in that last capital ship, make sure you take out the small attack ships early. At this point the ship you are escorting is so low in health that any little damage can take it out. So it's important to take out the incoming attaching ship early, before they get to the target. Most of the hits will come from the left side, and then the last ones come from the right side. Take them out as soon as they appear on the screen.

With the above, you should be able to succeed in this mission.

By KodiakX at 2012-01-17 09:19:42

I did this pretty easily with level 3 upgrades and it's standard easy one with level 4 upgrades.

The big key as people note is to take out the Cruisers as much as possible prior to entering the Asteroid. They show up again later off screen which is a pain because you can't destroy them. Most of the Cruisers turrets now take a missile + shot to take out (or just shooting) so I find it's best to just pepper the them with missiles while holding down fire. Another thing is during the asteroid area, there's a wave of around 6 fighters that are on screen only for a short moment which you need to shoot at which is what causes the escort to lose so much shield/HP. Once you see it and know where they appear it's pretty easy to handle them. Finally, when you come out of the asteroid there's a frigate on the left. Try to take out as much as possible in the short time it's on screen. It will be shooting the entire time off screen otherwise which is another reason why the guy tends to die.

By Minimud at 2011-12-24 05:22:59
I've logged a bug report and had a response saying one of the specialist teams will look at it. Guessing it will get resolved in due course.
By tweetifun at 2012-01-26 16:26:53
1 Fleet commendation and 1413 credits at level 50.
By ohmoxide at 2012-01-28 12:06:24
Not bugged, these guys are all correct, take out the ship turrets, ignore the fighters unless you have not ship to shoot at.
Spam missiles on turrets!
Thanks for the advice all.
By Ryantor at 2011-12-30 18:38:09
Having read the comments here before attempting this mission, I have to agree with CrimsinPagan. Blow your missiles early on, on the turrets, then hold onto the seat of your pants from there. Given I was able to defeat this (slightly tense mind) on the second attempt, I'd have to say it's working as intended.
By Norik at 2012-02-26 11:50:04
This was created as a very difficult battle, I first successfully completed it with 3 level 3 upgrades, and 3 level 2 upgrades. It makes me want to start smoking again, but it can be done. As people here have said, focus on the capitol ship turrets, and also having the power conversion module and setting it to full power to blasters helps. I still take almost no damage, and can blast the turrets faster. Also, unloading missiles like crazy, don't bother aiming them, just hold down your blaster button, and as you sweep over a capitol ship, hold down your missile button till you get a few locks. Learn where the capitol ships come from, and ignore fighters while capitol ships are on screen. I usually manage to destroy all the turrets of the first 2 capitol ships, and a fair amount on the second 2. The one that comes in from the left side after the astroids is what kills the defector. you only have about 2 seconds to blast off some missiles and hope they hit turrets, then have a good wait before you can attack him again, but he's blasting away from off screen the whole time.
By bruenir at 2012-03-28 18:08:00
Agree, didn't seem bugged to me, after reading all the advice here, I focused fire very heavily (used more than half my missiles, at least) on the capital ships before entering the asteroid field. That did the trick, after 3 failed attempts (which I did before reading this entry). Thanks to everyone for posting useful information here!
By JB2K at 2012-01-09 08:13:31
I don't think this mission is bugged. As someone earlier posted, if you upgrade everything you can afford and obtain for your level then by focusing on taking out the turrets and radars on the capitol ships will help you complete it. Also, the standard fighters shoot a lot more than in previous space missions so you need to focus on those a lot at the same time. I managed to complete it on the second attempt, but it is tight.
By laserfloyd at 2012-01-25 20:34:11
This is doable with grade 3 gear. Like people have said you have to go insane on the capitol ships FIRST. I nearly completely ignored the fighters after the first ship shows up. Blast as many of their guns to bits as you can. Pull out all the stops and use every missile you can. When you emerge from the asteroid 'canyon' I think the defector ship has a depleted shield maybe? He starts to take serious damage buf if you handled the ships early on then they're less of a threat now. Still, they show up so hit their remaining guns and THIS time you need to focus on fighters too. It's nerve wracking but none of the other missions have been this much of a challenge. Feels good to finish this one. :)
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