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Jungle Flight

A Republic SIS agent named Firehawk told you that one of his agents, Mynock, was on an undercover assignment on Belsavis. He was planted as a prisoner and "escaped" with several Republic traitors. Now he's disappeared. Firehawk has asked that you find out what happened to Mynock.


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Relevant Locations

Part of this mission happens in Overrun Cave, and Minimum Security Section


Upon completion of this mission you will gain:

  • 9245 Experience


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By Walberry at 2012-01-13 17:35:02
This quest is easily soloable as a smuggler by stealthing through the cave; you don't need to kill anything. If you're lucky there will even be a chest guarded by an elite you can tranq!
By Nechronic at 2011-12-31 15:07:28

This quest is overtuned for two people. As a Guardian with a Gunslinger, both using healing companions, I was unable to complete this quest the intended way.

What I ended up doing was spamming Freezing Force (the Guardian AOE slow) and just running all the way through the cave. We died on the objective but were able to get back up using med probes. On the way out I did the same thing, but popped some tank cooldowns and used leap to get ahead of the pack of mobs and survive.

Using this method the quest only took about two minutes.

By Aleron at 2012-12-02 12:23:05
I found this to be very easy as a 43 Commando with Elara healing. There's only one elite, guarding a chest which I grabbed on my way out. The other mobs are one or two strongs with two regulars. When you attack, a couple more regular mobs will appear. I'd CC one of the strongs and defeat the regulars. I don't understand the problems people are having unless they've changed this quest since launch. I never fell below 3/4 health. I'm looking forward to coming back and outfitting my companions with the helmets.
By Deathforsale at 2013-01-17 07:47:44
Based on the older comments here, I'm wondering if BW didn't re-tune this mission, because I found it incredibly easy to solo as a 42 Shadow. No need for stealth, and I only ever had to CC one mob. Otherwise I was able, with my healing companion, to reach Agent Mynock (dead... probably from chewin' on the power cables) and also complete the bonus (kill 10 lurkers) with relative ease. There was 1 elite mob guarding a chest, and he was immune to CC, so I killed him to loot the chest. He spawned 2-3 adds when I engaged him, but only 1 was elite and they died quickly.
By Undispu7ed at 2012-01-28 16:09:08
You get
- 3 Belsavis commendations
- Class dependent orange headpiece
- Jeweled prototype lockbox lvl 42
By Vera at 2012-03-03 23:37:19

Smuggler Reward:

Ultrachrome Barrage Headgear
or 3x Belsavis Commendations
or Ultrachrome Battle Headgear
or Jeweled Prototype Storage Box
or Ultrachrome Combat Headgear

By tuquis15 at 2012-03-27 19:20:35
I was able to solo as a vanguard by getting my healing pet out, running all the way to the end and letting her grab aggro, pop some CD's to make it to the end of the cave in one shot, die by the NPC. Loot and repeat on the way out, if you good you won't die on the way out. Good luck
By mpdugas at 2012-04-30 09:53:17
Easily solo-able by a Jedi Shadow; no kills necessary.
As soon as I got Nadia, I went back to it for her nice headpiece.
By icausewipes at 2012-06-25 16:39:40
the starter npc is located 436, 804 on the minimum security map. if you have not found the flight path then tune your map for it since its kinda easy to miss unless you have a quest there.
By JAMx814 at 2013-01-29 15:54:03
This has been adjusted appropriately for two players (or stealth classes) as of patch 1.3 "
"Jungle Flight: This mission is now properly balanced for two players."
By Kodiak at 2012-01-27 00:28:07

This fight is insanely hard. Most two man heroics can be done with any 2 classes. Not this one. We had a group of 3 with a Tank, 2 DPS, and a healing companion...levels 41, 44, and I was 49. We got past the first pull with dying once and that was due to Imps camping the area. After that, we couldn't get past another pull without dying multiple times and running back.

Eventually, there were respawns and we were on 9 min cooldowns. Luckly at that point we were able to res and get the quest down and then just port out.

This quest needs a full party of 4 with tank and healer and high level if you want to even have a chance to live...but you will need CCs. Each mob spawns an add that is equal level...so if you have two elites...two more show up. That's what makes it so hard.

By Aeryl at 2012-02-18 14:45:14

1.1 Trooper Vanguard reward:

Ultrachrome Onslaught Helmet
or Powered Ultrachrome Upgrade Helmet
or Jeweled Prototype Storage Box
or 3 Belsavis Commendations

By Xfct at 2012-01-02 11:44:49
To elaborate on why this is overtuned, the packs are very large. They might contain as much as 3-5 Elites and several strong mobs. The packs look fairly small at first, but as soon as you pull, additional mobs drop from the ceiling.
By Anaranjada at 2012-01-14 12:12:26
My friend (Sentinel-Watchman) and I (Commando-Combat Medic) tried two-manning this. The first pack wasn't so bad, but the second pack is a beast. We couldn't get past it. I think this MIGHT be two-mannable if you have two CCs AND one of you is healing specced. Maybe. You're probably better off trying to find more people though.
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