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The Mandalorian Terror

A group of Mandalorian mercenaries hired by the Empire has been killing Balmorran villagers and capturing others to sell as slaves.

Alya Selray, a Republic ambassador, has asked you to fight your way into the Mandalorian camp to free the villagers and end the threat once and for all. Head to Monta Drai's camp and free the Balmorran villagers.


Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Monta Drai's Camp, and Gorinth Canyon


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 7260 Experience


2 locations found
9 items found
NameLevelReq.SlotSell Price
A-300 Heavy Sonic Needler
31Ranged Main Hand, Ranged Off Hand1,085
Noble Jedi Savant Lightsaber
31Melee Main Hand, Melee Off Hand1,085
R-110 Pulse-Wave Saboteur
31Ranged Main Hand, Slot 671,085
R-55 Searing Disruptor
31Ranged Main Hand, Slot 671,085
Renegade Interceptor
31Ranged Main Hand, Slot 671,085
Revered Meditation Double-bladed Lightsaber
31Melee Main Hand, Slot 671,085
S-110 Particle Beam Interceptor
31Ranged Main Hand, Ranged Off Hand1,085
Valorous Jedi Gladiator's Lightsaber
31Melee Main Hand, Melee Off Hand1,085
Valorous Jedi Sovereign Lightsaber
31Melee Main Hand, Melee Off Hand1,085
10 comments found
By kallisti at 2012-01-12 15:42:49
Acquired in the Gorinth Outpost.
By geekgirl101 at 2012-02-16 13:31:10
By Calthine at 2014-09-22 02:51:29
Comment sent by email:
Regarding this Heroic +4 Mission The Mandalorian Terror:
You have to finish a series of quest starting at Farnell Outpost lvl 29 and you can only get this mission after you finished The mission Propper Identification for Wes Durga.
By ChadCloman at 2014-11-08 14:56:50

Note: this post is for Republic players.

Mandalorian Terror is unlocked as part of the planetary quest chain. The mission-giver for the planetary quest is Lieutenant Hollis in the Balmorra Orbital Station. He's right next to the shuttle that goes down to the planet. This will get you to Commander Madine, who will have you perform the following missions:

Once you're done, Commander Madine will send you to Beke Talrott to complete the following:

Commander Madine then sends you to Wes Durga who will have you do the Proper Identification quest. When this is complete, Mandalorian Terror will be unlocked and you can pick it up from Alya Selray.

It has been said by some people that if you abandon the quest chain midway through, then you can't pick it up again. I don't know how accurate this is, but remember that the initial mission-giver is not on the planet but is on the orbital station.

By Eagleheart at 2014-11-17 14:12:19

Wonder why some ppl use same term Mission & Quest in same sentence / comment. In Swtor mission applies so that should only be used.
Big humble thanks for help in regarding how to unlock Hc Mission.

Wish nice new week for all :)

- Terry -

By maddoggmitch at 2012-01-16 20:41:17
Completing this quest gives you the title "(Your name), Hero of the Gorinth Canyon".
By roastbeefguy at 2012-01-28 01:11:45
What are the prereq's to get this mission? My buddy can't seem to get it.
By Aeryl at 2012-02-10 20:55:10

1.1 - Trooper (Vanguard) reward:

Gilded Prototype Storage Box and

Vanguard Elite Upgrade Helmet
or Commando Elite Prototype Helmet
or 3 Balmorra Commendations

By Armstrong at 2012-03-30 02:27:16

You don't have to escort the prisoners out and they do not aggro enemies (so if you did not kill every single group on the way. don't worry).

Also, unlike many of the other encounters in here where when you attack several and more mandalorians suddenly appeared/rappel in, the boss fights alone. He will put a stacking fire DoT on the tank, so cleanse that off when you can to make healing easier. Otherwise he is just a fairly tough (meaning beefy) tank and spank.

By thewatcheruatu at 2013-06-13 18:29:35
The quest rewards listed by Torhead are, apparently, completely off-base. I can only speak for my Smuggler, but there are no weapon rewards for this quest at all--only a storage box and a choice of helmets or commendations. These are the helmet options: Gunslinger Elite Prototype Headgear & Deadeye Elite Prototype Headgear (same model)
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