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Crystal Ball

Ilum, an ice world on the fringes of the galaxy, has become the latest hotbed of activity in the war with the Empire.


  • Travel to the Republic Fleet
  • Speak to Lieutenant Ha'laa
  • Use Your Ship's Galaxy Map to Travel to Ilum
  • Speak to the Shuttle Pilot
  • Report to Commander Rans
  • Destroy the Relacite Deep-miner
  • Scan the Relacite Communication Terminal
  • Destroy the Mephite Deep-miner
  • Scan the Mephite Communication Terminal
  • Report to Samm Bradber
  • Confront Lord Loyat
  • Defeat Lord Loyat
  • Defeat Sith Protectors
  • Return to Samm Bradber

Important conversationsClass     Companion  

Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Corellia: Shipwright Auxiliary Spaceport, Republic Fleet: Carrick Station, Ilum: Republic Orbital Station, Republic Base Camp, Relacite Crystal Mines, Mephite Crystal Mines, Republic Waystation, and Lord Loyat's Stronghold


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 11305 Experience


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By Dreossk at 2012-01-12 20:18:49
When you have to confront Lord Loyat, be sure to clear the room before you start because everyone will aggro...
By gror at 2012-03-26 00:41:51

Clear all the mobs approaching the main area. Clear all the mobs along the north wall. In the center of the room near the north side are two strong mobs, a imperial and a sith. The sith will assist in the battle against Lord Loyat. If the 2 strongs are too much for you to solo (they were for my L50 trooper) you can ignore them and let your self die while clearing Loyat's guards. If you kill Loyat's gaurds first and wipe, return via the north side and head up onto the ramp from the extreme edge on the north-west (upper left) corner of the platform. Pull Loyat from there, the second time she will not be assisted by the sith agent. Then keep your interrupts, stuns, etc up and wear her down.

Next in the series is A Gentleman's Agreement

By dekekun at 2012-01-04 06:04:43
If you're like me and hated that long run on Coruscant, so used a Fleet Pass to portal back, you will probably have to go back to your ship, travel back to Coruscant using the map, then travel back to the Republic Fleet using the map again. Annoying, but so it is.
By Blaire at 2012-01-09 15:01:56

The Imperial Commanders can see right through stealth, including the one your companion will get after using a medical probe to revive, and will then alert the majority of the room. The Sith Apprentices also have an instant cast CC effect that they will use on your companion; so if you are using Tharan, don't expect heals.

As for Lord Loyat, just interrupt her and stay out of the pinkish lightning effect she places on the ground.

By Yaerius at 2014-01-13 09:16:41
By JSusie at 2011-12-29 09:11:27
Careful with this fight. It took me 3 attempts due to mobs randomly getting aggro'd from across the room.
By ailora at 2012-01-01 02:10:15
You must complete your class quest before this becomes available to you.
By Matt0193 at 2012-01-27 19:22:23

As JSusie said, watch out and clear the adds near the voltage destructable object. I wiped twice because of them, the first time I figured I was too close, and despite fighting Lyat against the wall they still aggro'ed as she died.

Also, don't even try to fight them where they are if you pull them. If you die, you WILL aggro them when you revive.

By fredd13 at 2012-03-08 04:18:04

Unless you're well-equipped, consider grouping for this. It doesn't seem to be in the usual lists of dailies, but I got 3 x Daily Commendation for completing it. Both by difficulty and by reward, it's an H2+ at least.

I found this one unbelievably tricky solo (Infiltration Shadow, just turned 50, mostly only mission gear). I literally lost track of the number of times I died just trying to clear the room. I died when nearby mobs aggro'd; I died trying to Force Cloak out of trouble; I died trying to res within the area. And when I finally got it clear, I died repeatedly trying to kill Lord Loyat. I tried different companions, different stims, different Techniques. I finally took her down with a whisker of points to spare using Qyzen and Combat Technique. Along the way I repaired four times (three yellow, one red (about half my money, having just splashed out on all the level 50 skills). The only reason I kept going to the end was that - to add insult to injury - it wouldn't even let me abandon it.

As others have said: Don't expect to be able to res in the area if you're remotely close to one of the Commanders (or to be able to hit stealth to escape, if you have it) - you'll simply die again. Take the hit, res at the med station and run - it's cheaper (and, after two or three deaths, probably quicker to boot).

By Mephista at 2013-02-10 17:15:17
very poorly designed quest. as a scoundrel u can't really use stealth since the strong mobs will see you from far away, and u might even aggro several groups at once. the sith apprentices also have an instant cast, no cooldown whirlwind ability. they constantly cast this on corso meaning my companion is useless when fighting these. the mobs also do very high damage.
this is one of the instances when it is perfectly fine to mad at the game, and not yourself because of the random unfairness u will encounter here.
used stealth in very short instances just so i could cc the strong mobs before they aggroed me in stealth mode, killed the weaker ones, and then dealt with the strongs.
By rshel at 2014-08-03 03:54:06
Others warned to "clear the room" before talking to Lord Loyat, but didn't explain. Something seems incorrect in the way aggro is detected in this particular mission. When you go through the middle and just start the fight with her, the two groups on the north platform come and join in. However, they are approximately 35 to 40 meters away -- this distance does not cause the aggro radius to include enemies in any other mission I've run in the game. SO... my suggestion is to clear the middle groups, then clear the two groups on the northern platform and finally talk to her. The good news? You probably don't have to take out the Elite Armsmaster in the southwest corner -- he and his two groups did not catch aggro from fighting Lord Lovat. To learn these things, it cost my previously-innocent character over 9K credts and 3 deaths. Here you go... free. :) And Bioware? I think your programmer screwed up on this mission.
By tilora at 2012-02-29 07:46:40
Speak to Lieutenant Ha'laa: he's at Republic Fleet: Garric Station (inner ring at -4725,710 )
By midgard2 at 2012-03-26 07:16:49
After clearing the room, found out using Doc with my lvl 50 Guardian was the best method to beat her.
By Amgigh at 2012-07-16 15:20:33
ummm.....yeah, good for u u was so capable....but not everone has the ability to cc u know....
By Draewind at 2012-01-11 23:04:04

Thank you. I did the same thing as "dekekun" above. The box wasn't lit up and active, yet when I took an elevator out, it showed I needed to use the elevator until I was back. No mission complete symbol amywhere.

I went to Corsucant and got out of the ship. Then re-boarded (just to be sure) and returned to the Fleet. Worked like a charm. When I got back there was the mission symbol over Lieutenant Ha'laa

By cmacord69 at 2012-03-31 03:10:46
Um...I'm not sure what all the hoopla is about this quest. If you have to group to complete it, then you have no business doing daily quests here. I cleared the room, talked to her, then immediately Force Lifted her and killed her two apprentices, then put the lizard man on her and burned her down 1-2-3....no big deal whatsoever. I have fought a lot harder Elites...AaMoF, the Strong Sith that kept mezzing my lizard and jumping me (outside) was harder than she was. BTW, I am 50 Sage with normal quest gear, spec is 24/02/15.
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